Wise Owls Newsletter May 22, 2018

Wise Owls Newsletter May 22, 2018

two owls on branch

Hello all!

I can’t believe it is near the end of the year!  There are many end of year events happening and I want you to get these dates on your calendar!

  1. Spelling: We are on week 25 of spelling city; the very last week of spelling in second grade!  Go on line and practice a game with your child or just ask them the words while in the car!  This week’s words are: only, again, together, every, told, important, children, thought, something and different.  If you want to go above and beyond, do the challenge words!  Your child will be able to access spelling city over the summer, so go for the challenge so that they are ready for 3rd
  2. Word Work with Gaga: Today was our very last day with Gaga, a grandparent who has volunteered her time once a week for 20 minutes teaching us new word as well as idioms.  We did the homework in class each week so that all the children would be successful!  Today, she gave each child a “graduation gift” and told them to become successful, to take that challenge and go above and beyond the norm…much like the challenge words on spelling city!  The kids are bringing home their Gaga notebooks.  Help them write new words and definitions in as you and your child learn them.
  3. Africa Bridge Market Place: This Friday, May 25th, the 3rd graders will be selling homemade items to earn money for Africa Bridge. We did the read a thon and they do Market Place!  We will be able to go and look and purchase items from 10:45-11:05 on May 25.  If you want to send your child in with some money, please do.  I also give them the bag of change they brought in at the beginning of the year to purchase items with as well.
  4. Spirit day is also this Friday! I will email later with what second grade is wearing!
  5. Wednesday, June 6th is our Portfolio share and end of year party! The Portfolio share will be at 11:00 AM, lunch at 11:25, party at 12:05 with volunteers helping set up while kids are at recess at 11:45.  You will be taking home your child’s 3 ring binder (portfolio) after they share it with you as well as their bound art portfolio where I have been carefully keeping all of their wonderful art from throughout the year.  If you wish to buy lunch with our class from the school, it is $4.  You may use your child’s account or bring money that day. Please fill out the form at the bottom and return it as soon as possible so that I can let the lunch ladies know if they need to cook extra food.  Thank you.
  6. Field day is Monday, June 11 from 8:30-11:30. Can you volunteer? Please email our PE teacher directly if you can volunteer. All volunteers will meet outside on the field that day.  His email is menziaj@wlwv.k12.or.us and his name is Jess Menzia.

What a fabulous group of kids!  What a fabulous year it has been and I look forward to a wonderful last month of school!



Angie Wise

Portfolio Share and End of Year party, Wednesday, June 6, 2018

11:00 AM:  Portfolio share

11:25 AM:  Lunch

11:45 AM:  Set up for end of year party

12:05-1:30:  End of year party


Please return this sheet as soon as possible.  Thank you!


________I will eat lunch with my child at school and buy lunch for $4.


________I will eat lunch with my child at school and bring a lunch.


________I cannot eat lunch with my child today.







Child’s Name___________________________________________


I am the Earth

To honor Earth Day 2015 we would like to invite you all to sing along with us as we celebrate our planet and look at ways we can protect our environment. This is a great Earth Day song written by Glyn Lehmann and illustrated by the students from Marryatville School in South Australia. We like the lyrics of the song because the Earth is speaking to the children of the world and asking for their help. You can print them out here: I Am The Earth Lyrics

There are some easy ways for us all to protect our environment. Will you join us in our effort to protect the Earth?

Wise Owls Newsletter Nov. 29, 2016


Hi all!

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving week! Your children came back bright and cheery today. They really make my day, week, month and year!

Monday, a permission slip came home for our field trip to Newmark Theater to see Fly Guy in January. Newmark Theater needs an exact count of who is going by this Friday, Dec. 2. Please send in the permission slip and money by this Friday, Dec. 2 along with if you are going as well. I can take as many parents as sign up, I just need an exact number! It is $7.50 for both the child and adult. Thank you!

This week we are taking a closer look at what it means to be a family. As a homework assignment I am asking students to sit with you and listen to the story of how they got their name, to find out where their ancestors come from, and to select a family tradition to describe to the class. The homework copy that is in your child’s backpack is a first draft. We will doing a final draft in class.

