IXL Math Challenge

IXL Math Challenge

This week, second graders will continue learning about the value of coins and how to count money.  We are challenging each second grader to complete a minimum of 100 questions on the IXL Math link throughout the week.  Remember to use your login so that your answers are shown on the class report. We can celebrate your effort together on Friday! Last week, individual owls attempted anywhere from 0 – 278 problems…Jessie did the most problems with 278, Kaitlin did 231 and Aiden K. did 229.  Way to go!!!  So, as you can see…I know how many problems EACH OF YOU DID! 

We would also like you to explore the Language Arts section on IXL and continue your learning with Dance Mat Typing and Storybird.  Look on your homework menu to plan your time with these challenges. Everyone is all set with spiral notebooks or 3 ring binders  to record your written homework on. Owls have a math game called Close to 20 that they will be teaching you this week.  Good luck Owls and enjoy your home learning!

Dance Mat Typing


Dance Mat Typing

It’s time to begin practicing our keyboarding skills with the help of Dance Mat Typing. Dance Mat Typing is an animated website that introduces typing to children.  Enjoy mastering the 12 levels throughout the second grade year.  This week, your goal is to practice level one. The link for this program is under the Writing Heading. Parent monitoring is encouraged for the mastery of essential keyboarding skills. Have fun with this family website!

Wise Owls Newsletter Oct. 28, 2013

The Wise Owls Newsletter

October 28, 2013


Homework now includes “Language Arts”!  We started this last week as we have noticed the students really need the extra help in writing and editing their writing.  Please do all of the written work in/on your homework notebook.  As a class, we talked about “being independent” and dong their homework without you having to sit right beside them.  At school, I have 25 students who can all write independently for up to 30 minutes at a time!  And yes, they are ALL writing!  You child can write independently at home too!  This is called “building stamina”.  If you have high expectations for your child then you will usually find they CAN DO IT!  I am asking for all homework notebooks to come in on Friday to be checked!  Please make sure and write the date at the top of each page when you do the homework.


Our fieldtrip to Newmark Theater to see the Magic Tree House play is Nov. 15.  We do need to pay for this trip in advance and we need permission slips from everyone!  If you have not yet paid, another permission slip is coming home today.  The fieldtrip costs $9.50, which includes the cost of the bus for transportation.  If, for some reason, you financially cannot pay, please write to me and let me know. We still need a permission slip from everyone, though!  Parents that are coming on this fieldtrip are:

Alaina Kuehn, Stephanie Carlsen, Anne Bennett, Corrie Thom, Heidi Kehm, Andrea LeGare, Marissa or Louis Taylor, and Ken Tsai.  These parents need to send in $8.00 as they are not charged for the bus.


Celebration Funds

Shannon Huffman is collecting party funds for our classroom celebrations for the year. She is asking for $20.00 for the 4 celebrations…so $5.00 per child per celebration. The first one is next week…Nov. 5…so she needs your donation in this week if possible!  Also, if you would like to donate more than $20.00, that would be wonderful as some families just can’t donate that much.  On a similar note, if you can only donate part of it now and part later, that is fine too.  Questions? Call or email Shannon at:  Shannon_huffman1@yahoo.com or


Community Unit

Who are the members in our community?  What are their jobs?  How does our community work?  These are the kinds of questions we will be finding answers to.  Have a conversation with your child about our community and help explain to them how it works!  We are very lucky to have some great Junior Achievement lessons about our community that Stephanie Carlson will be teaching the kids starting tomorrow.  Thank you Stephanie!

Still Needed!

Please send clear tape rolls for our tape dispenser.  We are out! The kjds use it during writing and making notes.  Thank you to the 3 who sent tape in already!  Thank you!

Upcoming Dates:

Oct. 30:  Early Release at 12:10

Nov. 1:  Homework notebooks due

Nov. 5:  Fall Celebration

Nov. 11: No School.  Veteran’s Day

Nov. 15:  Fieldtrip to Newmark Theater to see Magic Tree House play 

Have a great week!



Angie Wise


Fieldtrip Nov. 15!

The Oregon Children’s Theater 

A Night in New Orleans 

When: November 15th

Where: Newmark Theater at Hatfield Hall

       Price: $8.00 plus $1.50 for bus (Total $9.50)

According to the Children’s Theater, “The Magic Tree House books have been taking young readers on amazing adventures for more than 20 years. In A Night in New Orleans (based on the book A Good Night for Ghosts) fearless explorers Jack and Annie travel back in time to Jazz Age New Orleans to meet and encourage a young Louis Armstrong. This musical has a powerful message about dreams and possibilities, introduces young audiences to the thrill of live theater—and the joy of jazz!”

Look for permission slips to arrive home tomorrow. We have pre-ordered enough tickets for 8 chaperones for each second grade class. Chaperone tickets are also $8.00. (No additional bus fee is needed for chaperones). Tickets need to be paid for by October 30th so we are asking for permission slips and money to arrive to school by October 28th or 29th. Checks can be made out to Stafford Primary. Email me if you’d like to chaperone and I’ll sign up the first 8 parents who volunteer.

IXL Math Homework this week!

Dear Parent,

I am pleased to tell you that we will be using a website called IXL in our classroom for a 30-day trial. IXL is a comprehensive math and language arts review site with an unlimited number of practice questions in hundreds of skills—all of which are aligned to state standards. One of the best things about IXL is that your child can access it from home, so you have a chance to see your child’s progress!

