IXL Math Practice

Dear parents and third graders,

Stafford students will have the opportunity to enrich their math skills by participating with IXL challenges in school and at home.  Our first homework option is to support our Math Investigation curriculum with multiplication and division practice.  Each week, we will support our common core math strands with the opportunities presented on IXL.

The beauty of this program is that students and teachers will track the mastery of each skill on a weekly basis.  IXL will send a weekly report to third grade teachers with information regarding the success of each student’s progress and skills they have mastered! The questions will automatically increase in difficulty as students improve. Our home and school teams are crucial for the success of each child’s mathematical progress. We’re excited to present this program to our third grade families!

Login information will be emailed to you and a card with this information will be sent home this week.  Saddle up ranchers!

Are you enjoying practicing multiplication and division? 

6 thoughts on “IXL Math Practice

  1. Dear Mrs. Fordyce, and the Ranchers

    I am very excited for IXL. I know through the year it will be a
    great way to learn

    from : Ryan

  2. Dear Mrs. Fordyce and the Ranches
    I love ixl. I think ixl will be a fun way to learn. I like ixl because it is fun and I love to learn. I think this year is going to be a great year.

  3. Dear,Mrs. Fordyce and the ranchers
    I just did one Ixl of math and I got to 100
    percent it was so fun
    see you next time

  4. Dear,
    Mrs. Fordyce and ranchers
    I love IXL its my favorite thing ever!
    I can’t wait to start really getting into it!
    But my favorite subject is writing.

  5. Dear Mrs Fordyce and the Ranchers,
    Every day my dad said to do four or five a IXL a day.
    It makes me smarter and smarter,
    So now I now my math better and faster.

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