Exploring Salmon through the Discovery Channel

Learning about salmon and their life cycle is our next expedition unit.  Third graders launched this study through reading books and articles, listening to experts and attending  the Bonneville Dam and Eagle Creek field trip.

We are just beginning to understand about the salmon’s amazing life cycle and their will and determination to survive. On Wednesday, Dr. Scott Rumsey, a former ranch parent and expert on salmon, will deepen our understanding about these amazing fish.  Before his visit, we have a video to enjoy!

What did you learn about salmon through this video?

11 thoughts on “Exploring Salmon through the Discovery Channel

  1. Dear Mrs. Fordyce,

    I thought the salmon video was cool to watch. I learned they turned red when they are spawning. And, my Mom liked it too.

    Your Friend,

  2. Dear Ms. Fordyce, I learned through this video about the life cycle of a salmon. I also learned why their skin turns red. It turns red when they stop eating. Lastly, I learned they live for about 8 years. From Siena

  3. I love Salmon. I love that we are geting to learn about their life cycle. I like all types of
    salmon! #love fish

  4. Dear Mrs. Fordyce and the Ranchers,
    I really like salmon because of all the different stages they go through. I learned that when they turn red it is because they haven’t eaten and they are using stored up fat. This happens toward the end of their trip back to where they were born.

    Your friend,

  5. Dear Mrs. Fordyce
    I was so excited to watch the video of how the salmon life cycle goes on and on I did it with my mom and brother. I am thinking on writing a post on the salmon. I think that it is so cool how the life cycle goes. Salmon are so cool. Did you now that mom salmon have 500 eggs and only a little live. I wish that all of the eggs survived then we will have a lot of salmon will be in the world
    from Emmie

  6. Dear Ranchers.
    What I learned throughout the video was the salmon are amazing at getting through really tough spots to get to the ocean. I wonder how long it takes them to get to the ocean?
    From Cade.

  7. Dear Ms. Fordyce and ranchers I learned a lot about salmon watching the video I learned that if we didn”t have fish laters the slamon would have to jump over the tiny waters.

    Love: Wes

  8. dear ranchers,
    I love learning about salmon because it is so cool about the life cycle and
    what they go through my favorite stage is when their spawners because of
    their cool colors red, green and a little black.

    from: Elie (:

  9. Dear Ranchers,
    When I watched that video about the salmon I was just amazed by the facts. Salmon are something you just want to lean about. I wonder how many salmon die when there Eggs.

    Your number one rancher Emily(;

  10. Dear ranchers,
    I learnd that salmon turn red because of thier fat. I actually didn’t think about salmon before so I didn’t ask why, but it is a really cool fact. Since Gaga says that “cool” is a flabby word I will use unique.

    from susie🎃

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