Our goal is to be able to retell these family stories to others in the oral story telling tradition. In class, each student will create a set of Family Story Beads and they will be practicing their stories with each other as they learn them from you. I have encouraged them to use details to bring their stories to life, at the same time that I do want them to be concise. Some students may want to write more than the space I have left them which is fine.

We are continuing our work in geometry with quadrilaterals and rectangular arrays (horizontal and vertical rows), as well as dividing shapes into halves, thirds and fourths. This is IXL “t” and “u”. Your child can continue to practice place value “m” on IXL as well as this will help with adding two digit numbers, which is what we have been learning as well.

I was happy to hear all the wonderful stories of Thanksgiving celebrations and other holiday preparations! You children clearly know and understand how much they are loved by you and all the wonderful things you do for them. It is such a joy to see the stability your love and commitment provides them.

Angie Wise

Wise Owls Newsletter Oct.12, 2016

two owls on branch

Hi all!

Thank you to all who have come in and conferenced with me! It is always so rewarding to make goals with you for your child for their year in second grade! I am really looking forward to an amazing year!

Our fieldtrip is next Thursday, Oct. 20 to the Rice Rock Museum. Right now, I have two parents, Marissa Taylor and Irenna Ellis who will helping to chaperone. I can take 3 more chaperones. If you would like to go with us, please email me and the cost is $5.00 per adult. Thank you. We leave promptly at 8:30 AM and plan on being back by 1:15 PM. All students will need to bring a packed lunch that day.

Our very first class party will be the Fall Party on Monday, Oct. 31st from around 1:00-2:00

Remember, you, the parent provide the monies for the 4 parties throughout the year. We are asking for a donation of $15.00 for the 4 parties. If you would like to donate extra for those that might need a little help, that would be great! If you can have this in by next Friday, Oct. 21st, that would be wonderful. Thank you.

On Monday, your child will be bringing home passwords to sign in to two wonderful programs that our school PTSA purchases for grades 2-5. They are called

“Spelling City” and “IXL”. You can access them by:

1. Going to our school website

2. Going to “classrooms”

3. Going to “second grade”

4. Going to “Ms. Wise”

5. Clicking on “my blog site”

6. For Spelling city: going to “writing” on the right hand side, then clicking on “spelling city”, then signing in with your child’s special passwords I will send home on Monday. We will be doing Week 1 for everyone and for those that would like a challenge, they can also try Week 1, Challenge words.

7. For IXL: going to “math” on the right hand side, then clicking on “IXL”,then signing in with your child’s special passwords I will send home on Monday. It is really important to sign in on IXL because this program keeps track of your child’s progress throughout their years at Stafford!

Remember, please do not hesitate to contact me about anything, anytime. Thank you and I hope you have a fantastic weekend!


Angie Wise

Padlet Challenges

Spelling, math and vocabulary practice can be fun. We are inviting all second graders to add to our Padlets this week as a homework challenge. Padlets are online sticky note pads. They are a great way to communicate and collaborate.

Directions: First, double click anywhere on a Padlet. Next, write your name in the box.  Finally, write a sentence using the spelling word. Be creative with your sentence.

Week 5 – Spelling Padlet using the word gym


Week 5 – Spelling Padlet using the word science


Week 5 – Math Padlet – Money


A+ Math Hidden Picture Game

      A+ Math Hidden Picture Game

This week, second graders will be practicing math facts with the help of the Hidden Picture Math Game. This game is designed to support addition and subtraction math facts. If you want another challenge, try the multiplication and division links.

Look for the A+Math link under Math on the blogroll. Visit the game room and you will find the Hidden Picture game. Begin with the addition version and then move to subtraction.

Storybird- Writing Workshop



The Owls can use Storybird to create storybooks online.  This week set up a family account and explore the possibilities of story writing together as a family. Here are your instructions:

1. Ask your family to set up your own individual account on Storybird using the Sign-up for Free tab. The Storybird link is under the Language Arts Header.

2. On the upper left side, click on create and select the art you would like to use for your story. Next, click on use this art for a story.

3. Save after each page of writing.  When you complete a story, ask your parents to be your chief editors. It’s important that you use good word choices, check your spelling and use proper conventions. (Capital letters, punctuation and the use of quotation marks)

4. We can schedule a time throughout the day when you have a story to share with your classmates. The Owls will need to memorize their usernames and passwords to be able to access their stories in class.

