Geology is Fun!


We love Geology!

We all enjoyed the trip to the Rice Rock Museum this last week to see the wonderful collection of rocks.  This museum is one of the biggest in the Pacific Northwest.  Last year our class created a digital story from our trip. Enjoy watching the video. Be sure to read the title clips aloud. This is a fun to way to practice your reading and support your learning about geology.

What did you enjoy most at the museum?

Geology Padlet


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Geology is so much fun!

Geology Rocks


The  excitement in the room was incredible as we began researching rocks and minerals this week.  We are all enjoying reading our geology books, and sharing interesting facts with each other. It is obvious to me how everyone is highly engaged in their own learning, reading for understanding, asking questions and searching for answers.

Time flies in class when we are directing our own learning and enjoying the feeling that what we are learning is important.  These are magical moments of learning together.   I dare say, pyroclastic at times.  We know it as “the flow”, which is, of course, different from the lava flow.  At that point it is not a job we are doing or work to be completed, it is our passion and we are pursuing it.  This is an important lesson we are learning.  What a privilege it is to work together like this.

We are beginning our unit of study with looking at the layers of the earth, which are inner core, outer core,the mantle, and the crust.  We will learn that the 3 rock types are: sedimentary, igneous, metamorphic. We will explore the various parts of the rock cycle and think about how rocks are formed.

We are so lucky to be so close to our own very special volcanoes, Mt. Hood, Mt. Jefferson, the Three Sisters in Oregon to name a few and Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Adams, and Mt. Rainier, in Washington State.  Geologists and Volcanologists continually study Mt. St. Helen’s and track its every movement to help us learn more about our ever changing land forms.


What interesting fact do you know about rocks?

Wise Owls Newsletter Oct. 1, 2015

owl on branchWise Owls Newsletter

October 1, 2015


I will see all of you next week at our goal setting conferences! I’m excited to learn more about your child!

Parent Volunteers

Thank you to all who have volunteered or signed up to volunteer to help out in our classroom! As you can see, reading is number one, then other projects as needed. I really appreciate your help! If you have not signed up yet and would like to, please send me some times that may work for you. Thank you!


Homework on Thursday

Homework is due on Thursdays. I hope it is going well! A new homework called IXL is coming home today, along with your child’s special log in. Please keep the log in sheet somewhere safe. We are giving the kids time to do some IXL and spelling city in class too! Remember, please DO NOT take the test on spelling city at home as we will do that in class on Thursday! You may take the practice test however. Thank you!

A new homework sheet is coming home with your child today.

Word Work (spelling, writing and reading)

Remember parents, please write the word wall words on your child’s “At Home Word Wall” that was sent home last Monday. This word wall stays at home to help your child with reading and spelling these sight words!


Rice Rock Museum Oct. 22. After conferences we will begin our Geology unit. We have a field trip planned for Oct. 22. A fieldtrip permission slip will be coming home after conferences.

Fall Party

We need a volunteer to be in charge of this party and collecting money! Please email me if you wish to volunteer! We don’t want our classroom to miss out on the parties this year!

Upcoming Dates:

Oct. 5, 6, and 7: Conferences

Oct. 15: Next homework due

Oct. 22: Fieldtrip to Rice Rock Museum 8-12:30.

Oct. 28: Early Release Day at 12:10

Oct. 30: Fall Party…but who will plan this? We need a volunteer to plan and collect $!

Nov. 11: No School. Veteran’s Day.