The Salmon Eggs Arrived!

October, 2016

We are happy to announce the arrival of approximately 300-400 salmon eggs. They are happily nestled into the rocky gravel of our third grade aquarium located by Rooms 2 & 3. We will observe these eggs over the next two months as they develop into alevin and then fry/parr. It will be exciting to track and observe their lifecycle and record observations in our expedition notebooks.

The eggs are a beautiful color.  We noticed that they are a mixture of pink, red and orange. They are slightly translucent because you can see their eyes developing within the eggs. Salmon eggs are usually nestled into rocky nests called redds in the streams. Our salmon eggs are nestled into the rocky gravel of our aquarium for scientific observation.

We’d like to invite all of our guests to look at the salmon links on our blog under the Salmon Header.

What did you learn about salmon that you thought was fascinating?

How long do you think it will take before the salmon eggs hatch?

7 thoughts on “The Salmon Eggs Arrived!

  1. Dear Mrs. Fordyce and Ranchers,
    I think that it is fascinating that salmon lay about 5,000 to 10,000 eggs and lay all the way up to 3,000 eggs at a time! I think that the eggs will hatch close to Christmas. I hope that they don’t hatch while we are on Christmas break because who would feed them? I am so excited for the salmon eggs to hatch!

  2. Dear Mrs. Fordyce,
    I think that it is so cool that the salmon travel from the stream to the ocean, for 8 years. I also think it will take two months for the salmon eggs to hatch into alevin. I am so exited that we are studying salmon this year.

  3. Dear Mrs. Fordyce,
    I think that it is so cool that salmon travel tail first into the ocean. I think it will take 3 months for the salmon to hatch into Alevin. I think it well be so fun to find out how long it takes the salmon to hatch into Alevin.


  4. Hello Mrs. Fordyce,
    Two years ago my class had salmon eggs but sadly more than half died it was very sad. :( I hope your fishes are well.
    Best wishes

  5. Dear Mrs.Fordcye and the ranchers,
    It is cool to have salmon in our school. I can’t wait
    until they are alevin. I wonder how long we are keeping
    the salmon.
    Best wishers,

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