Wise Owls’ Newsletter March 30, 2015

The Wise Owls Newsletter

March 30, 2015

Wise Owl

Hi All!

I hope your spring break was fantastic!  Mine sure was!  I was on the Big Island of Hawaii, diving, snorkeling, hiking, seeing the volcanoes and relaxing.  Now, we only have 51 (counting today) school days left and it’s going to be a lot of fun!

Science and Ecosystems

I wanted to remind each of you to send in two clear 2 liter bottles, cut to fit like a terrium for our Ecosystem unit.  Basically, 3/4 of one bottle (top cut off) and 1/4 -1/3 of the other bottle (top cut off) to fit on top of each other to form a “terrium”.  *Here is the link for the terrarium diagram that we will be using:
These need to be turned in by  Thursday, April 2, already cut please!  Thank you.  Also, if you have any extras, please send them in!  Thank you.

Flat Stanley and Homework

Your Flat Stanley is due this Thursday, April 2!   Your Flat Stanley traveled with your family for a spring break adventure or stayed with your family at home over spring break. Either way, your second grader will either write in the provided daily journal to record the adventures of Flat Stanley or create another way to document Stanley’s Spring Break. (If you need another Journal, one is attached).   No matter what, send in your Flat Stanely and journal this Thursday!

When your Flat Stanley comes in from the one you mailed, please send it in too!

I can’t wait to see where your Flat Stanleys have been!

Looking forward to a great spring!


Angie Wise



The Adventures of Flat Stanley

Our next project is based on a book we’re reading in class entitled Flat StanleyIn the beginning of the story we find the main character, Stanley Lambchop, flattened by a bulletin board in bed one night.  But instead of being a disaster, it turns out to be quite a convenient condition.  Stanley can easily be mailed anywhere in the world at practically no cost at all.  Stanley soon finds himself on many interesting adventures.  This is a story filled with imagination and laughter.

Your Twin Flat Stanleys have different missions!

The first Flat Stanley will be sent to a relative or friend.  He will be helping us learn more about Great People Making a Difference throughout the world. Your family will decide where to send Flat Stanley.  For the price of a postage stamp, he can easily travel to the location you’ve selected. Along with answering the interview questions about Great People, we’d also like to request that your relatives or friends take pictures of themselves with Flat Stanley at various places and/or landmarks. It will be fun to see where Stanley has been and what adventures he experienced.  When Flat Stanley finishes this adventure, he can travel back to your home through the mail.  Send him back to school after his mission is completed.

The second Flat Stanley will stay and or travel with your family for a spring break adventure. Your second grader will either write in the provided daily journal to record the adventures of Flat Stanley or create another way to document Stanley’s Spring Break Adventures with your family. After watching the video clip entitled Caines Arcade, we encourage you to take the creative challenge of designing something for Flat Stanley.  Your Spring break stories with Flat Stanley will be shared the first several weeks of April with your classmates.

Great People Hall of Fame!

You are Invited to the Great People Hall of Fame

The great people presentations have been such a fantastic display of family research, enthusiasm for learning and creative speech writing.  Second graders have had the opportunity to learn about so many special people who have inspired us to make a difference in the world. When the curtain closes on the classroom presentations, the final applause and finale will be the Great People Hall of Fame!

We invite you to celebrate with us the showcase of all of our Great People across the grade level. We will assemble from 8:10 – 9:10 in the MPR on Thursday, March 12th. Second graders will wear their special outfits to school and will change into school attire after the Hall of Fame.

This is an Open House format so stop by anytime during this hour.  The students from K-5 have also been invited! We look forward to this celebration with you!

Thank you parents for all your help with our Great People Project!

As a homework assignment this week we are writing letters of gratitude and doing other good deeds for our parents. We are doing this to show them gratefulness for their support in helping us prepare our Great People Project presentations.


Examples of some of the things we are doing for our parents are setting the dinner table, doing a chore with a smile, offering to help with other chores, having a candlelight dinner for the family. All of these deeds are a way to say thank you for their love and support.


