Esteban Camacho Steffensen

Meet our Third Grade Artist in Residence

Esteban Camacho Steffensen

We will be painting with Esteban on Wednesday and Friday of this week.

“Esteban Camacho Steffensen is an international muralist with commissioned artwork in Costa Rica, Spain, and the United States. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting from the Pacific Northwest College of Arts in 2010, with an emphasis in Public Art. His subject matter is environmentally focused, bridging biology, education, and fine art. Most of his artwork has been produced in public spaces, such as universities and city institutions, where he works with community leaders during the design process and involves local youth and students in the painting and production. Esteban seeks to empower people to join the sustainability movement.

As a recipient of the 2015 Science in Studio Award, Esteban created an artistic and educational design for a large mural that focuses on protecting watersheds from toxic runoff.

As you look at the mural, the images inside the Chinook salmon represent the region’s rich biodiversity. It is dependent on snow pack that produces the clean water that flows through mountains, rivers, riparian ecosystems, bays, estuaries and finally the ocean. These ecosystems are illustrated in the design to help us become more aware of them and our dependence on these natural systems, which include the salmon cycle, bird migrations, the stabilization of weather and the basis for our healthy outdoor lives.

The image also shows these interwoven habitats with many human activities that bring toxics into our waterways. Many of these activities are very common, like washing cars and fertilizing our lawns. We often are unaware of small daily actions we do while living in our neighborhoods that are polluting the waterways. Then there are human activities which have severe impacts, such as large developments near natural areas, golf courses, animal feed lots, refineries, industries, agriculture and mass transportation.”

Credits for article:

Esteban Camacho Steffensen, Recipient of 2015 Science in Studio Award

After painting on Wednesday, write a comment about your experience with Esteban and your part in the mural painting.

22 thoughts on “Esteban Camacho Steffensen

  1. Dear Ms. Fordyce, I did a little bit of leaking oil in one section of the mural. I also did outlining with a marker. I think he is a great artist.

    By Siena B.

  2. Dear Mrs Fordyce and Ranchers,
    I love Esteban, his art is great. I have a lot of fun learning about art. The mural is almost done.

  3. Dear Mrs Fordyce,
    I loved having Esteban here. He taught me a lot of stuff about salmon. I loved working on my volcano sketch. I hope he comes back soon! What was your favorite thing about Esteban?


    P.s. Is Esteban coming to Stafford again?

  4. Dear Miss Fordyce,

    I think that it was really cool that Esteban came in and showed us his art work and that we got to help remake his art. I cannot wait until we do it again!

    From, Jackson

  5. Dear Mrs. Fordcye,
    I love it when Esteban comes to our school, because it is so fun. I think the fish is so cool. Today when I looked at the big fish it was so, so cool. I saw the part of the fish that I did. And I also saw Esteban painting he was doing so good. He made me file like I can paint every day. Is he going to come again some time? Because it is so fun when we paint with him.

    From Emmie

  6. Dear Ms Fordyce and ranchers,
    I had so much fun with Esteban! I loved painting with him I think he is one of the best artist. I don’t think I could make something like that. It is so interesting to wach him paint.

  7. Dear Mrs Fordyce and the Ranchers,
    Estaban is very fun to paint with. Is he going to go back to Stafford again? I got to paint a dragonfly and painting over spots that were not suppose to be there. It was very fun but now he is going to leave :(


  8. Dear Mrs. Fordyce and Ranchers,
    Esteban is so cool. I have loved working with him. I drew a dog, person and a leaf! I painted two yellow lines on the roads! I sketched a Firefly, Butterfly, dragonfly and two salmon pictures that is a copy of the mural. He is so fun! I cant wait till the mural is done!

  9. Dear Mrs. Fordyce and Ranchers,
    My favorite thing was the painting. To see something so pretty come to life is amazing. All fish should look like the painting. Have a nice day.

    Love your number 1 rancher,

  10. Dear Mrs. Fordyce and Ranchers,
    I really like the fact that Esteban dedicates his life to art and I really look up to him. Someday I wish to be just as good an artist as him. I looked him up on the internet and I saw a lot of amazing paintings. I really liked
    spending time sketching with him. He taught me how to sketch a lot more things than I could before.


  11. Dear Mrs. Fordyce and Ranchers,

    The sketching was harder than the painting but the painting was a little but more fun. The sketching is harder than it looks. But still pretty fun. The painting itself was bigger than I thought. I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

    From, Justin

  12. Dear Mrs.Fordyce and the Ranchers
    I love Esteban. He made me a better artist.
    It was so much fun I wish I could do it again and inprove on my skills.
    He is so interesting in his painting he makes it so interesting


  13. Dear Mrs. Fordyce and the ranchers,
    I had so much fun with Esteban! My favorite was drawing with lots of detail.
    I liked panting, it was fun too.
    Is Esteban coming back?

    Your friend,

  14. Mrs. Fordyce and the Ranchers.

    I was so exited to paint with Esteban it was so much fun
    and I got to paint the Golden gate bridge my favorite bridge. The mural is so beautiful I was so amazed. I was so happy to see it was a Salmon . When it was almost done it look 3D it probably the best Salmon I have ever seen

    from Ryan [:

  15. Dear Mrs. Fordyce and the ranchers,
    My favorite part with Esteban was painting. I painted the lawn for the house. I love how real it looks.

  16. Dear Mrs. Fordyce and the ranchers,
    I liked painting with Esteban and I also think his art work is very good. Some day I want to be as good as he is.


    Love Wes

  17. Dear Mrs. Fordyce and the ranchers,
    I love how we got to paint. I also liked drawing my own pictures and getting help drawing. Thank you Esteban for coming to our school.


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