Newsletter March 28, 2011

Wise’s Newsletter

March 28, 2011



I hope you had a great spring break!  I know I did!  I went camping and hiking in Death Valley National Park for the week.  There are tons of canyons to hike into…even some really cool slot canyons!  The stars were incredibly bright due to the lack of light in the National park.  The wildflowers are in bloom, making the desert very beautiful.  It was a wonderful time in the desert.  I hope your spring break was just as rewarding.


We went to our Science in Residence today, Ms. Darzas, who taught us a lesson on weather…actually on condensation and clouds.  Your child is bringing home a paper about the experiment they did with her.  Take the time to look at the clouds this spring and talk to your child about what the weather is like and will be like the next day.  Talk to them about what it was like over dinner.  Just talk about the weather!


Special Guests

We had a couple of guests today…Jacob Brown’s grandparents own an aviary and brought in some finches to share with us.  They talked to us about where the finches were from (special Australian and African finches), what they eat, and how to care for them.  Ask your child what they learned about finches!

Science:  Habitat Unit

We are beginning a new unit in our grade about Habitats.  We will be focusing on 6 main habitats:  polar, forest, ocean, pond, desert, and savanna.  We will learn about the animals, plants and special features in each habitat.  The children will have a homework project that I will go into detail about next week to go along with our unit of study.  Each child will also be researching one animal from the habitat of their choice as well.  This will be done in school, but you will hear all about it once we begin our research! 

Spelling/Word Wall Words

Please write down the new word wall words on your child’s “At Home Word Wall”.  Please play the games that are listed on the front and back.of the folder so that your child becomes a great speller!
Our new word wall words are:


run                   not

joy                   kite


Math Homework

Please do the penguin problems on the back of this newsletter.  Send in by Friday.  Thank you.


Angie Wise

Newsletter March 14, 2011

Wise’s Newsletter

March 14, 2011


Research shows that children who are reading books that are too easy and just right, will want to read. They want to get their book out of their backpack, off the shelf, out of their bookbox at school and read.  They feel comfortable reading books that they can read and therefore, WANT to read.  It is so important to not force children to read books that are too hard.  Children who read books that are too hard easily get frustrated and from that frustration, do not want to read at all.  Please, if your child is getting frustrated, let me know so that we can adjust the book level in home reading, or get a book from my library that is just right.  Thank you.

New Word Wall Words

green                            look

can’t                    how



Upcoming Dates

March 17:  Zoo Fieldtrip 8:15-12:15

March 18:  No School

March 19-March 27:  Spring Break

Zoo Fieldtrip March 17

A lot of you want to go to the zoo!  As I mentioned last week, everyone can go who wants to go.  Many of you have zoo passes and a few do not.  If you do not have a zoo pass, you will have to buy your ticket at the zoo, except for these 5:  Miriam Pinoli, Melissa Capps, Ellen Gass, Ashley Peterson, and Dawn Bott.  As far as the bus, you guys are going to have to carpool.  My suggestion is to arrive at school around 8 AM (we leave at 8:15) and to talk with each other about riding together.  IF, our class gets our own bus (we do have 3 first grade classes), then more parents can ride the bus, of course!  If we have to share a bus with another first grade class, only 5 of you can ride…I am going to let you guys figure that one out, so be prepared to drive!  Of course, all of the children will be riding the bus regardless if you drive or not.  The parents who have told me they want to go are:  Carolann Strobeck, Laur;en Ihlenburg, Vicki Pleimann,  Nate Brown, Suzanne Tye, Amy Stohler, Renee Hashbarger, Tara Brown, Kris Olson, Cindy Patterson, Lalit Rodich,  Miriam Pinoli, Melissa Capps, Ellen Gass, Ashley Peterson, and Dawn Bott.  .  Your own child will be in your group, along with another child.  You will be filling out observation forms, so make sure your hands are free and that you bring a pen or pencil.  Please dress for the weather!

Newsletter March 7, 2011

Wise’s Newsletter

March 7, 2011

Dear Parents,

Thank you so much for coming in last Thursday to see and learn what we’ve been doing in first grade.  All of the children have learned so much since we met last October and everyone has great goals for the rest of the year.  Keep up the good work!

Word Work Homework

Please practice spelling the new words using the games listed on the “AT HOME WORD WALL”.  You can also practice spelling the words by playing games we’ve learned in class such as word wall bingo, concentration, hangman and spelling the words by clapping, stomping, cheering, etc.

New Word Wall Words

red                   eat

jump                 your


100 day of school

The 100th day of school was actually last wed.  Today was 101 and tomorrow, 102.  We will be celebrating the day by doing everything with the number 100. We will count and write by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s to 100.  We will count out 100 fruit loops and make a necklace.  We will count a collection of 100 things in our room as well as write about what it would be like to be 100 years old.  Talk to your kids tomorrow about what we did for 100 day!


Penguin Research

We are still researching about penguins and learning more before we visit the zoo next week.  We had a visitor today come and share slides with us.   Ask your kids about which penguins are endangered or threatened and why.

Upcoming Dates

March 17:  Zoo Fieldtrip.

March 18:  No School

March 19-March 27:  Spring Break

Zoo Fieldtrip March 17

If you would like to go to the zoo with us, please fill out the form below and return it.  Only the first 5 or so can ride the bus…others can drive and meet us there.  You will have a group of students, so please keep the little ones at home.  You will be filling out penguin observation forms, as well as habitat forms with the kids, so you will need your hands free!  If you have a zoo pass, that is great…if not, the first 5 to get back to me can get in for free.


I want to go to the zoo and I have a zoo pass___________________(name)


I want to go to the zoo and I do not have a zoo pass__________________