We have learned that when you create positive emotions for others, it creates a positive emotion in ourselves as well.  This is a great way to create more happiness in our lives. We have also learned that by expressing gratitude we became more happy and satisfied with our lives and all that we have. We want to challenge others to join us in the Gratefulness Challenge.  Let’s get to it!

How will you share gratefulness to your parents?

Student Led Conferences are just around the corner!

March 5, 2015

Hello Families!

You and your child will have the opportunity to take part in a student-led conference in the next couple of weeks where you will get to see the working portfolios/notebooks and what your child does while here at school each day.  We will be conferencing after school on Monday March 16th, Tuesday March 17th, Wednesday March 18th and Thursday March 19thWhen it is your hour to conference, you will be in the room with your child who is leading the conference.  PLEASE ARRIVE AT LEAST 30-45 MINUTES PRIOR TO THE CONFERENCE SO THAT YOUR CHILD HAS TIME TO LEAD YOU THROUGH  some activities before you meet with me..  I will call you over sometime during that hour, but perhaps not exactly on the exact time you signed up for.  Thank you for your flexibility in advance!

This is an opportunity for you, as a parent, to display a positive interest in your child’s progress, assess your child’s evaluation of his/her accomplishments, and provide your child with support and encouragement for his/her work at school.

Please understand that there will be other families conferencing at the same time.  I will be a 20-minute “center” in which you and your child will come to, as part of the student-led conference.  Your child will lead the other centers.  There will be other opportunities for you to meet with me if either of us feels that there is a need.  Please let me know if you feel this need after the student-led conference.

Thank you in advance for your enthusiasm and cooperation!  Please go onto our school website and sign up for a conference time if you have not yet already done so.  Thank you for being so prompt!


Angie Wise

Wise Owls Newsletter March 2, 2015

The Wise Owls Newsletter

March 2, 2015

Great People Presentations

These just get better and better every day!  Your kids are beginning to “think outside the box” and are really using their SCHEMA to make connections, to synthesize, make inferences, ask questions and research their great person further from the questions the audience asks them.  THIS is what learning is all about!  Here’s who we learned about last week:

Ambrose: Pablo Picasso:  painter, cubism style, wanted world peace

Ellie:  Jane Goodall:  friend and savior of animals

Katrin:  Rose Parks:  Civil rights leader and Montgomery bus boycott

Henry:  Henry Ford:  Inventor, the Ford Car and the assembly line

Cannon:  Jackie Robinson:  Civil rights leader in segregated major league baseball.

He was the first black man to play professional baseball.

Brody:  Johnny Appleseed:  Johnny Chapman was an Amercian who made a difference…moving West, planting apple seeds and giving them out.  A true environmentalist!

Rhianna:  Ghandi: A peaceful civil rights leader for people from India.

Kevin:  Abraham Lincoln:  President during the civil way…fought to free the slaves.

Katie:  Mary Cassatt:  Impressionist artist, mentor, collector

Gianluca:  Louis Pasteur:  Scientist who helped discover the vaccines to many animal related illnesses as well as inventor of pasteurization.

Brock:  Ben Franklin:  One of the fathers of our country, inventor, writer, and statesman.

Great People Hall of Fame

Our Great People Hall of Fame is next Thursday, March 12th in the MPR.  Your child should come to school either dressed as their great person or get dressed as soon as they arrive at school.  During this hour, they will be standing in a huge circle with the other second graders, holding their speech bubble about whom they are and why they are great.  You are invited to come and circulate with the students from our grade level and learn about great people in our world!  Please invite your family and friends too!  Siblings are invited as well!  I’m looking forward to a great culmination of this spectacular learning unit!

Upcoming Dates:

March 12:  Great People Hall of Fame 8:10-9:10

March 16, 17, 18, 19:  Student led conferences. Please sign up on line if you have not already done so!


Angie Wise