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At Home Word Wall



Today is the very first day you are getting our “At Home Word Wall” words for our word wall folder. This is part of your child’s homework this year. This folder will stay at home, preferably in your child’s desk, or on a wall or refrigerator in the room where they do their homework.

Every Monday, I will introduce 5 new words that the children use in their daily writing and reading. The 5 new words go up on our “Great Word Wall’ in the classroom. The students are encouraged to use the word wall to see how to spell words when they are writing. These words also become “sight” words in their reading.

The “At Home Word Wall” folder is a tool to learn to spell. Please read both sides of the folder to familiarize yourselves with how the “At Home Word Wall” can be used to supplement your reading and writing activities.

Every Monday, 5 new words will come home with your child. Please write the words using lowercase letters, unless it is a proper noun, under the appropriate letter on the “At Home Word Wall”. I strongly encourage you to help your child to use their word wall. The word wall will help improve your child’s reading and writing fluency as they begin to recognize these high frequency words as “sight” words. The new words for this week are:

all*          but          from              had          have

The starred* word is an anchor word. An anchor word * is a real word in which you can make new words with. For example, you can make call, ball, stall, wall, etc. with the word *all. This is great practice to include when learning your words each week. Please put a star beside the anchor word in your Word Wall and be on the lookout for this smaller word within bigger words as you read and write. Thank you.

Here’s to great reading!


Angie Wise



Wise Owls Newsletter Sept. 17, 2015

Wise Owls Newsletter

September 17, 2015

 owl on branch

Poetry/Song Book and Reading

Every Wednesday, instead of a book coming home, the poetry/song book will come home. The kids put the poems in the folder themselves, so you may need to take it out and show them how to correctly put it in, folding the tabs down. That would be very helpful to me. Thank you. This is a type of reading, just in poetry or song format. Treat it like a book. It is a good time to practice reading smoothly and with expression. Re-reading books leads to fluency and greater comprehension.


Some books will have words that require children to use their decoding strategies. ‘Sounding it out’ may work, but not all words are spelled phonetically! Too much sounding out can take focus away from the meaning of the selection. Here are some helpful cues that parents can give as a child is reading:


  • Be sure the child is pointing at the words!
  • Look at the picture.
  • Look at the beginning sound.
  • Say the beginning sound for the child.
  • Try to sound out the word letter by letter.
  • Re-read the first part of the sentence to the child or have child re-read.
  • Point out the book’s pattern.

Give the word if child is stumped or looking at all frustrated.

  • Take turns reading lines or pages or just read the book to the child, if it turns out to be too hard. Reading is not supposed to be painful for anyone!



We are learning about the primary colors of yellow, cyan (blue), and magenta (red). This is the terminology that artists use, so we will too! Ask your child what secondary colors they made with these primary colors. You will see their creations on the ceiling in our classroom next time you come in!



Yes! I have one! I would love to go paperless and put the newsletter on my blog only. Check it out on the school website under my name, which is under “classrooms”. Check out the websites on the right side of my blog. We have been looking at Brainpop (under reading and geography), Spelling City (under writing) and Arcademics (under math). You may look at it with your child too! The user name for brainpop is: minorp. The password is: brainpop.



Wow! We have been learning lots of ways to add! When asked to add 2 numbers together such as 24 and 47, how do they do this? Some kids add the ones first, then the tens and put them together. Some kids draw a picture of 24 things, then 47 and some kids know the algorithm (how we learned in school). It is important for children to add in a way that makes sense to them. Some vocabulary the children have been learning is “mathematical representation”… basically, how will you show your answer? How will you prove it? Will you draw a picture, write an equation, use tally marks, and count by tens?

The children are using their SCHEMA, their brain to struggle and persevere (gain stamina) in solving problems in math as well as reading.

We will begin adding coin amounts next week. Please send in:

5 quarters

11 dimes

21 nickels

14 pennies

These will all come home with your child at the end of the year. Please write your child’s name on the container or ziplock that you send the coins in with. Thank you.


Word Work with GAGA

We are so lucky to have a volunteer (Gaga) come in once a week to teach us about new words! She has a degree in English and loves writing and words! She gave your children some homework. It is not required, but is encouraged. There is a paper attached that she sent home with them today. We will see Gaga every Thursday at 10:10 AM if you ever want to see what she is teaching your children! It’s quite amazing!


Upcoming Dates:


Sept. 21: First official day of Volunteers! Please see attached sheet that came home with your child! I will also send an email about this.


