Winter Celebration

“The Joy of Giving Winter Celebration”

Thursday, December 15th

8:30 A.M.  – 10:00 A.M.

Our Winter Celebration will be centered around The Quiltmaker’s Gift by Jeff Brumbeau and Gail de Marcken. This beautiful story deepens our understanding of what it means to give generously. We are learning about the spirit of giving within a community and for the world.

“A charitable seamstress makes beautiful quilts that she gives to the needy and poor. When a greedy king hears of the marvelous creations, he demands that she creates a quilt for him. She refuses, but says that she will make him one if he gives away all of his possessions. The angry king tries to force her to bend to his will. Unsuccessful, he begins to travel the world giving away all of his treasures. When he returns to the village, a happier man who discovers the joy of giving, she presents him with a beautiful quilt.”  Early Learning Environment

The winter celebration will be based on this book.  We are grateful to celebrate the beauty of reaching out to those around us with love and caring hearts.

 A great person is defined as someone who displays gifts and talents that have made a difference in and for our world.  Thank you ranch families for the difference you make! Stop by our celebration if your schedule permits.

2 thoughts on “Winter Celebration

  1. Dear Mrs. fordcye and the nice ranchers,
    The Quilt makers gift is a good book. I can not what for the class party on Thursday for the Quilt maker gift. Thursday will be the best day ever.
    Your friend that can wait for the party Emmie

  2. Hi Ranchers,
    Visit my blog at, or click on “Ethan’s Blog” on the sidebar in “Blogs We Follow From Room 26.” I am beginning a weekly news post about recent events that you might want to check out. Are you having fun in Room 26? Are you enjoying the winter storm?
    From Ethan

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