Our First Expedition Study: The City of Bridges


We will begin our study of the city of Portland this week as a part of our ongoing look at communities.  In second grade, students studied the important elements in a community through classroom instruction and the Junior Achievement program.  We know West Linn is a suburb of Portland, Oregon’s largest city.  We love living in the suburbs, but know there are many great things to do and see in an urban community like Portland.  The downtown area of Portland is separated by the Willamette River and has many amazing bridges that cross the river connecting the east side and west side of the city.

Later this month, third graders will travel down the river to see some of these bridges and talk about the history behind them. At home, I encourage you to play a round of Jet Ski (addition practice under Investigations) or Island Chase  (subtraction practice) to prepare for the trip. Look for the Investigations link under our Math Header to find these games.

4 thoughts on “Our First Expedition Study: The City of Bridges

  1. Dear Mrs. Fordyce,
    I am really excited for the jet boat ride! My sister said it was one of her favorite field trips when she was at Stafford. I just finished two rounds of Jet Ski.

  2. Dear Mrs. Fordyce, It was one of the funnest field trips I’ve gone on yet. It was cool to see all the bridges and under them too.

    From. Justin

  3. Dear Mrs. Fordyce and Ranchers,

    That was an amazing field trip. We learned so much about bridges. It was fun and we got soaked! When we got off the jet boat it was so fun that I wanted to go again.


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