A Letter to Parents from Spelling City


Spelling City is a spelling and vocabulary website. It provides another incredible way to study the weekly list of spelling words. The link for Spelling City is under the Language Arts Header on our classroom blog. Every week, ranchers can use Spelling City as a tool to work on their weekly words. When you open Spelling City this week, select Week One and the 15 weekly words are already listed.  From taking a spelling and vocabulary test to enjoying spelling games, this site will be used each week.  Ranchers can select any of these options for mastering a new set of weekly words. The pre-test score will indicate which list to study.

Here is a letter to parents from Vocabulary/Spelling City:

Dear Parents or Guardians,

“We’ve got exciting news! Our class will be using VocabularySpellingCity for word study, and your child has access to this great tool from home!

Vocabulary/SpellingCity is an educational website and app that allows students to gain and retain word knowledge through practice with engaging vocabulary, spelling, writing and phonics activities.  To log in on the web, go to SpellingCity.com and select the Login button. Under Student Login, enter the username and password exactly as provided below:

*Your child’s Username and Password is the same as the login for IXL!

Once logged in, students will have access to our class word lists, plus any assignments that have been created. Please be sure that your child is properly logged in to Vocabulary/SpellingCity to ensure that any activity is recorded and credited. To view your child’s progress, visit My Records. You’ll be able to see your child’s activity, including words missed and time on task. The activities and games on Vocabulary/SpellingCity make word study fun while helping students build confidence and learn independently. Working as a team will go a long way toward guiding our students to academic success and ensuring they become lifelong learners.”

3 thoughts on “A Letter to Parents from Spelling City

  1. Dear Ms. Fordyce and ranchers,

    I like to do aim to spell in spelling city I also like to do hang mouse as one of the games. I also like spelling city because it teaches you words you do not know and maybe some of the words will be some that you already do know.

    From: Wes

  2. Dear Ms. Fordyce, spelling city is so much fun and I enjoyed playing hang mouse. I look forward to playing more games this week.
    Love, Siena

  3. Hi Ms. Fordyce,
    I’m in grade 6 now but I loved Spelling when I was little. I liked the challenge of big words! I do still like spelling but I am kinda lazy with it now :) I also enjoyed computers and other technology so I think this would be a very fun activity for grade 3s.
    come check out my blog http://jaydenz12.edublogs.org
    Bye for now have a cake-filled day

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