Dance is Our Common Language

Peace spreads when we focus on all the things we have in common. Our joys and our sorrows as well as our hopes and dreams for a bright future are things we share with our family and friends. One thing that connects us to the world is our joy of expressing ourselves through dance.  We don’t need an interpreter to understand the language of dance.

The video communicates the idea that all around the world people share the same joy of music and dance, laughter and love.  It is very creative way to share this message. Thanks Mr. Harding! (video creator). Let’s look closely at how we are the same and not so different.

How does dancing enhance your life?

What kind of dance do you enjoy most?

One thought on “Dance is Our Common Language

  1. Dear Mrs Fordyce my favorite kind of dance is hip-hop because it is very active for me. And super fun! I hope I will be a REALLY good dancer some day!

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