Wise Owls Newsletter November 17, 2014

The Wise Owls Newsletter

Nov. 12, 2014


The homework is VERY DIFFERENT as we are doing a new unit of study:  Culture, Heritage and Traditions.  Your child will be doing RESEARCH at home about themselves.  They will be writing a ROUGH DRAFT in their spiral homework notebook and their FINAL DRAFT in the RED folder.  This is our very first paragraph writing for homework.  Please help be a “teacher” and have your kids do their very best on the rough draft without too much of your help.  Please have them SKIP lines so that they can edit when they are finished with the paragraph.  Then, when you “teacher conference” with them, first just look at the writing and make sure they have a good BEGINNING, MIDDLE AND ENDING.   This is called REVISING.  The next step is EDITING.  NOW, you can help them with capitals in the correct places, lowercase letters in the correct places, punctuation, word wall words and any circled wordsCircled words means that your child THINKS the word is misspelled and WANTS help. Have them look on their word wall first, then perhaps a dictionary.  Do not immediately tell them how to spell it but give them RESOURCES to find the correct spelling!  Have them write it out 3 different times on paper and perhaps one of them is the correct spelling?!  (If you give them the correct spelling, they will want it every time.  Teaching your child resources to help them with spelling will help them become independent.  Thank you for your help on this.)  You will be amazed at this!  On Thursday, Nov., 20th, the homework menu and homework notebook is due.  The RED Family, Culture, Tradition booklet is not due until Monday, December 1st.


I hope all of you are enjoying and working hard on the Culture, Family and Tradition homework packet!  I look forward to seeing two of your interviews this Thursday and to seeing all of the homework after Thanksgiving on Dec. 1!

Social Studies and Family Flags

Last week, in school, we all made a flag or two from where our ancestors are from.  Please think about using this flag in your child’s tradition presentation in December.   On Tuesday, Dec. 16, all of the children will be in the MPR with some kind of visual, sharing with all of the second graders, families and the entire school.   You may want to think about a way to present this…such as folding a poster board in two (so it can stand up), etc.  The tradition report doesn’t just have to be the tradition, it can be part of your ancestry and how you got your name too!

Upcoming Dates:

Nov. 24-28:  No school for kids.  Teacher in-service days Nov. 24 and 25.  Happy Thanksgiving Nov. 27!

Dec. 1: Homework red pocket folder due.

Dec. 10:  School out at 12:10 PM

Dec. 2-15 Family Tradition Reports.  See back of this newsletter and sign up if you have not yet done so!

Dec. 16:  Second grade family traditions in the MPR:  entire school invited!  Time TBA.

Dec. 17:  Winter Party.  9:15-10:45

Dec. 18:  Last day for kids

Dec. 19:  Teacher workday




Our Family Research Begins!

It’s time to celebrate our beautiful and unique families!  We know that our families are such a gift to us. Throughout this unit, we will hear the stories about our name and our ancestors. Documenting the life stories of our families and relatives will help us deepen our connections. Spending time with family members and listening carefully to the stories they tell about their lives is an important way we learn about family values and traditions. Enjoy time over the next three weeks documenting these precious life stories! Many families have also emailed the family interview questionnaire to their relatives who live long distance. Technology today allows you to “skype or facetime” with relatives not living close by your families.

Second graders will also be thinking of special traditions that their families cherish. Between December 2 – 15th, we will be presenting family traditions to our classmates. Look for detailed instructions about our family research in the folders that arrived home last Thursday, November 6th.

Second graders have 4 interviews in their family folders. Click on this link to download additional interview forms:  Interview 2010-11

Families, Cultures and Traditions

Family are the people who love you

art_Penguins_emperor_and_chick11.jpg (300×359)

Each family is unique. Families can be big. They can be small. They can be somewhere in between. But, what they all have in common is that they are the people who love you. Click on the Family Padlet to share what family means to you: http://padlet.com/jodyamri/qnwbgzv1nsnh

This week we will be listening to the special stories of how we got our names and where our ancestors are from. Our families hold the keys to these stories for us!

Where are your ancestors from?

Families, Traditions & Interviews

Let’s celebrate and learn about our families!

As a continuing part of our study of communities, we will start to document life stories of our families and relatives. Throughout November, we want to interview family members. After all, our families are the foundation of a strong community. Spending time with family members and listening carefully to stories they tell about their lives is an important way we learn about family values and traditions.

Enjoy this time over the next three weeks documenting the life stories of your family and relatives. During the month of December, we will be presenting family traditions to our classmates. This beautiful research blends four distinct assignments for second graders.

Assignment One

Photo of my Family

Due: November 7th

Second Graders will be completing an art project based on their immediate family.

Please send in a photo of your family for use throughout this project.

Assignment Two

Story of my Name and Ancestor Research

Due: November 13th

Second graders will be learning and writing about their own family heritage and how their name was selected.

Assignment Three

Ancestor Research

Second Graders will researching one of the countries of their ancestors and writing a story about what they learned.

Due: November 13th


Assignment Four

Collecting 2 Interviews from Family & Relatives

Due Nov. 20

Assignment Four Continued

Collecting ALL Interviews from Family & Relatives

Due: December 1st

Second Graders will be interviewing a variety of family members over the Thanksgiving season.  This provides a unique opportunity for students to hear the stories of their relatives.

 Detailed instructions for the interviews are included in this folder.


Assignment Five

Presentation of Family Traditions

December 2nd – 16th

Second grade families have the opportunity to talk about their own family traditions and write a report about them.  In December, families are invited to visit our classroom and share their tradition with their classmates.  Detailed instructions are included in this folder.

Tradition reports will be due the day of your presentation between

December 2nd and December 16th.

Ivy and Bean: The Play


Our second field trip is almost here!  We will be enjoying the musical, Ivy and Bean, on Wednesday, November 5th, at the Newmark Theatre. Second graders will need to bring a sack lunch to school to eat in their classrooms before boarding the buses at 10:30.  (So, we will eat around 10:10 and have snack after we get back in the afternoon.)We’re excited to support our literacy/arts program with this musical presentation. Our goal is to inspire second graders to explore their own gifts and talents while enjoying this musical.

According to the Oregon Children’s website:

“MEET BEAN. She’s a loud and wild 7-year-old with a huge imagination. Bean rules the neighborhood on Pancake Court and the kids love her. MEET IVY. She’s new to the street. She’s quiet, nice – and in Bean’s opinion – “boooorrrring!” Clearly, Ivy and Bean will NEVER be friends.” That is until they team up together and realize that they just might become fabulous friends.

Who has a passion to use their gifts and talents to perform in a musical?

Meet two former Stafford students who are starring in the upcoming musical, The Sound of Music, at Wilsonville High School. This musical is also opening November 5th. The Wilsonville Theatre website introduces the former ranchers with these words:

“The musical’s heroine, Maria Rainer, is played by the multi-talented Olivia Klugman.  Two years ago, Olivia played Millie in ”Thoroughly Modern Millie” and last year she played Snoopy in ”You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown.”

Stage veteran Hayley Rousselle completes the love triangle between herself, Maria, and the Captain in the role of Elsa Schrader, the wealthy baroness who becomes engaged to the Captain. Last year, Hayley played Puck in ”A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and Amy in “Little Women, The Musical.” You may remember Hayley from Wilsonville High School’s 2002 production of ”The Sound of Music” in which she played Gretl, the youngest Von Trapp child.”

I can’t wait to see if any other Stafford students are performing in this play.  I encourage your family to enjoy this November High School musical!