Conferences Oct. , 7, 8, 9

I look forward to seeing all of you this week at confernces! Ethan, Mercer, Zachary, Tayton, Sienna,Jessie, Jude, Larking and David are on today!  Aidan H., Adam, Henry, Morgan, Savannah T. and Savannah R. are on for tuesday and Ruby, Kailyn, Kaitlyn, Leila, Ride, Jaiden, Aiden K., Macy and Alexa are on for wednesay!  I will see you all very soon to talk about your wonderful kids!


Angie Wise

Kitten Match Math Game

     Kitten Match Math Game

This week, the Owls will be practicing math facts with the help of the Kitten Match Math Game. According to Arcademics, Kitten Match is a multi-player game that allows students from anywhere in the world to compete against one another while practicing addition!  Look for the Arcademic Skill Builders link under Math on the blogroll. This game is designed to demonstrate fluency for addition and subtraction within 10.

April 4, 2011

Wise’s Newsletter

April 4, 2011


Science Habitat Project!

I sent home a homework assignment titled: “At Home Habitat Diorama”.   Your child has the next 5 weeks to work on this.  Please do not send it in until the due date of May 12.  It can be a family project.  Make it unique and as detailed as you can!  As part of our habitat study, each child will learn more about one habitat and become the “expert” on that biome.  They will be teaching their peers about their habitat.  This is due May 12th and we will invite parents in for a Habitat museum on May 26th at 10:00 AM.


I know there are a lot of spring sports and activities, so…just read for 10 minutes a day.  Bookmark the book and keep it until you are done.  Both books!  Don’t worry about sending it back the next day if you did not finish!

Book Orders Attached

There will only be 2 more book orders this year.  Please remember to make all checks payable to Scholastic.  They will not take cash!  Thank you.



April Homework

Attached is the April homework.  Please do as many items as you can this month!  Please make the math numbers higher if these are too easy! 

Spelling/Word Wall Words

Please write down the new word wall words on your child’s “At Home Word Wall”.  Please play the games that are listed on the front and back.of the folder so that your child becomes a great speller!
Our new word wall words are:


I’ll                   have

up                    want


Upcoming Dates

May 12: Habitat Dioramas due.

May 26:  Habitat Museum for parents.  10:00 AM-10:45 AM. 

May 27:  No school.  Furlough day.


May 30: Memorial Day.  No School

June 1:  Field trip to CREST center

June 10  Last day of school.  Dismissal is at 10:40.


Angie Wise

Newsletter April 11, 2011

Wise’s Newsletter

April 11, 2011


Science Habitat Project!

I hope your dioramas are coming along well.  Please take your time and really think about the background.  Remember, this is not due until May 12th, so you should have plenty of time to add a little bit each week.

To help your child research at home we have some great websites on habitats and animals. To access them, go to Stafford’s home page (http://www.stafps.wlwv.k12.or.us/). Underneath the library tab, click on “Mrs. Buchanan’s Blog.” On “Mrs. Buchanan’s Blog,” you will see a tab on the right hand side that says “habitats.” Click on this and you will find some great habitat resources.


Since we are studying habitats and the animals and plants that live there, we are reading non-fiction books and articles on the computer.  This IS difficult reading for a first grader!  How can you help make it easier? 

1.  Help remind the children to look at the pictures.  The pictures will help the kids tremendously.  Also, there are usually some words by the pictures that describe the picture. (Captions) Perhaps they can pick out the word that is the picture (example: elephant). 

2.  Teach them about bold faced words and how they are important to the text.

3.  Skip the word.  Yes…this is a reading strategy!  It is OK to skip a big word and to figure out the meaning through context.  That is what we do as adults when we come to a word that we do not know!

4.  Sticky Notes.  Give your child some sticky notes and have them write down words they don’t know as they read.  At the end of the page or chapter, your child can then come to you and you two can talk about the meaning of the words 

Math Homework

Please keep the family story problems at home and do in a notebook at home.  Make sure and and change the numbers to make the problem harder if you need too!

Spelling/Word Wall Words

Please write down the new word wall words on your child’s “At Home Word Wall”.  Please play the games that are listed on the front and back of the folder so that your child becomes a great speller!
Our new word wall words are:


get                           five

but                           they



Upcoming Dates

April 28  Tryon Creek Park Fieldtrip

May 12: Habitat Dioramas due.

