Newsletter December 12, 2011

Wise’s Newsletter

December 12, 2011


Student’ Council’s Spirit Day

Student Council’s first spirit day will be “Pajama Day” this Friday, December 16th!   We trust that these spirit days will not be an interruption to our daily learning.  Instead, they are a means of building school community and our collective sense of place. Your child may wear pajamas all day today! The children may also bring a special stuffed animal or blanket to keep with them this day as well. You may want to bring extra snack too!  This will make our reading workshop so much fun!


Word Wall Words

We are going to keep the same word wall words this week as last week. I know that it is an extremely busy time of year and the evenings are rather busy.  Try to do some games with the word wall words and definitely have your child spell them to you when you are driving in the car! Thank you!


got                 her


if                   are




Parent Helpers for January

Please check the schedule on the back!  Again, thank you so much for all you do!  In January, the reading parent helpers will begin doing some spelling work with each student as well as reading.  It’s very important to be here on your scheduled day.  If for some reason you cannot make it, please find someone who can sub for you.  Thank you!

Report card

Please return the yellow folder, signed that the report card came in.  We will reuse it.  Thank you!


Published stories

Your child is writing stories!  They are writing stories with a beginning, middle and ending, then revising, editing, conferencing, then illustrating.  The kids bring the books home to read to you, then they come back to stay on our bookshelf for all of the kids to read.  So, please return the published books!

Thank you.



We’ve read several versions of The Nutcracker and are coming different versions.  If you have a copy, please send it in for us to read.  Also, we would like to see this great story in move format.  If you have it, can we please borrow it?  Thank you so much!



I found a couple of great reading sites on-line for you to peruse over the holidays.  Check out:   and

They are great!



Upcoming Dates:


Dec. 15, Thurs.:  Winter Party 9:15-10:30 (Come at 9:00 if you are volunteering!)


Dec. 16, Fri.:  1:15:  School wide assembly in the gym.  We will be singing the “Hippopotamus” song sometime during the assembly.  Perhaps you want to send a note and pick up your child after the assembly?!


Dec.  17-Jan. 2:  Winter Break


Jan. 2, Monday:  Teacher Workday


Jan. 3, Tuesday:  First Day back for kids in 2012!





Newsletter Dec. 5, 2011

Wise’s Newsletter

December 5, 2011



There are lots of math games on my blog!  Please go to:

to get directly onto my blog.  The math games are on the left hand side under “Math”.  Click on “Investigations Math Games”, then games.  You have to click on the highlighted words to actually play the games.  The different games are listed under these categories:

Counting, Numbers, Ordering

Addition and Subtraction




We have been focusing on “Geometry” and “Patterns” the past several weeks.  Of course, you are free to click on and play any of the games.  I encourage you to teach your kids how to find these games on your home computer and to play them.  They are great learning tools!

Word Wall Words

Please remember to write these words on the portable word wall.  Play some word wall games with your child such as Word wall bingo or concentration or hang man.  Have fun with the words and your child will begin to remember how to spell it in their heads!

got                     her


if                      are




The students are beginning to read books that are longer…books that they may not finish in one sitting.  Again, it is OK to keep a book for more than one day.  If you need to mark a page in the book, please use a bookmark.  Please do not fold down the edge, as that is permanent.  Teaching your kids to use a bookmark will make the life of the book longer.  Thank you and great reading boys and girls!


Social Studies

We are reading lots of books about holidays around the world in the winter.  I thought it would be fun to learn a bit about what your traditions are at your house at this time of year.  Please have a discussion with your child about your family traditions at the holidays.  Have your child write and draw what they do at the holidays on the back of this newsletter.  Send it in by Friday.

Along with this mini-unit, I thought it would be fun to “visit” other countries (of course, all in our minds!)  Please fill out the attached passport together and send in by Friday.



I am looking for some blue Christmas balls (ornaments) for a holiday project and can’t seem to find any anywhere!  If you are out and about shopping this week and find some, please let me know!  We need 88 for the first graders!  Thank you for keeping your eyes open!


Upcoming Dates:


Dec. 7, Wed.:  Early Release Day at 12:10

Dec. 15, Thurs.:  Winter Party 9:15-10:30

Dec.  24-Jan. 1:  Winter Break

Jan. 2, Monday:  Teacher Workday

Jan. 3, Tuesday:  First Day back for kids in 2012!