Random Acts of Kindness


Spreading Kindness

Our homework option this week and throughout the upcoming fall season is choosing kindness as a focus for character development.

Several times each week you and your family can intentionally look for ways to spread kindness. An act of kindness needs to be something you do for someone that is out of your ordinary routine. This could be at school or outside of school. For example: If you took the trash out for your family and that’s not one of your normal chores, you have just chosen an act of kindness.

Here are some random acts of kindness links to read with your family and an encouraging song for you to enjoy:





Add your thoughts about acts of kindness to the padlet started by the 2015-2016 ranchers. It will be a continuation of what was started last year by the students of Room 26. It will be such a delight to think of acts of kindness that spread happiness around our families, the school and the world. Look for creative ways to participate throughout the next few months. Record what you do either on the padlet or as a comment on this post. We also welcome our parents and global visitors to add their thoughts on our padlet as well.  Remember to add just your first name and where you are from before adding your thoughts.

 What random acts of kindness will you do this week?

3 thoughts on “Random Acts of Kindness

  1. Dear Ms Fordyce,
    If I see someone alone I will ask if they want to play together. I will also be nice to my brother or sister. I think random acts of kindness is good for everyone to do.

    From, Henry

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