May 26:  Habitat Museum for parents.  10:00 AM-10:45 AM. 

May 27:  No school.  Furlough day.


May 30: Memorial Day.  No School

June 1:  Field trip to CREST center

June 10  Last day of school.  Dismissal is at 10:40.



Feb. 14, 2011

Wise’s Newsletter

February 14, 2011

Math, Reading and Research Games on my Class Blog

Please take the time to check out these reading and math sites the kids can access on their computers at home!

I’ve added a couple of links to my blog that I know your kids will love!  One is from our math program called Investigations.  The other is under Research and is part of the World Book Online-it has lots of games and stories for the kids.  You will need a password to access the World Book Online. The log in is: wlwvsd.  The password is :  schools.  If you forgot how to get to my blog, here it is:

  1. Type my blog site directly into your browser:
  1. Get to it through the school website by going to:

Once you are on my blog, the links are on the left hand side.

Valentine’s Day

Thank you to all the parents who came and helped with the Valentine’s Day party today! It was a huge success!  We also did lots of word work with Valentine words and we did Valentine math.  We sorted, counted, and added different color combinations.  It’s been a fun day full of learning!

Math and Homework

Please cut out and save the attached “doubles” worksheet to practice at home!  Do the word problems and send in by Thursday of this week!

Word Work Homework

We are keeping the same word wall words due to the short week this week…and because is a tough word to learn!  Make sure and write the word wall words on your at home word wall.  We are practicing spelling the word wall words with parent helpers each day.  You might want to practice at home!  Play` concentration, hangman, bingo, etc.  Have fun with the spelling!


for                    because

am                    keep


Upcoming Dates

Feb. 18:  No school

Feb. 21:  President’s Day.  No School

Feb.  22:  No school

March 3:  Penguin Day will be this morning.  Make sure and give yourself an hour or more to come to this very important time to see what your child did in this unit as well as let them show you what we have been doing all year.  It is a “Celebration of Learning!”

March 4:  No school

March 17:  Zoo  Fieldtrip.

March 18:  No School

March 19-March 27:  Spring Break


Ms. Wise

Newsletter Dec. 13, 2010

Wise’s Newsletter

Dec. 13, 2010

Student’ Council’s Spirit Day

Student Council’s first spirit day will be “Pajama Day” this Friday, December 17th!   We trust that these spirit days will not be an interruption to our daily learning.  Instead, they are a means of building school community and our collective sense of place. Your child may wear pajamas all day today! The children may also bring a special stuffed animal or blanket to keep with them this day as well. This will make our reading workshop so much fun!


Art Literacy this Wed.!

Our next Art Lit project for the 1st graders is scheduled for Wed 12/15 9:20-10:45.  This next project is really fun. We will be making “glass” sculptures in the style of Dale Chihuly. I think they will make lovely Christmas gifts! I will need as much help as possible since we will be working with hot water and very expensive porcelain paint.

Please let me know if you are able to be there.

Anne Zoormajian


Reduce, reuse, recycle

Metro will be putting on an assembly for us at 9:30 on Wed., Dec. 15 about reducing, reusing and recycling. As a “green school”, we do talk about how to help our world to help the animals and plants.  Please, talk to your children about recycling. Make a game out of it over the holidays…How many things can you recycle or reuse in your home, especially with all the boxes, paper and bows that we use at this time of year! You are invited to come to see the assembly.  Right afterwards is Art Literacy and I know we need more help with this special project!  The assembly is in the MPR room.


Parent Helpers for January

Please check the schedule on the back!  Again, thank you so much for all you do!  In January, the reading parent helpers will begin doing some spelling work with each student as well as reading.  It’s very important to be here on your scheduled day.  If for some reason you cannot make it, please find someone who can sub for you.  Thank you!



Word Wall Words

We are going to keep the same word wall words this week as last week. I know that it is an extremely busy time of year and the evenings are rather busy.  Try to do some games with the word wall words and definitely have your child spell them to you when you are driving in the car! Thank you!


and                  call


had                  name




Upcoming Dates:


Dec. 16:  Winter Party.on Thursday!  11:30-12:25.  Talk to  Ellen Urbani (Elijah’s mom) if you wish to help!



Dec. 17:  Last day of school before Winter Break!  Spirit day..wear pajamas!


