How Full is Your Bucket?

This New York best-seller book provides a concrete way for children to understand the power of their words.  A young boy named Felix learns to be a bucket “filler” instead of a bucket “dipper” when he realizes that words and actions affect people in profound ways. We all have invisible buckets that need to be filled.  Ranchers in Room 26 are being challenged to creatively fill each other’s buckets with kindness and joy.

As we continue our focus on random acts of kindness, we realize that it takes a renewed effort on our parts to spread joy to the world.  We continue to make intentional plans to impact our friends with kindness.

Today you have a challenge!  How will you make a difference in the lives of Stafford students? Can you think of ways to make your friends smile?

3 thoughts on “How Full is Your Bucket?

  1. Dear Mrs. Fordyce and Ranchers,
    I will fill peoples buckets by giving them a compliment, pick people up when there hurt, play with someone when they might feel lonely and cheer people up if they are sad! This will bring peace to the world. How will you spread kindness?
    See you tomorrow,

  2. Dear Mrs. Fordyce and the Ranches,
    I will spread random acts of kindness by playing with kids when they don’t have any friends.That would make me smile too!

    Your friend Lauren

  3. Dear Mrs. Fordyce and Ranchers,

    I learned from just reading this post that we all have invisible buckets that can be filled or dipped out of. People should be nice to other people just like the ranchers are to each other. If there not, then our buckets will be dipped from. Is your bucket filled?
    From, Emily

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