Wise Owls Dec. 15, 2014 Newsletter

The Wise Owls Newsletter

December 15, 2014

Field Trip

This Thursday, Dec. 18th, we are going on a fieldtrip to White Oak Savanna in West Linn to plan Camas bulbs.  This park is very special as it has Native American ties.  We will revisit this park in the spring to see our bulbs bloom!  Please send in the pink permission slip and $1.00 for the bus by tomorrow if you have not yet done so.  Also, if you want to go, please be here by 9:10 AM this Thursday.  We plan on being back by 10:45 AM.  Kids should have a snack they can put in their raincoat pocket on this day.  The students should also bring a pair of old shoes that can get muddy on this day.  The other pair should be a pair they can wear to PE later on Thursday.  Thank you.

Family Tradition Reports

What wonderful traditions everyone has!  It has been a treat learning about all of them and a treat to see all of you at this very special time of year.

  • Brock and his family always go to their family cabin at Gearhart beach for the 4th of July.  They ride their bikes in the parade and pass out candy to the people watching the parade.  They go crabbing, watch the fireworks and have a bonfire on the beach.
  • Addie H. shared about her tradition of camping every July at Cove Palisades in Central Oregon.  They love to wakeboard, swim and play on the beach.  It’s a tradition that has been in her family since her dad was a little boy.
  • Ambrose shared about going to Hawaii with his family every spring break.  They always go to “Mama’s Fish House” (their favorite) and an animal sanctuary.
  • James shared the tradition of trading cousins’ names at Thanksgiving to buy a gift for.  It is kept top secret until Christmas when they all get together and exchange gifts.
  • Katrin shared her family’s tradition of Advent and the 24 days before Christmas.  They make a family paper link and write on each one something that that they are thankful and/or grateful for from the 2014 year.
  • Pela share about her tradition of Christmas and decorating the tree.  She told us each step all the way to hanging candy canes each year on the tree.
  • Addie A. shared about TWO thanksgivings with each of her parents’ families on Thanksgiving Day.  To celebrate her Armenian heritage, her dad’s mom always makes homemade hummus to eat!  Yum!
  • Gianluca and his family always have a tradition at Easter where a riddle is read and the kids have to “find” the next clue.  This goes on a bit until something fun is found like candy or Easter eggs!
  • Rhianna and her family started a tradition in 2007 of going on family trips in the summer.  Her Texas family goes with them around the world!
  • Lucy shared about her family’s tradition of going to the tree farm and cutting down the Christmas tree together.  Her favorite part on decorating is getting to put the star on top!
  • Josie and her family always go to the Wallowas out of LaGrande to her aunt’s cabin over Labor Day.  They love to hike and fish as they spend time with cousins and each other.
  • Ellie will be sharing about her family tradition on Tuesday.  They dye and crack eggs at Easter.  The eggs are all red and they crack them together…against the other person’s egg.  The person with the most eggs cracked without cracking their egg is the winner!  This is a Greek tradition!

On Tuesday, we will visit each other’s classrooms to learn about our friend’s traditions!

Report Cards

Please return the brown manila envelope signed, so that I can reuse it at the end of the year. Thank you.

Homework and the Holidays

Enjoy your holidays!  Reading is the only homework coming home this week.  Enjoy your family time and your traditions!

Over the break, it would be great to read with your child every day.  Encourage them to do IXL, spelling city, and any sites from our class blog.  Keeping a diary or journal at home would be a wonderful way of encouraging your child to write.  Happy holidays!

Upcoming Dates:

Dec. 16:  Decorate for winter celebration after school today!!!

Dec. 17:  Winter Celebration.  8 AM to 9:10 AM.

Dec. 18:  Field trip to White Oak Savanna 9:15-10:45 AM.

Dec. 18:  Last day of school for kids before Winter break!

Dec. 19:  Teacher Workday

Jan.5:  Back to School!  Happy New Year!


Winter Party!

Our Winter Celebration

A Second Grade Tradition

In celebration of family traditions, we’d like to introduce our second grade winter tradition. Students will enjoy a Polar Express Celebration on Wednesday, December 17th from 8:00 – 9:10.  We will move between classrooms (train stations) to enjoy crafts, games and hot chocolate with toast.  Students are invited to wear their pajamas, sweat pants or cozy clothes and bring a small stuffed animal to school for this celebration. After the celebration, students receive a special ticket to watch the Polar Express movie with the second grade community. It’s a wonderful world in second grade!