To get your child started on your home computer, please follow these easy steps:

  1. Go to the header Math and select IXL Math Practice
  2. Enter your child’s username and password in the upper right corner and click the button to sign in.
    Username: Your child’s first and last name (no spaces) and the numbers  288. 
  3. Password: Child’s first name, all lowercase letters
  4. Click on Math or Language Arts at the top of the page and navigate to your child’s grade level.
  5. Find a skill to practice by doing one of the following:
    • Select a specific skill to practice from the list of skills. You can place your mouse over any skill to see a sample question and click on the link to begin.
    • Go to the Awards section. Each grade level presents challenges for your child to conquer and virtual prizes to be uncovered. Place your mouse over any challenge to begin.

In addition to making math and language arts practice exciting, IXL is designed to help your child learn at his or her own pace. The website is adaptive and will adjust to your child’s demonstrated ability level. The site also saves all of your child’s results, so you can monitor your child’s progress anytime by clicking on Reports at the top of the page.

I hope you’ll encourage your son or daughter to use IXL daily. Here’s to a year of working together to make math and language arts fun for your child!


Ms. Wise

The Wise Owls Newsletter Oct. 21, 2013

The Wise Owls Newsletter

October 21, 2013




We are solving math story problems at school and in our homework. 

What is a story problem?  It is a problem that the children read first, then they have to figure it if it is an addition or a subtraction problem.  They need to write the equation (13+14=) first, then show me how they solved the problem.   There are many ways to solve a problem.  On the back of this newsletter are some math strategies.  In second grade, we are moving past counting by ones (because the numbers only get bigger) and learning to look at place value and breaking down numbers.  For example in the number 15 there is one set of tens and 5 ones and in the number 14, there is one set of 10 and 4 ones.  They can draw out a block of one ten and 5 ones for 15.  They can draw out a block of 10 and 4 ones.    They can then count the tens:  20 and the ones:  9. They can add the 20+9= 29.  Please help them solve their math story problems this way!  It is called “regrouping” because the kids are taking the tens apart and the ones.  Hundreds will come next!


Concentration:  word work

You may notice that your children bring home some word work that we do in class every now and then.  One of these is called “Word work concentration”.  It is like memory.  I suggest that your children keep these words to practice and play with throughout the year.  You can see how simply it is made.  You can make it with words that you notice your child needs help with spelling with at home.    It will help your child tremendously with spelling and reading our word wall sight words.   You can also make your own word wall concentration with our other words on the homework list or other words that you are working on! Thank you!




Please send clear tape rolls for our tape dispenser.  We are out! The kjds use it during writing and making notes.  Thank you!


Upcoming Dates:

Oct. 30:  Early Release at 12:10.

Nov. 11: No School.  Veteran’s Day.



Have a great week!




Angie Wise


A+ Math Hidden Picture Game

      A+ Math Hidden Picture Game

This week, second graders will be practicing math facts with the help of the Hidden Picture Math Game. This game is designed to support addition and subtraction math facts. If you want another challenge, try the multiplication and division links.

Look for the A+Math link under Math on the blogroll. Visit the game room and you will find the Hidden Picture game. Begin with the addition version and then move to subtraction.

Storybird- Writing Workshop



The Owls can use Storybird to create storybooks online.  This week set up a family account and explore the possibilities of story writing together as a family. Here are your instructions:

1. Ask your family to set up your own individual account on Storybird using the Sign-up for Free tab. The Storybird link is under the Language Arts Header.

2. On the upper left side, click on create and select the art you would like to use for your story. Next, click on use this art for a story.

3. Save after each page of writing.  When you complete a story, ask your parents to be your chief editors. It’s important that you use good word choices, check your spelling and use proper conventions. (Capital letters, punctuation and the use of quotation marks)

4. We can schedule a time throughout the day when you have a story to share with your classmates. The Owls will need to memorize their usernames and passwords to be able to access their stories in class.

Wise Owls Newsletter Oct. 14, 2013

Wise Owls Newsletter

October 14, 2013


Hi Parents!

What great conferences we had!  I have so enjoyed getting to know your kids better and sharing that knowledge with you. Your kids have learned soooo much in just 5 weeks!  Just wait till we meet again in March…it really is amazing how much second graders learn.  They are just like sponges!




One of the things we talked about at conferences was writing.  In second grade, we focus on “getting our ideas down”.  The students are working on writing what happened at the beginning of the story, in the middle, and at the end.  The children should write several sentences for a paragraph, or a story.  Keeping a journal at home and trying to write at least one story a week would be great.  (outside of homework of course!) The kids tend to write stories about their own lives, which are called narratives.  Once the story is written (have them sound out the words unless of course it is a word wall word…please DO NOT tell them how to spell it…it interferes with their “idea” of story and getting their thoughts down on paper.)  So, after they have written the story, they can reread and edit.  Editing is making sure capital letters are at the beginning of the sentence and lowercase letters throughout.  Punctuation should be at the end of the sentences.  The next step will be commas and quotation marks!  Encouraging your child to “just write” is a start! 



Word Study Strategy

You might see your child get a paper with some words written on it and two lines to the right of the word for them to practice writing the word.  This is their individual word list based on what they can read and write in class.  If they are getting this paper, then they need help with spelling the word.  Please have them do what it says on the paper and then send it back in when done!  Each child is at their own “individual” level in spelling, reading, and writing!



Please send me your email if you have not been getting my emails!  I do want to stop sending these hard copies!!



Angie Wise

Conferences Oct. , 7, 8, 9

I look forward to seeing all of you this week at confernces! Ethan, Mercer, Zachary, Tayton, Sienna,Jessie, Jude, Larking and David are on today!  Aidan H., Adam, Henry, Morgan, Savannah T. and Savannah R. are on for tuesday and Ruby, Kailyn, Kaitlyn, Leila, Ride, Jaiden, Aiden K., Macy and Alexa are on for wednesay!  I will see you all very soon to talk about your wonderful kids!


Angie Wise