Newsletter June 11, 2012

Wise’s Newsletter

June 11, 2012


Hi everyone!

I really cannot believe it is the end of the school year! It seems like just yesterday we were having curriculum night!  It has been an amazing year teaching amazing students.  I sure hope to get some of you next year!


I do hope you have a wonderful summer!  At the end of June, I am traveling for 3 weeks taking high schoolers to Great Britain and Ireland with a group called People to People.  This will be my 12 trip with People to People.  Google it to find out more…maybe your child can travel with me one day!  In August, when the snows are finally melted (which I thoroughly enjoyed skiing on all winter), I will be backpacking most weekends and hiking during the week.  Of course, I have my vegetable garden going, love bike riding, and reading great books.  At the end of the summer, right before school starts, I will visit my family in North Carolina for 10 days.  I always go horseback riding with my parents, to the beach with my nieces to play and swim in the ocean, and the mountains to visit my nephews. Of course, I spend quality time with my 93 year old grandmother who still drives!   It is always a fun and busy visit. 


I have really enjoyed teaching and getting to know your kids this year.  They are a wonderful group of students.  Have a safe and enjoyable summer!





Angie Wise


Game Day

Tomorrow, June 12, is our class party.  During our class party we will be playing group games.  During the afternoon, we will be playing board games!  Several months ago, the students and I were talking about bringing a game from home to play…a board game.  I have reserved tomorrow afternoon for this!  So, if you would like, you may bring a board game from home. It will come home with your child the same day they bring it


Movie Day

On Thursday, June 14, first grade will be having movie day!  Each first grader gets to sign up for a movie to watch, as a different one will be shown in each first grade room.  Your child may bring extra snacks and drinks for movie day as well as a stuffed animal to cuddle up with if they wish. Please, no pillows or blankets, as you probably already know, lice are rampant at Stafford right now.


Yearbook Signing

We will have a yearbook signing on Friday morning.  Bring your yearbook in on this day so that the kids can sign yours!  If you ordered one and did not receive it, please call the office.  If you would like to buy one, please send in $25.00 made out to Stafford and take it to the office. 


Dates to Remember


June 12 (Tues.) End of Year Class Party 9:15-10:30.  Our class party will be on the lawn by the Stafford sign out in front of the school.


June 12 Bring a board game to school!


June 13 (Wed.) Field day 8-12. You can still volunteer!  Sign up in the office.


June 14 (Thurs.) Movie day.  You may bring a stuffed animal to cuddle with and extra snacks and drinks. 


June 15 (Fri.) Last day of school.  Year book signing.  Bring your year book to school!  Dismissal is at 10:45 AM.

Newsletter June 4, 2012

Wise’s Newsletter

June 4, 2012


Hello everyone!

I am soooo impressed with each and every one of the first graders in room 18!  What a wonderful job they did presenting their animal research and habitat study, as well as reading their group book out loud to over 60 people!  The first graders also hosted 8 different classes in our room, sharing their work.  You should be very proud of your child!  This end of year celebration really showed how much reading, writing, art and math the children did this spring.  Please compliment your child on their habitat study if you have not already.


Angie Wise


Author’s Party

We will be having an author’s party later this week.  All of the kids are part of it!  If you want to send in a treat to share, then please do!


Math story problems and homework

Penguins story problems are coming home today.  They are for the students to solve at home as we are solving our animal story problems at school.  Please make sure the students have a picture and an equation for each problem.  Thank you!


Field trip to CREST

Wed. June 6 is our fieldtrip to CREST.  We will leave promptly at 8:30 and return by 11:30.  Everyone needs to bring a packed lunch that day as we will not be eating until we get back and will miss our regular lunch time.  Pack a snack that your child can put in their coat pocket to eat while on the fieldtrip.  The parents who are going with us are:  Molly Hemsley, Debbie McCrone,  Michaela Pulaski,  Gwen Kochan, and Jessica Young.  Please be here by 8:15.  Thank you for volunteering!



Dates to Remember


June 6 (Wed.) Fieldtrip to CREST 8:30-11:30


June 8 (Fri. )  No school for kids.  Report card prep day.


June 12 (Tues.) End of Year Class Party 9:15-10:30.  Our class party will be on the lawn by the Stafford sign out in front of the school. Want to volunteer?  Talk to Holly Hunsucker or Molly Hemsley.


June 13 (Wed.) Field day 8-12. We need volunteers!   There is a sign up sheet in the office!


June 15 (Fri.) Last day of school.  Dismissal is at 10:45 AM.