Wise Owls Newsletter Nov. 26, 2012

The Wise Owls Newsletter

November 26, 2012



I hope all of you had a safe and happy Thanksgiving!  We have 4 very busy weeks of school left before Winter break and we will be very busy with family tradition presentations!  Please look at the sign up sheet on the back of this newsletter and return if you do NOT see your name!


1.  Sign up for Family Tradition Presentations was due today, Nov. 26.  Take a look to see who did sign up and who still needs to.  Some of you did send your paper in, but did not get your first or second choice.  Too many people want the same time! I’ve added some times and really need some of you coming in this week!  If you can’t be here, that is ok, your child can “read” your tradition and share it with us.  Please write me a note if you can not come into school at all so that I know.  Thank you


2.  Family Traditions paper and picture was due today, Nov. 26.  Please return it by Tues., Nov. 27 if you did not already!  A HUGE thank you and kudos to those that returned it today!


3.  Math packet.  Due Nov. 30.



Word Work (spelling, writing and reading)

We have new words!  Please practice write the words on your (at home) word wall and please practice on line on spelling city, which is on my blog!


very                don’t


know                read



Scholastic News

This is our last scholastic news before the holidays!  Buying books for stockings, or gifts is always a great idea!  If you want me to keep your books separate because you want to give it as a gift to your child, just send me a note when you send the check in made out to Scholastic!



Shutterfly sign up!

If you want to volunteer for parties or just check out different schedules, please sign up for shutter fly.  You can do this by going to a link on the side of my blog called:

Shutterfly and then under that Ms. Wise’s Shutterfly Site.


Upcoming Dates:


Nov. 26-Dec. 18:  Family Traditions reports


Dec. 5:  Early Release day at 12:10


Dec. 19:  8-9:15:  Polar Express Pajama party


Dec. 20:  Last day before Winter Holiday.


Dec. 21-Jan. 6:  Winter Holiday


Jan. 7, 2013:  Back to school!


Wise Owls Newsletter Nov. 13, 2012

The Wise Owls Newsletter

November 13, 2012


Two Family Assignments During the Next Two Weeks!

Over the next two weeks, second graders will have 2 activities to support our family unit.  Families will have until November 26th to complete the assignments.  Please do not turn anything in this week, as I want you interviewing people that you see over Thanksgiving!  Thank you.


1.  Collect interviews from family members and relatives. This is titled “Homework for Second Graders Documenting Life Stories” and was in your homework packet that was sent home on fri.  There are up to 6 interview sheets attached.  If you need more, please make copies as needed!  It is all explained on the sheet in your homework packet.


2.  Select one of your family traditions to write a report (Titled “Thankful” in your homework packet that was sent home last fri.)and present it to your fellow classmates during the month of December.  We’d like to invite your whole family to share about your tradition.  Look for detailed instructions in your homework packet.


3.  Math packet.  Due Nov. 26.  Please return everything INSIDE your homework packet…not separate from it.  Thank you! 



Please, please have your kids read with expression!  It is a hard trait to learn.  The kids need lots of “easy” books in order to read fluently and with expression.  They need to be able to “look ahead” and see what punctuation is at the end of the sentence.  They need to “reread” the book several times to be a really great fluent reader.  Reading out loud really helps with fluency and expression too.  Please help your child become a fluent reader!  Thank you.


Thanksgiving Food Drive

Please send in your fixings for a Thanksgiving meal.  The PTSA is collecting food to give to those who do not have enough at Thanksgiving.  Any cans of food that would help make a Thanksgiving meal would be great!


PTSA Meeting

The PTSA is having a special meeting next week (11/14 at 7pm- MPR), to discuss the proposed S&H Recycling, Composting, and Mining facility near Stafford Primary.  Please come if you can.


Word Work (spelling, writing and reading)

We are keeping the same words as last week since this is a 4 day, very busy week!.  Please play a game using “Spelling City” from my blog: http://blogs.stafps.wlwv.k12.or.us/staff/WiseA/

Have fun!


friend                                     some


other                                       than




Box Tops

Please cut out and save your box tops from your cereal boxes!  They help buy us PE equipment!  Thank you to Brodyn and Andy who sent in box tops last week!



Thank you to Ksenya who found a worm at recess and to Theo and Adelia who brought in worms from home.  Mr. Minor and the kids helped clean out our school vegetable bins and find some more worms for our classroom. We are all set to watch them “tunnel” away!



The Wise Owls Newsletter Nov. 5, 2012

The Wise Owls Newsletter

November 5, 2012



Thank you to everyone who helped out with our party!  Thanks especially to Ellen Gass who planned it.  If you have not yet paid $15.00 (or what you can contribute) to the party fund, then please do so.  The check should be made out to Stafford Primary in an envelope with Ellen Gass written on the front.  Thank you.


Reading Homework

You might have noticed that I have been adding a few things at a time to your child’s homework.  They are now ready to do a reading response page at home! We have been talking about words that are new or unknown or just interesting to the reader.  As you read a book this week (just choose one book to do this homework with), please fill out the “Room 23 Home Reading Book Response Page”. Please look up the meanings of words that you did not know and/or discuss them with your parents.  Use sticky notes to stick in your book as you read and write the unknown/new/interesting word on so that you can keep reading and ask about the word later with mom and dad.  Talk about the story and write something you learned or what was interesting to you as well as explain if you would recommend this book to someone.  Send in with your homework packet!


Making Words—

New word work homework

There is another  “Making Words” in your child’s homework this week.  Please know that you can use all of the letters to make the “mystery word”.  I will be checking to see who gets their making words word work in! It is due by Friday.


Homework-Spelling City

This is weekly homework now!  Please go onto my blog and visit spelling city.  It gives you lots of ideas to help you spell our word wall words!  Here is the link as well:


Also, please remember to write your word wall words on this newsletter, on your “At Home Word Wall”.  


Word Work (spelling, writing and reading)

Please write the words on your at home word wall.  Please play a game using “Spelling City” (see note above) using your new words.  Have fun!


friend                                     some


other                                       than




Scholastic News

Scholastic News is offering a FREE book with at least a $5.00 book order!  The free book must be $5.00 or less.  The coupon is stapled to your child’s book order, which was sent home Friday.  Please send our order in by Wed., Nov. 7.  Remember, Scholastic does not take cash in the mail.  Please send a check written out to Scholastic  Book Clubs.  Thank you.



We are going to be making a worm farm, but we need your help.  Please collect some worms from your yard and garden and send them in!  Of course, if you have worm bait, that works too!  Thanks!


Have a great week!