The Wise Owls Newsletter

The Wise Owls Newsletter

September 24, 2012


Hi Everyone!

You can sign up for conferences beginning tonight on the school website.  It will tell you how to get there and my times.  All of 2nd grade will be conferencing over 2 weeks.


Homework Folders

Homework folders were sent home for the first time last week.  Please return homework folders with work finished on Fridays.  If you must keep it over the weekend, then please return it on Mondays.  But, wouldn’t you rather not have homework on the weekends?!  Inside the homework folder is a questionnaire from the Chinese teacher.  She would like it by this Wednesday.  Thank you.  Also, inside is a math homework packet.  Please finish the entire packet by Friday and return it.  Do not worry about the days that are on the packet, just do it all and correct it with your child before returning it inside the brown manila homework folder on friday.  Thank you.


Word Work (spelling, writing and reading)

Remember parents, please write the word wall words on your child’s “At Home Word Wall” that was sent home last Monday.  This word wall stays at home to help your child with reading and spelling these sight words!  This week’s words are:


because                          then


why                                 there





Home Reading with Parent Helpers

Last Friday was our very first day of the Home Reading program.  For right now, some children will be doing this and others will begin later in the year.  Eventually, everyone will be reading with a parent helper.  This is how it works:  The child chose a “just right” (or nearly just right) book out of a specific tub.  The child then talked a bit about the book with a parent helper who gave them their new “home reading” folder.  This is to be read to you and/or with you.  It should be one that your child can mostly read on his/her own.  Your child will continue to check just right books out of my personal library as well.  You may write down only the book on the reading list that is in their reading folder from my personal library….so, do NOT write down the Home Reading book on the paper inside the OTHER brown manila envelope!   Reading has just been doubled!  It IS a priority in second grade and the most important homework your child will get this year!

 Math-Real Coins Needed for Math

Everyone needs to bring in some “real” coins to use to count and learn how to add and subtract.  Please send in 10n pennies,5 nickels, 10 dimes and 4 quarters each.  Put in a ziplock with your child’s name on it.  Hopefully it will all come home at the end of the year!  Thank you!

Reading Workshop

During our reading time, when I am working individually or with small groups of children, the children get a choice of several reading “stations”.  They may read out of their Book Box, Independent read, Buddy Read, Write, do Word Work, Listen to a book on tape, or do the Computer.  This is called Daily 7.  On the computer, they may do the game “Starfall” and “Tumble books”, which are reading games.   You would be proud of your kids knowing how to start the computer, find Starfall, and close it down.  Smart kids!  You can check it out on my blog!



Have a great week!





Angie Wise


The Wise Owls Newsletter Sept. 17, 2012

The Wise Owls Newsletter

September 17, 2012


Hi All!

What a great curriculum night!  I really enjoyed meeting all of you and going over what we will be doing in our classroom this year.  It is going to be a great year, especially as we work as a team!


Homework Folders

Homework folders are in your child’s backpack today.  Please keep all homework in there and return the folder on Friday.  Today, there is a word wall in there. That actually stays at your home all year long.  Please read this newsletter to see what to do with the word wall folder.  We will be talking about it at conferences too. Ask your child how they learned today’s word wall words for the week.  Perhaps you can play the game at home too?!



Word Work (spelling, writing and reading)

Today was our very first day of word wall work.  Each child brought home their very own “At home word wall” today in their backpack.  This stays in a safe place at home where the students can refer to it when writing and reading….I suggest their very own desk or perhaps on the refrigerator in the kitchen.  We will be adding words to this word wall once a week, so do NOT LOSE IT!  It will be a vital part of your child’s homework this year in second grade.  Parents, I want YOU to write the word wall word down so that it is spelled correctly using lowercase letters.  Once the word is on the word wall, it should never be misspelled because they can look at it and copy it!  There are tons of ideas to practice learning these “sight” words on the back and front.  I am getting the word wall words from a second grade high frequency list.  Some words the children may already know how to spell, but that is ok…they are getting a different, individual spelling program here at school.  Here are this week’s word wall words:


they                      what


from                      thank





Poetry Book and Reading

Every Wednesday, instead of a book coming home, the poetry book will come home.  The kids put the poems in the folder themselves, so you may need to take it out and show them how to correctly put the paper in, folding the tabs down.  That would be very helpful to me.  Thank you.  This is a type of reading, just in poetry or song format.  Treat it like a book.  It is a good time to practice reading smoothly and with expression. Re-reading books leads to fluency and greater comprehension.  You may write down “poetry book” on the form inside the brown manila envelope and count this as a book for the night.  Please send the poetry book back in on Thursday!


