Wise Owls Newsletter Nov. 22, 2013

The Wise Owls Newsletter

Nov. 22, 2013




Hi Parents,

It’s been a fantastic but very busy week! We all finished our MAP testing and will be doing this 2 more times this year.  The more you children practice on IXL for math and writing and reading at home in their homework and journals, the better they will do on these tests!  I hope all of you have a safe and relaxing holiday!




Community Unit

We finished up our community unit this week with a visit to Market of Choice, a local orthodontist office and the West Linn Library.  Jesse’s mom finished up her lessons with our class and the kids are all coming home with a community book to finish over the holidays.  This is a great way to keep the kids excited for school and to practice reading and writing.  And a huge thank you to Mrs. Carlsen for doing a fantastic job!


Science:  Solid, Liquid and Gas Unit

We have been studying about the 3 states of matter:  solids, liquids and gasses.  What is matter?  Ask your kids!  They brought home “towers” that they constructed out of different types of solids earlier in the week. Today, they are bringing home a baggie of solids from “nature”.  Perhaps they can create their own “nature” creation over the break!  Ask your child questions about solids.  How many solids can you find in your home?  Around your home?  Liquids?  Gasses?


Traditions Report

Almost everyone has signed up to give their traditions report in the month of December!  Thank you!  What you need to do now is select one of your family traditions to write a report and present it to your fellow classmates during the month of December on the date you signed up for. We’d like to invite your whole family to share about your tradition.  Look for detailed instructions on your homework menu and in the red pocket folder titeled “Family, Culture, and Tradition Study”. The kids do the writing on this paper so that they can read it.  They will be turning it in so please help them edit and revise as needed!  Help means, DON’T DO THE WORK FOR THEM, but help them.  We are working on making your kids INDEPENDENT, not enablers.  Thank you!


Upcoming Dates:


Nov. 25-29:  No school for kids.  I will be here for the teacher in-service days Nov. 25 and 26 if you need to contact me.  Thanksgiving Nov. 28.


Dec. 2, 2013:  All homework due from red notebooks.  Make sure you have your tradition report written in your homework notebook so that your child can practice reading it out loud the day they present!


Dec. 3-17:  Tradition Reports.


Dec. 18:  Winter Celebration.  Time to be announced.


Dec. 19:  Last day of school before Winter break!




Our Family Research Begins!

It’s time to celebrate our families! As a continuing part of our study of Communities, we will learn about our name, our ancestors and start to document the life stories of our families and relatives.  Throughout November and the Thanksgiving Holiday, we want to interview family members to learn about them. Spending time with family members and listening carefully to the stories they tell about their lives is an important way we learn about family values and traditions. Enjoy this time over the next couple of weeks documenting these precious life stories! Many families have also emailed the family interview questionnaire to their relatives who live long distance.

Second graders will also be thinking of special traditions that their families cherish. Between December 3 – 17th, we will be presenting family traditions to our classmates. Look for detailed instructions about our family research in the Red Family, Culture and Heritage Folder that  arrived home last Friday, November 8th.

Click on this link to download additional Interview forms:  Interview 2010-11.

Wise Owls Newsletter Nov. 12, 2013

The Wise Owls Newsletter

Nov. 12, 2013




Fieldtrip to Magic Tree  House

When:  Friday, Nov. 15

Time:  8:30-12:00

Where:  Newmark Theater in Portland

What:  Bring a packed lunch as we will not be getting back to school in time for our lunch!




Homework was sent home last Friday in a red packet titled “Family, Culture and Tradition study”.  It has the homework menu in the front left and everything else is explained inside.  It IS our homework until after the Thanksgiving break!  A new menu will come home next week to help keep you on track!  If you have ANY questions, please email or call!  I want every child to be and FEEL successful!




MAP Testing

This begins on Thursday of this week.  We will also test Monday and Tuesday of next week.  Please make sure that your child goes to bed early, eats a good breakfast, and comes to school with a healthy snack and water.  If their bodies are feeling nourished, their brains will too! 


Upcoming Dates:


Nov. 15:  Fieldtrip to Newmark Theater to see Magic Tree House play


Nov. 14, 18, and 19:  MAPS testing.  Please make sure your kids go to bed early and eat a healthy breakfast on these days.  A healthy snack is encouraged too. 


Nov. 25-29:  No school for kids.  Teacher in-service days Nov. 25 and 26.  Thanksgiving Nov. 28.