Wise Owls Newsletter

The Wise Owls Newsletter

December 8, 2014


Family Tradition Reports

Wow!!!! We are learning so much about family traditions!  Everyone is doing such a good job!  In a nutshell, here is what we have learned so far:

  • Logan and his family have a cabin at Odell Lake where they visit several times a year.  In the winter there is so much snow that they can sled from the roof of the cabin!
  • Cannon and his family always go to Cannon beach every fall to go “crabbing”. They then cook the crabs they catch and eat them.  Yum!
  • Brody and his dad are expert kite flyers!  They go to kite festivals and fly their kites in competitions!
  • Katie shared with us about St. Lucia’s day.  The oldest girl in the house passes out rolls to all of the family members while wearing a crown of candles on her head.  This Swedish tradition was started over 400 years ago as St. Lucia passed out food to the poor.
  • Kevin and his family shared with us a very special Korean tradition of celebrating a child’s first birthday.  Things are placed on a table in front of the child and whatever they pick up first, they will be…Kevin picked up money so he will be rich and his sisters picked up a pencil so they will be scholars!
  • Henry and his family fly to his mom’s home state of Iowa and go on a huge family camping trip.  Henry, his sister and his mom all caught their very first fish on yearly camping trip to the Yellow River in Iowa.
  • Morgan began a new tradition last year at her house. On Thanksgiving, she recites a poem to the entire family and tells jokes throughout the meal.
  • Duncan shared with the class about Thanksgiving at his house and how it is spent with family and friends.
  • Leyton shared the tradition of cutting down the Christmas tree and decorating it with the entire family.
  • Theo taught us about his tradition of the Advent calendar.  Each day he opens one door to find a treasure as he counts down to Christmas day.

This week’s reporters are:

Mon:  Theo and Brock

Tues.:  Addie H. and Ellie

Wednesday:  Ambrose and James

Thursday:  Katrin,  Pela, and Addie A.

Friday:  Gianluca, Rhianna, Lucy and Josie.

Report Cards

Report Cards come home on Friday.  Please keep the report card and the gray report card holder with you at home.  Return the brown manila envelope signed, so that I can reuse it at the end of the year. Thank you.


I know it is a really busy time of year with the holidays and all.  Please, please…the most important things you can do on your homework menu are to read and do spelling.  Math would be next.  Remember to ONLY sign your initials on what your child has time to do…not what they DO NOT do.  Thank you so very much!

Junior Achievement

We need a volunteer!  Every year, as part of our community learning, a parent volunteer teaches several lessons to our class about what make up a community.  The lessons are all written out and ready to go.  We just need a volunteer from our class to teach this!  Will it be you?  Please, let me know if you would like to do this for our class!  The other second grades already have their volunteers!  We will be doing these lessons based on when you can come and teach them in January.

Upcoming Dates:

Dec. 8-12:  Tradition Reports.

Dec. 10:  Early Release at 12:10.

Dec. 12:  Report cards sent home.

Dec. 16:  Decorate for winter celebration after school today!!!

Dec. 17:  Winter Celebration.  8 AM to 9:10 AM. 

Dec. 18:  Last day of school for kids before Winter break!

Dec. 19:  Teacher Workday

Jan.5:  Back to School!  Happy New Year!





Passwords for sites on the Wise Owl Blog


Spelling City and IXL

Find individual usernames and passwords sent home


Username: stafps

Password: newpass

BrainPOP Jr:

Username: minorp

Password: brainpop

Country Reports:

Username:  minorp

Password:  newpass


Username: wlwvsd

Password:  schools

Tumble Books:

Username:  stes

Password:  books

Discovery Education

username: minorp

Password: newpass

Help Feed the World!

Multiracial Hands from iStock-thumb-347x346-2955

We have been talking about the importance of recognizing opportunities to reach out and help or serve others when we can. We call this service learning. We want to be the helping hands that bring joy to others. When we hear of an opportunity, we are training our hearts to respond.


We have heard that there are many people all over the world that are hungry and need food especially in these winter months.  So, over the next 2 weeks we will be using the site called Freerice to help feed the hungry in the world.  Freerice is a wonderful way for us to learn all sorts of things, and at the same time help provide food to hungry people in our world. There are so many different subjects. Math, vocabulary, geography, art history, languages, chemistry, and flags of the world are just a few.


With each new fact we learn, we donate 10 grains of rice to the UN World Food Programme.  This organization passes on the rice to countries in the world that need it.  This week we will be working hard, learning tons of new and interesting information, having incredible fun, and helping the hungry throughout the world!   Keep track of the number of grains of rice you donate throughout the week, and we will see how much rice we donate as a class by next Friday. Challenge your parents and your entire family to join you as you use your helping hands to feed the hungry.

Let’s get to the learning!  

Let’s feed our minds and feed the hungry!

What subjects do you enjoy learning?

How many grains of rice have you donated so far?