Memory book share and End of Year party!

Hello parents!

The end of the year party coincides with our Memory book and portfolio share. Here is June 8’s schedule of events:

8:30-9:10:  Memory book and portfolio share in room 23 (take everything home with you that your child shares this day)

9:10-9:30:  End of year party set up on front lawn right outside our classroom.  We need VOLUNTEERS!  PLEASE EMAIL JILL TSAI  ( IF YOU CAN VOLUNTEER FOR THE PARTY!

9:30-11:  Second Grade End of Year Hawaiian Themed party!

11-11:20: Pizza for lunch for our end of year party on the lawn out front!

Hope you can make it!  Your child is really excited to share their year’s worth of art and special projects with you!
Angie Wise

Ecosystem date to put on your calendar!


Hello all!

We are ready to share with you all we’ve done with our research on ecosystems and animals! Your child will “become” their animal.  Next week, Wednesday, May 18th at 1:00,  you are invited to come in and walk around our room and talk with your child and othe.  You will ask the kids great questions about their prey, predators, adaptations, survival, and how humans affect their animals’ environment. You will see all of the kids dioramas, their murals, google slide show and speech (which we are writing in  class).  The “drop in” is going to be great!  You can help your child with final editing on their slide show at home so that they will be ready to share next Wednesday, March 18th at 1:00, right after the Music Informance at 12:30!


Ms. Wise

Africa Bridge: Read to Feed!

We have made new friends with the the students at Ipyana Primary School in Tanzania thanks to Africa Bridge, an organization that helps orphaned children in rural villages there. With our Flat Stanley Project we wrote messages of love on the back of our “Flat Stafford Students” and made sure that each of the 131 students at Ipyana got one.  It is a great feeling to know we passed on a little happiness to others with our special form of “happy notes“.

In our study of great people we have learned that it is important to look beyond ourselves and our own lives to help others whenever and wherever we can. We are doing that with our Read to Feed/Read to Build Reading Challenge Project this month. We will invite sponsors to help support us in our reading. We will read with the intention of challenging ourselves, but also knowing that our help for the children in Tanzania will be changing their lives.


In the past, the Stafford community has helped get village children in school, provide desks for their classrooms, plant avocado orchards and build new classrooms and a toilet. Africa Bridge is truly doing amazing things there and Stafford has helped over the past 10 years. Through the efforts of our reading challenge project and the yearly school wide Marketplace, you are becoming world citizens and changing lives. What a feeling of achievement!

Let’s read to feed! Let’s read to build! Let’s read to change the world!

How will you challenge yourself in your reading this month?

Flat Stanley and/or Stella is ready for an adventure!

Our next project is based on a book we’re reading in class entitled Flat StanleyIn the beginning of the story we find the main character, Stanley Lambchop, flattened by a bulletin board in bed one night.  But instead of being a disaster, it turns out to be quite a convenient condition.  Stanley can easily be mailed anywhere in the world at practically no cost at all.  Stanley soon finds himself on many interesting adventures.  This is a story filled with imagination and laughter.

Your Twin Flat Stanley/Stella’s have different missions!

The first Flat Stanley/Stella will be sent to a relative or friend.  He/she will be helping us learn more about Great People Making a Difference throughout the world and Ecosystems. Your family will decide where to send Flat Stanley/Stella.  For the price of a postage stamp, he/she can easily travel to the location you’ve selected. Along with answering the interview questions about Great People and Ecosystems, we’d also like to request that your relatives or friends take pictures of themselves with Flat Stanley or Stella at various places and/or landmarks. It will be fun to see where Stanley/Stella has been and what adventures he/she experienced.  When Flat Stanley/Stella finishes this adventure, he/she can travel back to your home through the mail.  Send him/her back to school after his/her mission is completed.

The second Flat Stanley/Stella will stay and or travel with your family for a spring break adventure. Your second grader will either write in the provided paperto record the adventures of Flat Stanley/Stella, make a Google Slide Show or create another way to document Stanley/Stella’s Spring Break Adventures with your family.   Your Spring break stories with Flat Stanley and Flat Stella will be shared the first several weeks of April with your classmates.

Great People Hall of Fame

You are Invited to the Great People Hall of Fame

The great people presentations have been such a fantastic display of  research, enthusiasm for learning, Google slide creating and interesting speech writing and presenting.  Second graders have had the opportunity to learn about so many special people who have inspired us to make a difference in the world. When the curtain closes on the classroom presentations, the final applause and finale will be the Great People Hall of Fame!

We invite you to celebrate with us the showcase of all of our Great People across the grade level. We will assemble from 8:00 – 9:10 in the MPR on Wednesday, March 2nd. Second graders will wear their special outfits to school and will change into school attire after the Hall of Fame.

This is an Open House format so stop by anytime during this hour.  The students from K-5 have also been invited! We look forward to this celebration with you!

Valentine’s Day and Friendship Celebration

chick and owl

Valentine’s Day is a special day when we celebrate friendship and love with family and friends. Let’s invite a special guest to join us on Friday morning, February 12th to celebrate together from 7:50-9:10. Invite your mom or dad, grandmother or grandfather, aunt or uncle.


We will prepare for them a special breakfast of toaster waffles, fruit, juice, hot coffee, a little Valentine Bingo, and read some Valentine stories!


