Gifts of Family Time

Gift of Family Time

The count-down for Winter Vacation is in full swing. 3-2-1 We know families are busy preparing for the holidays.  Our second grade team would like to support you during this time of the year.  There will be no formal homework until January, 2014!

However, here are some suggestions for your children to continue their amazing growth over the next three weeks:

1. Read every night for at least 10 minutes.

2. Practice math skills and complete the money and place value links on IXL.

3. Explore games on Math Investigations.

4. Review Dance Mat Typing and Storybird.

5. Review Weeks 1-10 on Spelling City.

6. Enjoy your families!

All Aboard Parents!

The Polar Express Party is this thursday, Dec. 19th.  It’s going to be a fabulous time!  There will be a hot cocoa bar and snack, darling little Lifesaver Train crafts, a beautiful Snowflake ornament or sun catcher, along with fun games!  Plus they’ll all be scampering about in their PJ’s- how cute is that?!  The children will have a ball!

To ensure it all goes smoothly, we’d dearly love more volunteers.  Things work best with 1-2 parent helpers per activity.  If you can come, not only would your child be thrilled…but so would we!  We are still collecting the donation of $5 for each celebration as well.

The party begins Thursday at 8:10, but if you can help out, please try to arrive 10-15 minutes early to help set up.

Wise Owls Newsletter Dec. 16, 2013

The Wise Owls Newsletter

December 16, 2013

Family Tradition Reports

The family tradition reports just keep getting better and better!  Here’s what we learned last week:

  • Ethan taught us about Chinese New year and we all got Chinese candy to taste.
  • Henry’s family always builds fires at home and other places…like the beach!  We all tasted smores.  Yum!
  • Savannah Taylor’s family always has a gumbo feast the day after Thanksgiving.  The pots are almost half as tall as Savannah!
  • Leila’s family always makes  a Celtic meat pie to eat at the holidays.  We all tasted shortbread cookies as a treat from Great Britain!
  • Morgan’s family goes to get their family Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving.  Their family always writes down what they are hopeful for in the coming year.  They save it in their stocking until the next year!  We all did that in class too with a snowflake they brought us to take home!
  • Alexa’s family always gets baptized and confirmed at age 8.  She brought her baptism and confirmation dresses to share.  We had shortbread and scones from her families ancestors home.
  • Jessie’s family always has Thanksgiving in Kansas.  That weekend the entire family goes to the zoo.  Jessie’s family loves the penguins at the Kansas zoo, so she shared penguin facts and cookies with the class.
  • Sienna’s mom and aunts always bake pies together the night before Thanksgiving. The famous one is apple berry pie!
  • Kaitlyn’s family always goes to the Oregon coast on the 4th of July.  They stay in a cabin, watch old movies, and spend time on the beach.


This week’s reporters are:

Mon:  Kaitlyn

Tues.:  Savannah R., Jaiden, Jude

Make-Up:   Ridge:  Please email me what day and time you can come in!  Tuesday or Wednesday will work!



This week’s homework is reading only.  Please spend some quality time enjoying your child and what they are reading.  Ask them questions about the book. Who are the characters?  Where does it take place?  What is the author’s message?  How does it make you feel?  Send the book back to school when your child is finished reading it.  Sign the “at home reading list” for parents on the book from my personal library only.  Please do not write down any books from any other library…including your own.

Report Cards

Please return the brown manila envelopes that the report cards came home in!  Keep everything else!

Upcoming Dates:

Dec. 19:  Winter Celebration. 8:15-9:15 winter stations will be in the classroom!  Wear your pajamas as we will be celebrating the Polar Express.  We will watch the movie later that day!  You may bring a small stuffed animal if you wish.

Dec. 20:  Teacher Workday.

Jan.6:  Back to School!

Jan. 15:  Early Release day at 12:10

Jan. 20:  No School.  MLK Day.


Our Winter Celebration December 19, 2013

Our Winter Celebration

A Second Grade Tradition

In celebration of our family traditions, second graders will enjoy a Polar Express Celebration on Thursday, December 19th from 8:00 – 9:10 in our classroom.  This is a second grade tradition at Stafford!  Students are invited to wear their pajamas and bring a small stuffed animal to school for this celebration. Apple strudel toast and hot chocolate will be served as we begin our Polar Express Activity Stations. After the celebration, the Owls will watch the Polar Express movie with the entire second grade community.

We are organizing this party with the help of our party celebration volunteers.  If you’d like to help with the party planning, please email Alaina Kuehn at I know for a fact we will need glue guns and at least 2 toasters!