Jan. 4:  First day back in 2011



I hope all of you have a wonderful 2 week holiday!  Be safe and I’ll see you in 2011!





Angie Wise


Newsletter Dec. 6, 2010

Wise’s Newsletter

Dec. 6, 2010

Reading and Homework

Our monthly homework sheet in your child’s folder.  I know we are out of school on Dec. 17 and you may not be able to finish the homework by then.  Please, feel free to keep it at home and work on it over our 2 week vacation.  I also want to remind you that reading with your child daily over the break is the most important thing you can do.  By reading a “just right” book daily, your child gains confidence and the love and joy of reading.  Enjoy your winter holiday and keep reading!


We have been learning about matter in science. We’ve learned that matter is made of gas, liquids, and solids.  Ask your child what they have been learning!

Metro and the “Green Machine”

Metro and PGE came to our school last week to discuss renewable energy.  They taught this in a “play” form.  The kids learned about wind power, solar power, geothermal energy and hydroelectric power.  Talk to your children about renewable energy and remember to reduce, reuse and recycle!

Art Literacy

Our next Art Lit project for the 1st graders is scheduled for Wed 12/15 9:20-10:45.

This next project is really fun. We will be making “glass” sculptures in the style of Dale Chihuly. I think they will make lovely Christmas gifts! I will need as much help as possible since we will be working with hot water and very expensive porcelain paint.

Please let me know if you are able to be there.

Anne Zoormajian

Word Wall Words

Remember to write these words down on your child’s “At home word wall”!  Play the games and do the homework listed on the folder.  Thank you!


and                               call

had                              name


WLWV Education Foundation

A new foundation was created and launched today to help fund teaching positions for next year.  If you would like to learn more about this, please go to the Foundation’s website – www.wlwvfoundation.org.  Forms are also available at the school office.

Parent Helpers

For Dec. and the first week in Jan. are in your child’s folder


1. Type my blog site directly into your browser:


2. Get to it through the school website by going to:


Then Academics, then classrooms, then find my name under 1st Grade.

Upcoming Dates:

Dec. 16:  Winter Party.  11:30-12:25.  Talk to  Ellen Urbani (Elijah’s mom) if you wish to help!


Dec. 17:  Last day of school before Winter Break!

Jan. 4:  First day back in 2011


Wise’s Newsletter

Wise’s Newsletter

Nov. 15, 2010


On the back of this newsletter is a wonderful piece of writing about reading for meaning.  It gives you ideas on reading with your child before actually opening the book and after the book is read.  Keep on reading everyone!


Fine Motor Skills and Homework

Drawing, writing, painting and tying shoes all help with your child’s fine motor skills and dexterity.  The kids are doing a nice job with proper pencil grip, but I do need your help with tying shoes!  This is a fine motor skill as well.  Please make tying shoes part of your daily homework routine until your child can do it on his/her own.  Thank you!

First Grade Field Trip Funds

            At the beginning of the year we collected $25 from each child to pay for our field trips. Our wonderful secretary, Judy Woodruff, has informed us that we did not collect enough to cover the trips and the buses.

            At this time, we need to collect another $7 from each child. We are sorry for the inconvenience!

            Please send in $7 with the attached form as soon as you can, preferably by November 19th.

Thank you!

The First Grade Teaching Team

First Grade Field Trip Funds

Name _________________________

Writing:  Published books

In writing workshop, we are writing stories.  Most of the stories are narratives, which are true stories about the kids themselves.  I help them edit and revise, then we publish the best stories.  The kids then illustrate their stories and read it to the class.  It becomes a “classroom book” that goes on our shelf in the classroom.  I do let the kids take the book home to share with you, and then they need to bring it back so that others can read it during reading time.  All books will come home with your child at the end of the year.  We love reading each other’s writing!



We are making something for your Thanksgiving table….a centerpiece!  We do need some items from your house for this…we need:

Apples:  everyone needs to send in at least two.  You may send in more if you wish!  Also, thank you for the juice boxes!  We have enough.

Word Wall Words

Remember to write these words down on your child’s “At home word wall”!  Thank you!


an                     day

he                     two


Upcoming Dates:

Nov. 22-26 No School.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Dec. 18-Jan. 3:  Winter Break

Thanks so much!