Mrs. O'Brien


   Mar 14


Last week we got to share our Native Tales with our first grade buddies from Ms. McNeil class. They shared their penguin books with us. We had so much fun learning together.


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   Mar 13

Wonderful Story

Today in class we watched a video about a special dog. I told the kids I would put the link to the video up on my blog so they could share it with their families. Enjoy!



   Mar 08

Book Share

We just finished writing our Native American tales. Students were able to share their beautiful writing with their classmates. Tomorrow we will share them with our Buddies.


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   Feb 15

Junior Achievement

For the next few weeks we will be having Mr. Lane Kadel coming to our classroom and doing Junior Achievement. JA is a program that teaches students about their city and how it works. The students have been learning about city planning, where the city gets their money from, and how a city operates. They are really enjoying having Mr. Kadel in our classroom. We are lucky to have him because all of his kids have left Stafford yet he still volunteers to do this wonderful program.


   Jan 31

Spot the Station

Today while reading Time for Kids we learned about a space station that was similar to the International Space Station. This lead us to learn more about the ISS and how to track it when it is overhead. If you visit (works better on chrome) you can track the station and watch it fly over head. This week and next week it will be overhead often! Enjoy!

   Jan 25

Chinese New Year Celebration

Today we had Sunny Burden visit our classroom and teach us about the traditions of the Chinese New Year. The students loved learning about the traditions and trying the sticky rice cake. Thank you Sunny for coming to our classroom today!


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   Jan 24

Art with Mrs. Kuenzi

This week we are blessed with Mrs. Kuenzi, our Artist in Residence. She is teaching us how to be master watercolor artists! We are having so much fun!

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   Jan 16

Welcome Back??

Hello, I am so excited to be back at school………well kind of back at school. With this crazy weather we have only been back for 5.5 days!! I am very eager to get back into the classroom and continue our learning together. Our first week back was a success. It was so nice getting to know each of my students and learning about their families and interests. When we return we will continue our expedition of Native People, including a traveling museum which will teach us about the Chinook people. In Math we will continue to learn about Area, Perimeter and Measurement and in Reading and Writing we will continue our workshops. Enjoy the snow and I will see you very soon!

   Nov 04

Time if FLYING by in 3rd grade!

I am feeling so embarrassed that I have not posted on my blog since September!! We have been learning so many new things in third grade. In Math we just finished our Graphing unit and started Multiplication today. We are starting by learning about “Number of groups” vs “Number IN each group.” We will then start with basic math facts, arrays and move into our timed tests.


In Expedition we finished our Bridge unit and quickly  moved into our Salmon unit. Our trip to Eagle Creek and Bonneville Dam was a success. We learned so many incredible facts about salmon and we actually got to watch them spawn. As we move through our Salmon unit we will smoothly move right into Native Americans. We are learning that salmon played a huge role in the survival of the Native Americans that used to live right here in the Willamette Valley. We just went to the Lelooska Foundation and got to hear amazing Native American legends and we got to tour their museum that was full of very interesting artifacts.


I am so excited to be learning alongside such a great group of students this year. Keep up the great work third grade!!!

   Sep 28

Bridges, Bridges, Bridges

Here are some photos from our last few weeks. We have been learning so much about the Portland bridges and what makes each bridge unique. We even had a day of exploration where we built bridges out of Kinex in teams. The kids have really been enjoying our time learning about bridges. I am so impressed with the bridges that were designed for the Bridge Expo. If you didn’t have time and still wanted to build a bridge, bring it in any time!!!