Sept. 24: First official homework “Menu” will come home. It is due next Thursday, Oct.1.


Sept. 25: Goal sheet for conference is due. This was at the end of the curriculum night packet. Please email me if you need another one.


Sept. 23: Early Release day at 12:10 PM.


Oct. 1: First Homework “Menu” due.


Oct. 5, 6, and 7: Conferences


Oct. 8 and 9: No school















Classroom Volunteers and Curriculum Night

Please mark your calendars for Curriculum Night this Thursday, September 10th.  The times are from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM.  We will meet in the gym first to be greeted by our principal.  I do hope all of our new 2014-2015 Owl parents can attend. You won’t want to miss the second grade overview of curriculum, classroom events and the explanation of home teams. I do hope to see you there!

Parent Volunteers have begun  helping during the first few weeks before our official sign-up at Curriculum Night. Many hands help keep the Owls vibrant and exciting.  If you are able to volunteer in early September, please email me the times you are available. Your dedication and support of our students continue to amaze all of us at Stafford. You are greatly appreciated!

Thank you so much and I look forward to seeing you this Thursday!


Angie Wise

Wise Owls Newsletter Sept. 1, 2015

The Wise Owls Newsletter

September 1, 2015





Hi Everyone!

What a great first few days we’ve had! The students are writing, thinking logically in math and learning about telling time, checking books out of our classroom library as well as writing about their favorite books, doing lots of art and most importantly, learning about each other. Great job kids!


There are several components to reading and the major one is getting books in kids’ hands. I started a checkout system of my personal books the first day. The students find a book that may be too easy, just right, or too hard and take it home. This is THEIR choice of books. This is not necessarily books that we have read, but are books they are interested in. I want the kids to WANT to look at books, to read books. This self-selection helps. I do need your help in making sure they read the book or it is read to them. Please sign the form that is on the inside of the envelope and send it back each day with the book. We are building independence and self-confidence by having your child be in charge of their selection and checkout. If the book is TOO EASY, then practice reading with FLUENCY! Read with expression, enthusiasm, sadness, whatever the punctuation or pictures require.   Too easy books are the perfect book to practice fluency. If the book is Too Hard, then “read” the pictures together and you read the words to your child.  Second graders should be reading the books by themselves, so if they are not, it is too hard. Please send it back to me with a note! Thank you!

The goal is to check out books that are “Just Right”. The children are starting to learn this system, but it does take a lot of time. I will also go over all of this at Curriculum night!


Lunch has gone quite smoothly in the MPR room. I do want to remind parents that this is a great time to discuss healthy lunch and snack choices as well as not wasting food. I am teaching the students about reducing and reusing. If they bring home their ziplock, teach them how to wash it out and reuse it another time! We will be learning all about ecosystems and how we, as humans, have to help the animals in the world…so let’s do our part and reduce the amount of trash in our lunches and snacks. Buy in bulk and help save the animals! Thank you for your help on this so early in your child’s life.

Water bottles

Please make sure your child has a water bottle at school every day. With the weather getting hot and no air conditioning in our school, they really need to drink water in order to concentrate. Thank you!

Curriculum Night

September 10 is curriculum night from 6-7:15. This is for you, the parents to come to. Please get a sitter for your child so that you can come learn about what your child will be learning this year at school! Thank you. We will meet in the gym first, so I will see you there!

Scholastic books

A great way to get your children reading is to have books for them to read! Please check out the Scholastic book orders I sent home yesterday. If you would like to buy some books, please mark the back of the form, send a check in made out to “Scholastic” and I will order them for you! Thank you! These are due Sept. 11th.

Items Needed

As you might have heard or realized from my newsletters, I love art! We will be doing a Van Gogh sunflower art project. If you have any sunflowers in your garden and don’t mind picking one, please send one or two in. It’s always better looking at the real thing! Thank you!



Ms. Freeborn has asked that everyone have a conversation with the children about behavior on the playground. What is expected and what is unexpected behavior? The three questions I ask the children are:

  1. Is it safe?
  2. Is it kind?
  3. Is it respectful?

If it is not one of these, then please do not do or say it. Please, please, have daily conversations with your child about how to “act” and “be” while on the playground. This is the time of day when I am not outside with the children, but other adults are. At lunch recess we have 175 first and second graders outside at the same time. We do not want any unexpected behaviors to happen, but expected behaviors. Thank you in advance for being proactive about recess and great behavior!

It’s going to be a great school year!


Angie Wise