Some books will have words that require children to use their decoding strategies. ‘Sounding it out’ may work, but not all words are spelled phonetically! Too much sounding out can take focus away from the meaning of the selection. Here are some helpful cues that parents can give as a child is reading (so have the child do the prompts below as you give the prompts)…


  • Be sure the child is pointing at the words!
  • Look at the picture.
  • Look at the beginning sound.
  • Say the beginning sound.
  • Try to sound out the word letter by letter.
  • Re-read the sentence, skipping the word.
  • Ask, “What makes sense?”
  • Point out the book’s pattern.

Give the word if child is stumped or looking at all frustrated.  This is only after they have TRIED the above!   Encourage them!  If you give them the word every time, they will EXPECT it! 

  • Take turns reading lines or pages or just read the book to the child, if it turns out to be too hard. Reading is not supposed to be painful for anyone!





Volunteers will begin on Wednesday.  I will send a list of helpers with days and times on it tomorrow, Tuesday. If you wish to volunteer, please let me know by Tuesday, Sept. 18!  The form was attached to the curriculum packet I sent home with each of you last Thursday; (or Friday with your child if you did not make it on Thursday). If you can’t make any of the listed times, just write in what times might work for you!  I am flexible! 



We are learning about the primary colors of Yellow, Cyan (blue), and Magenta (red).  This is the terminology that artists use, so we will too!  Ask your child what secondary colors they made with these primary colors.  These creations will be on our ceiling in our room!


Emergency Kits

Please send in your emergency kit if you have not already done so. This is in the event of an earth quake or other disaster and you cannot make it to school to get your child immediately.  A suggested list of what goes in the kit is on our school website!


Nut allergy

We have a tree nut allergy in our classroom, so please keep the tree nuts at home.  Peanuts are just fine.




Have a great week!





Angie Wise

The Wise Owls Newsletter Sept. 9, 2012

The Wise Owls Newsletter

September 12, 2011


Hi Everyone!

What a great first week we’ve had!  The students are writing, adding and subtracting in math, checking books out of our classroom library, learning about Vincent Van Gogh while painting a sunflower still life, and getting to know each other.  Great job kids! 



There are several components to reading and the major one is getting books in kids’ hands.  I started a checkout system of my personal books the first day.  The students find a book that may be too easy, just right, or too hard and take it home.  This is THEIR choice of books.  This is not necessarily books that we have read, but are books they are interested in.  I want the kids to WANT to look at books, to read books.  This self-selection helps.  I do need your help in making sure they read the book or it is read to them.  Please sign the form that is on the inside of the envelope and send it back each day with the book.  We are building independence and self-confidence by having your child be in charge of their selection and checkout.  If the book is TOO EASY, then practice reading with FLUENCY!  Read with expression, enthusiasm, sadness, whatever the punctuation or pictures require.   Too easy books are the perfect book to practice fluency.  If the book is Too Hard, then “read” the pictures together and you read the words to your child.   Second graders should be reading the books by themselves, so if they are not, it is too hard.  Please send it back to me with a note!  Thank you!

The goal is to check out books that are “Just Right”.  The children are starting to learn this system, but it does take a lot of time.  I will also go over all of this at Curriculum night!




Lunch has gone fairly smoothly in the classroom.  I do want to remind parents that this is a “teaching” time where I am reading a book or doing calendar and math with the class, so unfortunately, the children really need to be independent with opening items, especially hot soup cups, etc.  Please do not close water bottles or other containers so tightly that the kids can’t open them!  Also, there are no napkins, forks, or spoons provided in the classroom.  Pack your child’s lunch as if it is a picnic.  A real cloth placemat works wonders for keeping their desk clean!  We do need hand sanitizer donated to help us clean our hands, so please send some in!



Curriculum Night

September 13 is curriculum night from

6-7:15. This is for you, the parents to come to.  Please get a sitter for your child.  Thank you.




Volunteer signups will be at curriculum night as well.  If you would like to come in and help me with some special things, please come check my “to do” box in room 22 on the teacher desk (this is the empty classroom beside of mine).  A sticky note is attached telling you what to do with each item.  I sure could use your help this week!


Check out the CORRECT special schedule on the back!



Angie Wise