What do you like most about Valentine’s Day?

Great People in History

YouTube Preview Image

We are learning the importance of reading the biographies of great people in history. We understand that we can learn great lessons from their lives for ourselves. We are inspired by the personal strengths or character traits they seem to all have in common:  determination and perseverance, curiosity and creativity, compassion and courage. They use their skills and talents in the service of others and have changed many people’s lives because of it.

Enjoy watching these excerpts from these Great People In History projects from former students, Hannah, Nevin, Kaila and Jay.  As you are doing your project remember to focus on the personal strengths of your great person, and show how they have made the world a better place.  We can’t wait to see you up there next.  Let your greatness shine! 

YouTube Preview Image

What part of the this project do you think you will enjoy the most: reading, writing, speaking?

You can be a hero too!

YouTube Preview Image

Happy New Year to all you heroes! Yes, that is you Crew! We are excited to begin a new year with the promise of great things to come. The world is a beautiful place. We each play an important role in making this world a better place every day. There are opportunities everywhere to make someone’s day a little brighter, to help someone in need, and make a difference in the world. Find your inner hero and make someone smile today. What will you do? Let’s get to it!  Write your ideas on our Padlet.


What will you do to make this day brighter for someone?

Winter Party!

Our Winter Celebration

A Second Grade Tradition

In celebration of family traditions, we did our second grade winter tradition today:  The Polar Express Party! Students  enjoyed a Polar Express Celebration by making a special train ornament, a snowflake ornament and  received a special ticket to watch the Polar Express movie…which we did this morning  in our pajamas!  While watching the movie, Ms. Wise stamped our tickets and served us hot cocoa with marshmallows, sprinkles and whipped cream with a candy cane to stir it with.  We also ate hot cinnamon toast with butter for our snack.  At the end of the movie, the office brought down a special package, just received from the North Pole.  It was a very cold package!  Inside, each child had a special gift of a bell!  It said BELIEVE on it.  We now all BELIEVE in the SPIRIT of Christmas!  Thank you to Jill Tsai, Molly Hemsley, Cindy Anderson, Andrea LeGare and Shane Lunceford for their help this morning with our very fun second grade tradition!  It’s a wonderful world in second grade!  Happy Holidays!


Angie Wise

Science Experiments are fun!

Science Rocks!


Each year the Stafford Science Fair is an opportunity for students to explore cool ideas in science. This year the fair is on February 18th.  Watch these super cool science experiments from Hooplakidz Lab that you could easily do by yourself or together with a partner. We want to explore the ideas around these experiments and think about becoming junior scientists ourselves.

science fair pic

Check out the BrainPop Jr. video (Log in:  stafps,  and tigers) about “Science Fairs” to get a better idea of how to do a project. You can also browse science fair ideas or try to find one of your special interest on the Science Buddies website.

Which experiment do you think is interesting?

Do you have another idea for a science fair project?

Family, Culture and Heritage

Our Family Stories: The Story of My Ancestors

We know that our ancestors are family members from long ago who came to the United States from a different country. We have learned that many of our customs and traditions come from the countries of our ancestors.

Screen shot 2015-11-09 at 6.30.29 AM

It is interesting to learn about all the different cultures that are represented here in the United States. We are exploring those countries this week on the website called Time for Kids: Countries of the WorldJust click on the link above or the picture to get there and explore yourself.

What countries are your ancestors from?

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Our Family Stories: The Story of My Name

We have learned that the family is an important building block of a strong community. We each play an important role in our family, and the name they have given us is special. We are learning the stories of how we got our names.

Do you know the story of your name?

Second Grade Community Fieldtrip!

Our Community

two owls on branch

The City of West Linn Field Trip

When:  Friday, November 20th

Time:  8:45-11:45

Where and why:  We will be taking a tour of some of the local businesses in the city of West Linn as part of our study of Communities. We will be visiting:

    • local grocers at a grocery store
    • the postal workers at the post office
    • bank tellers at the bank
    • librarians at the library


  • We are excited to visit these businesses that provide important goods and services to us.  We invite parents to join us on our tour. We will be visiting The Market of Choice, KeyBank, The Post Office, and The West Linn Library.


  • Schedule:  8:45   Buses depart Stafford.  11:45 Buses arrive back at Stafford.                                                       


  • If you would like to chaperone please let me know on the permission slip form. Any parent can come. You can ride the bus or meet us there outside Market of Choice


Angie Wise


Family Padlet



Family are the people who love you.

Families are the the smallest form of a community. Each family is unique. Families can be big. They can be small. They can be somewhere in between. But, what they all have in common is that they are the people who love you. Click on the Family Padlet to share what family means to you.

Over the next few weeks we will be listening to the special stories of how we got our names, where our ancestors are from and important family traditions. Our families hold the keys to these stories for us!

Geology is Fun!


We love Geology!

We all enjoyed the trip to the Rice Rock Museum this last week to see the wonderful collection of rocks.  This museum is one of the biggest in the Pacific Northwest.  Last year our class created a digital story from our trip. Enjoy watching the video. Be sure to read the title clips aloud. This is a fun to way to practice your reading and support your learning about geology.

What did you enjoy most at the museum?

Geology Padlet


Try out our new Padlet, which is an on-line sticky notepad!  Write your thoughts and share it with the world!