For each celebration, we will be collecting $5.00 to cover the expenses ($20.00 for the year). If you have not yet paid, checks can be written to Stafford School. We have 2 additional celebrations throughout the school year so if you would like to pay per celebration to stretch it out, that is fine.   Our fall celebration was such a wonderful experience for the owls!  As always, if this is difficult for your family, we understand.  Our fund raising for these celebrations are always optional but greatly appreciated!

Wise Owls Newsletter Dec. 9, 2013

The Wise Owls Newsletter

December 9, 2013

Family Tradition Reports

Wow!!!! We are learning so much about family traditions!  Everyone is doing such a good job!  In a nutshell, here is what we have learned so far:

  • Mercer:  On Christmas morning, getting a lemon and old fashioned candy cane. Then you cut the lemon, stick the candy cane in it and suck the juice out…we all tried it!  It’s really good!
  • Devon:  Going to Hawaii on a family vacation and seeing all the amazing animals and wonders of Hawaii!
  • Aiden K:  Christmas Eve drinking cider and toasting each other with reasons to be thankful.
  • Kailyn:  Having Thanksgiving with her family and most especially pumpkin pie!
  • Ruby:  Going to the Pendleton Roundup every year with her family to see the parade and rodeo.
  • Adam:   Opening a present on Christmas Eve with his family and having Christmas breakfast together.
  • Zachary:  Chinese New Year and getting red envelopes with  money in them. Also, eating rice packets!  Most of us tried it!
  • Tayton: A huge family reunion every 5 years.  They’ve been celebrating this since 1950!
  • Aidan H.:  Xmas dance after decorating the tree before the angel goes on…then hot cocoa.
  • Larkin:  Always getting together for Thanksgiving and having mom’s famous pumpkin pie!
  • David:  putting the turkey on to bake on Thanksgiving then going out to cut the Christmas tree.  Then taking a break to have hot cocoa and shots of whipped cream!
  • Macy:  Christmas pictures throughout Macy’s life!  Also celebrating Chinese New Year!


This week’s reporters are:

Mon:  Macy and Ethan

Tues.:  Henry and Savannah T.

Wednesday:  Leila

Thursday:  Morgan, Alexa, and Jessie

Friday:  Sienna


I know it is a really busy time of year with the holidays and all.  Please, please…the most important things you can do on your homework menu is read and do spelling.  Math would be next.  Remember to ONLY cross off what you do…not what you DO NOT do.  WE are teaching our kids about the character trait of honesty!  That is MOST important.  Thank you!

Report Cards

Report Cards come home on Friday.  Please keep the report card and the gray report card holder with you at home.  Return the brown manila envelope, signed, so that I can reuse it at the end of the year. Thank you.


Upcoming Dates:

Dec. 9-17:  Tradition Reports.

Dec. 18:  Winter Celebration.  Time to be announced

Dec. 19:  Last day of school before Winter break!

Jan.6:  Back to School!





The Wise Owls Newsletter Dec. 2, 2013

The Wise Owls Newsletter

Dec. 2, 2013





Traditions Report

These wonderful reports begin tomorrow!  A copy of the times of the report is on the back of this newsletter.  Remember to use a loud speaking voice when you are reading, to stop at the end of punctuation and to look at your audience as much as possible.  This is our very first time with practicing speaking in public, so please practice at home with your family many times before giving your report in class!  This week’s reporters are:


Dec. 3:  Mercer, Devon and Aiden K.

Dec. 4:  Kailyn, Ruby, and Adam

Dec. 5:  Zachary and Tayton

Dec. 6, Aidan H., Larkin and David


We look forward to hearing about your family’s traditions throughout the year! 






Last week we worked 2 days to study the results of the MAP testing to see how our children are doing.  Overall, Stafford is doing a really nice job, so kudos to all of you!  What we did notice was that each of our children needs to focus on 3 main areas:

Writing:  Vocabulary and parts of speech.  What is a noun?  A verb?  An adjective?  How do you use them in a sentence?

To practice this, you can pick out these parts of speech when your child is reading and most definitely when they are writing.

Reading:  In reading, all of the children are working on comprehension.  Do you understand what you are reading?  The best way to practice that is to ask your child questions about their book.  Even if you do not know the story, have them RETELL the story to you and then ask questions about the characters, their opinions, etc.

MATH:  Everyone needs to practice adding and subtracting 2 digit numbers.  Writing down the way they GOT the answer is most important than the actual answer to begin with…then, DOUBLE CHECKING their answer to make sure they got it right.  Let’s help our children gain “STAMINA” in these areas and the only way to do this is to practice!


Upcoming Dates:


Dec. 3-17:  Tradition Reports.


Dec. 18:  Winter Celebration.  Time to be announced


Dec. 19:  Last day of school before Winter break!