Valentine Day Breakfast!

Friday, February 13th

It’s another second grade tradition! Our Valentine Friendship Breakfast is Friday, February 13th, from 7:50-9:00 am. We want to invite a father, mother, grandparent or another relative to help us celebrate this special day. Our room parents will be serving breakfast and a wonderful party crew will be taking care of the food details. Our breakfast will include waffles with a choice of syrup or strawberries & whipped cream and juice.  Coffee would be great to have too!   Along with a few other activities, we’ll play a Friendship Bingo game and have one of our parents read us a story after the breakfast.

We are also encouraging our second graders to write handmade Friendship Notes or give Valentines to their classmates. Your classroom composite picture can help you remember all your classmates as you write cards. We look forward to our third celebration this year!

Great People Padlet Challenge

Spelling and vocabulary practice can be fun. We are inviting second graders to add to our Padlets this week as a homework challenge.  Padlets are online sticky note pads. They are a great way to communicate and collaborate.

Directions: First, click on either of these links to write on the Padlets:

World Map:  .

Rosa Parks:

Next, double click anywhere on the padlet to begin writing. Finally, write your name on the first line. On the second line write a sentence about a great person. Be creative with your sentence.  Be sure to edit your work. Let the paddling begin!

Meet Amelia Earhart, Theodore Roosevelt, Leonardo Da Vinci and Orville Wright

We are learning the importance of reading the biographies of great people in history. We understand that we can learn great lessons from their lives for ourselves. We are inspired by character traits they seem to all have in common:  determination and perseverance, curiosity and creativity, compassion and courage. They use their skills and talents in the service of others and have changed many people’s lives because of it.

Enjoy watching these excerpts from these Great People In History projects from former students, Hannah, Jay, Kaila and Nevin.  As you are doing your project remember to focus on the character traits of your great person, and show how they have made the world a better place.  We can’t wait to see you up there next.  Let your greatness shine!

Wise Owls’ Newsletter

The Wise Owls Newsletter

January 12, 2015


I am so grateful for all of the help we have received this year.  As we get back into the swing of things, please check the schedule on the back of the hard copy of this newsletter.  Please sign up to come in and volunteer if you would like!

Great People

As many of you know we will be beginning Great People this month. The official project packets will be sent home on Thursday January 15th.  Over the next few weeks in class, I will be introducing a number of Great People, through books, video clips, and short movies. Part of the homework this week will be to begin talking about Great People at home and doing preliminary research.  Attached to this newsletter is a packet titled “Great people in History Biographies.”  It is from the website Biographies for Kids, which is on my blog under “research”.  The biggest part of this will be narrowing down who your child wants to focus on for the next few months. I am asking that each child submit their top three choices by Tuesday, January 20th.   I will then assign them a person accordingly (this way we learn about a variety of Great People).


Please check out the website on my blog titled “Investigations in Math”.  Click on the 2/3 grade level on the right, then “Place Value” on the left.  It is a great site for learning to add by tens and ones!

Upcoming Dates:

Jan. 14:  Early Release day at 12:10

Jan. 20:  3 great people choices due

Jan. 19:  Holiday.  MLK Day.

Feb. 4:  Early Release day at 12:10

Feb. 13:  Valentine’s Day.  Fathers need to save this date as they cook waffles for all!

Feb. 16:  Holiday.  President’s day

Feb. 19:  Science Fair

March 12:  Great People Hall of Fame 8:10-9:10

March 16, 17, 18 and 19:  Conferences.

March 20-29:  Spring Break. Have fun!






Great People Unit

We are beginning our study of the lives of Great People in History.  Over the next 8 weeks we will be busy reading and talking about the lives of people that have made important contributions to our world.  We are looking at their special gifts and talents and how they have used their gifts to help improve the lives of others.

Our Stafford Science Fair is coming up as well on February 19th. If you are thinking about doing a project for the fair, you might want to research the life of a great inventor or scientist. This would be a fun way to combine these two great projects. Next Thursday,we will send home the guidelines for both of these projects.

We hope one day to become great people ourselves.  That is why this research is so important.  Let’s get to it! 

Who do you think is a great person you would like to research?

Wise Owls Newsletter January 5, 2015


Jan. 5, 2014


Hi Parents,
I hope you had a fantastic winter break with your families and children.  I had one of my best friends get married in Bend, OR and was there most of the break.  I loved getting the snow that Central Oregon received!  The break was rejuvenating and fun!  I hope yours was as well.
Your families have not been far from my mind however.  I wanted to thank you all for your support of the beautiful family tradition presentations, the wonderful Polar Express Celebration and the generous gift basket and scrip!  I so appreciate each and every owl family!  You truly are the best gift of all!
The month of January is a wonderful time for second graders as they grow up and become even more independent.  After spending time looking at our families, traditions and the uniqueness of our ancestors, we will now introduce our community unit reinforcing the “great people” who serve our communities every day.  This will launch us into a fabulous study of great people who made or are making a difference in our lives and in the world. Our mid-January homework will provide instructions for families to select a person that you admire and honor for the contributions they have made in and for the world. Second graders will then begin to research their selected person for their second public speaking presentation. This is such an exciting unit of study!

In math, we will begin to further investigate place value and number sense.  Even though there hasn’t been any formal homework this winter break, I’d like to encourage all owls to practice math skills with IXL this week. (Place value and addition with multiple digits)
Our fall literacy began with fiction in September and October.  We switched to non-fiction when we studied geology. For the first two weeks in January, we will begin with fantasy. (Fairy tales and folktales)  We will also look at poetry! When we begin great people, we will use non-fiction again.
Second graders have been invited by the West Linn High School to enjoy Snow White performed by the high school drama department on Wednesday, January 7th. This is just in time to support our literacy with fairy tales. Look for permission slips to arrive home on Monday, January 5th.  Please send them back in along with $1.00 by Tuesday…tomorrow!  Thank you!
Happy New Year! I trust that 2015 will bring new joy for all of you!