Have a great week!



Angie Wise


Wise Owls Newsletter Nov. 4, 2013

The Wise Owls Newsletter

Nov. 4, 2013



Hi Parents!

I really hope all of you had a great week last week…I KNOW it was very busy for many of you with TWO nights out with the kids!  So…on that note, homework may have been a bit tough to do because of the time constraints.  I know that! Things come up for me too! 


Please, contact me and let me know if you are having a week where you cannot get all of the homework done!  Send me an email!  This week, 3 parents asked for an extension, so they kept their homework over the weekend and turned it in on Monday.  That is JUST FINE!  But, please let me know! 


Also, if you did not do all of the homework on the homework sheet, DO NOT cross it off! We will work on it in class Friday afternoon. The second graders that DID do all of their homework get rewarded for doing all of it…they get a choice time.  Those that did not do all of it will be working on their homework.  This is done in all of the second grade classrooms.  Choice is a privilege…these are 2nd graders…they should not even be getting choice! AND…to work on their homework some in school instead of over the weekend should be something they would want to do! 


I also found that many of you were confused about the homework on line.  I do know which  IXL homework is being done, so please, DO THE HOMEWORK FIRST, then your child can practice the other homework.  You can check your child’s progress as well!


Again, I will work with each family and student individually and we have to adapt the homework to suit your child’s/family’s needs, that can be done.  We are PARTNERS in your child’s education!  


Why do we do homework?  To practice becoming independent, to build stamina, and to get ready for our very first statewide second grade test.  In less than two weeks, your child will be participating in a state wide MAPS testing.  This is the FIRST time second graders have ever participated in this test and it is mandatory.  The test is in math and language arts and it is all online.  We have noticed what the children are lacking and give that as online homework.  Please do the online homework FIRST that we have on the HOMEWORK MENU, then, of course your child may do other online work of their choice.  The IXL does send me reports and I am able to check to see what your child is doing and how they are doing.  I will be checking this every Friday, so please do not cross off the Blog Work if you have not done it.  If your child did not do it, they will do it doing choice time.  As I asked the kids today…is it so bad to work on the computer during choice time?  Of course it isn’t, they said!  It IS one of their favorite things to do!  Also, if they still need to work on it, I will resend the homework sheet back home with the kids. Just do it over the weekend and return it on Monday!  Easy, right?!  If not, email me!  Remember, I’m human…things come up! 


Again, we want your children to be successful on this new test and since it is all on the computer, they need to log in themselves.  Please let THEM do everything on the computer.  Let them go to the Stafford website, find Classrooms, my name, my blog, math or language and then the IXL site.  They need to be competent at this at school, so please let them do as much as they can independently at home.


Thank you and again, please email me if you have any questions.  I look forward to working as a partner with you in your child’s education.  Have a great weekend!



Angie Wise

Building Stamina

We talked as a class about building stamina…how to get better at something. Well, how do you do it?  You practice!  Did you know how to ride a bike right from the start?  Hit a baseball?  Do a cartwheel?  Play an instrument?  Ski?  Snowboard?  Read?  Write? Drive?  Walk for that matter?  No!  You had to practice, practice and practice!  THIS is why we do homework.  This is why the kids come to school each and every day and WE (as partners in your child’s education) have high expectations of them. We want them to be the most successful people in the world…in whatever they choose to do.  The only way to get there is to practice!  I KNOW your kids can do it! 


Fall Celebration

Our Fall Celebration is tomorrow, Tuesday, Nov. 5 from 9:30-10:45 in the MPR.  If you would like to help, please come to the MPR around 9:15 to get your assignment from Shannon Huffman.  Thank you in advance!


Emergency kits

If you have not yet turned in your emergency kit, please do so.  This is in case of an earthquake, or whatever and your child has to be at school for a long period of time.  If you are not sure what to put in the earthquake kit, the office has a list.


Art Literacy

Art Literacy is this Wednesday, Nov. 6 from 9:30-10:45.  If you would like to help volunteer, I’m sure the art lit parents would love it!




Upcoming Dates:


Nov. 5:  Fall Celebration 9:30-10:45


Nov. 11: No School.  Veteran’s Day


Nov. 15:  Fieldtrip to Newmark Theater to see Magic Tree House play


Nov. 14, 18, and 19:  MAPS testing



Have a great week!



Angie Wise