Wise Owls Newsletter Feb. 24, 2013

Hi all!
What wonderful presentations we have heard this week!  A huge thank you to our first great people to go this week, as it is always hard being the first!  This week we met:
Zachary:  Dalai Lama:  Known for peace throughout the world
Mercer:  Wilma Rudolph:  first black woman to win a gold medal in the Olympics
Ruby:  Betsy Ross:  sewed the first American flag and owned her own shop in the 1700’s
Jude:  Jacques Coustea:  Helped and taught about keeping our oceans clean to save the animals as well as invented the Aqualung for divers to be able to explore the underwater world.
Each child will be scored using a rubric on their speech as well as their great people booklets.  I’ve attached a copy of both so that you may “score” yourself before I score it here at school.  I am sending home the great people booklets to those that went this week so that you can check your work with the score sheet before re-sending it in on Monday.  I know that your child will and can do excellent work!
Next week we will hear the following presenters:
Ethan, Jessie, Kailyn, Macy, Savannah R., Adam, Sienna and Larkin.  I sent a copy of the times on the Feb. 10 Homework menu.  I will resend another copy on the back of the menu on Monday.
Homework menus will come home Monday.  Have a great weekend!

Great People Presentations!

Look for Great People Presentations to begin this week!

It will be exciting for us over the next three weeks to meet our Great People.  This research project is such a beautiful example of high quality work and preparation for public speaking. Please think about using your “can” and “props” as you present your great person in your speech.  Really use a great speaking voice, look up at your audience, and speak in a slow manner with expression!

Throughout the past two weeks, former second graders have given their speeches for the entire second grade community.  We’ve already met many great people in history! Hopefully these presentations have inspired your children as they complete their own research.

Wise Owls Feb. 11, 2014 Newsletter

The Wise Owls Newsletter

Feb. 11, 2014

HI all!

What a nice “break” in the middle of the winter!  I loved it!  I actually was at Government Camp the entire time, downhill skiing 2 days and cross country skiing one as well as sledding!  Fun!  So, if I had that much fun, I know you and your family did as well!


Since it is only a 3 day week, we will not have new spelling words.  The kids can practice their words from last week and that is what they will be tested on later in the week.

Great People Presentations

Great People presentations begin next Tuesday, Feb. 17!  4 of you have not yet signed up from the sign up that was sent home with the homework menus Feb. 3 (last Monday).  I am sending a “final sign up copy” home on the back of the homework menu with your children today.  Please choose at least 3 times and send it back in or email me some open times that work for you. 

Great People Speech Bubbles 

As part of our Great People unit, your child needs to fill in the speech bubble that is attached.  You may type it yourself or print and have your child write it in.  NO matter what, it was due last Friday and since we did not have school, it was due today.  Please send it in if you have not already.  I would like to thank all of you who have sent in your speech bubble as I am planning lesson plans around when things are due!  Thank you!

Great People Homework Week 4

Homework this week is finishing your great people packets and speeches.  Remember, the great people packet, the great people can, and the great people speech is due the day of your presentation.  I suggest getting everything done when it is due, this Thursday, as new Homework Menus will come home each week.

MAPS Testing and IXL Homework 

Today, we took the reading portion of the MAPS test.  Tomorrow, we take the math portion.  This is why we have IXL as homework each week in math…it IS great practice not only for knowledge, but how to use a computer and the mouse to move things around, up and down, how to sign in and most importantly how to “read” a story problem or do a math problem from the computer.  It IS very different than paper and pencil work…which is why IXL is such a great tool to help with the MAPS testing that is required by the state.  Thank you for letting your children do their homework on your computer!

Great People Volunteers needed!

I need volunteers!  If you can help out with making “great people” I know we need you!  Please come on in when you can this week!

Friendship Day

Also, this Thursday, Feb. 13 is our Friendship day.  Please make a card for each student in our class and bring them to school tomorrow, Wednesday, Feb. 12.  We need time to deliver them and we will read them Thursday afternoon.

“Great Person in your Life Breakfast” 

Along with Friendship day, it is our “Great Person” breakfast this Thursday, Feb. 13.  Part of your homework is to tell me on a piece of paper who you invited to come in on Thursday at 8:00 to have breakfast with you. This is due tomorrow, Wed. Feb. 12 and is all written out on your child’s homework menu.

It will be a fun week!  If you have any questions about anything, please call or email.


Angie Wise
2nd Grade Teacher, Stafford Primary School


Upcoming Dates:

Feb. 13:  Friendship day and “Great person in your life” breakfast.  8:00 AM

Feb. 14:  No School.  Teacher In-service Day

Feb. 18:  President’s Day.  No School.




Friendship Day

Thursday, February 13th

It’s another second grade tradition! Our Friendship Breakfast is Thursday, February 13th, from 7:50-8:50 am. We want to invite a parent, grandparent or another relative to help us celebrate this special day. Our parents will be serving breakfast and a wonderful party crew will be taking care of the food details. Our breakfast will include waffles with syrup or strawberries and whipped cream, milk or juice. Along with a few other activities, we’ll play a Friendship Bingo game and have one of our parents read us a story after the breakfast.

We are also encouraging our second graders to write handmade Friendship Cards to give to their classmates during this party. Your classroom composite picture can help you remember all your classmates as you write cards. I also sent home a class last in an email last week.  We look forward to our third celebration this year!

Wise Owls Newsletter Feb. 3, 2014

The Wise Owls Newsletter

Feb. 3, 2014

Hi all!

Maybe your kids have told you about our motto:  If we work hard, we can play hard!  The last 7 days your kids got to “Play” with lego robotics because they have been “working” so hard this past month!  Lego robotics is actually more than play, much more.  The kids have to put together a “robot” out of legs and electronics, then hook the “robot” up to the computer to watch it move!  This is part of our Engineering science in second grade.  They all did a fantastic job!  Ask them! So, throughout the rest of the year, “If we work hard, we can play hard”!


Great People Cans

Please make sure that you decorate and design your great people can (or shoebox or whatever!).  What you choose to put inside the can should also be in your speech.  Speech signups are attached to this newsletter, so please send them in this week to get your chance of getting your first choice!  It will be first come, first serve on the dates and times!

Friendship Day

On Thursday, Feb. 13 we will celebrate our friends!  In order for everyone in our class to participate, we are asking you to make “friendship” cards instead of Valentine day cards.  Your cards could include symbols that we discussed for our peace flags that we made last week.  Ask your child about the peace flags they made last week! 

Part of our day is a “Great person” breakfast.  Your child may invite one person who is “great” in their life to our breakfast at 8:00 AM on Thursday, Feb. 13th.  Also, if you would like to volunteer for this, call Kelly Smith at 503-858-4703. 

 National Counselors Week

This week is National Counselors Week!  Let’s celebrate Ms. Barbour by writing her a special note, bringing her a flower, or just telling her how amazing she is!

Upcoming Dates:

Feb. 13:  Friendship day and “Great person in your life” breakfast.  8:00 AM

Feb. 14:  No School.  Teacher workday.

Feb. 18:  President’s Day.  No School.


Angie Wise
2nd Grade Teacher, Stafford Primary School