Winter Party!

Our Winter Celebration

A Second Grade Tradition

In celebration of family traditions, we did our second grade winter tradition today:  The Polar Express Party! Students  enjoyed a Polar Express Celebration by making a special train ornament, a snowflake ornament and  received a special ticket to watch the Polar Express movie…which we did this morning  in our pajamas!  While watching the movie, Ms. Wise stamped our tickets and served us hot cocoa with marshmallows, sprinkles and whipped cream with a candy cane to stir it with.  We also ate hot cinnamon toast with butter for our snack.  At the end of the movie, the office brought down a special package, just received from the North Pole.  It was a very cold package!  Inside, each child had a special gift of a bell!  It said BELIEVE on it.  We now all BELIEVE in the SPIRIT of Christmas!  Thank you to Jill Tsai, Molly Hemsley, Cindy Anderson, Andrea LeGare and Shane Lunceford for their help this morning with our very fun second grade tradition!  It’s a wonderful world in second grade!  Happy Holidays!


Angie Wise

Science Experiments are fun!

Science Rocks!


Each year the Stafford Science Fair is an opportunity for students to explore cool ideas in science. This year the fair is on February 18th.  Watch these super cool science experiments from Hooplakidz Lab that you could easily do by yourself or together with a partner. We want to explore the ideas around these experiments and think about becoming junior scientists ourselves.

science fair pic

Check out the BrainPop Jr. video (Log in:  stafps,  and tigers) about “Science Fairs” to get a better idea of how to do a project. You can also browse science fair ideas or try to find one of your special interest on the Science Buddies website.

Which experiment do you think is interesting?

Do you have another idea for a science fair project?

Wise Owls Newsletter Dec. 14, 2015

The Wise Owls Newsletter

December 14, 2015

 two owls on branch

Hi Parents!

What a special time of year it is! There is so much going on and so much to be thankful for! I am thankful to have seen all of you over the past two weeks while your child gave their culture presentation.  It was so nice for your child to be in a comfortable, caring environment, where adults and friends cared, as they presented about themselves.  Thank you for coming and being so positive in this part of your child’s life! (Speaking and listening)  This is who we learned about last week:


Sophia: Making spaghetti sauce on Christmas in honor of her Italian heritage.

Cade: Going to Montana every summer to the family ranch

Miles:  4th of July block party every year.

Elie:  Going to San Diego every year

Cassidy: Making and eating crab soup every Christmas Eve.

Ryan:  Going to California every year to visit family.

Ethan:  A Christmas elf visits every year.

Vivian:  Going skiing every year with her family.

Wes:  Going to Grandmother’s house every Christmas eve and having meatballs and tiny hotdogs.

Rhea:  Visiting India every year to see her family.

Brianna:  Going to Great-Grandma’s every Christmas


And of course, the week before, we learned about:

Jaelyn:  Making cookies at Christmas time.

Justin:  Making Oreo truffles every Christmas.

Maya:  Celebrating 3 Kings Day every year.

Jack:  Going on a family vacation every summer.

Logan:  Breakfast in bed every birthday!

Ciaran:  Going to Canada every summer

Carter:  Making Polish sausage with from his famous family recipe.

Sarina:  Celebrating Chinese New year!

Hailey:  Family dinner on Thanksgiving.

Sienna:  Going to Hawaii to visit cousins and family.


Winter Party-The Polar Express!

Second grade has a tradition of celebrating the spirit of believing in ourselves, our families, our communities and our world by having a Polar Express Party. Our Winter Party will be next Thursday, Dec. 17.  It will begin at 8:00 and last all morning.  Jill (our room mom) and I only need 3-4 helpers to help with the hot glue gun and a snowflake making station. The helpers will be pulling kids one at a time to the tables outside in our pod to hot glue gun a life saver train (Polar express train).  I will be with the kids in the room, working on a Polar Express packet quietly and around 8:30, we will begin the Polar express movie. The kids may wear pajamas all day! Once the movie begins, I will have a couple of parents toasting cinnamon bread and making hot cocoa for the kids.  We will pass this out all morning, with a recess break at 9:10 for 15 minutes. So, you can see that “drop in” parents are not needed.  I would like for you to email me if you would like to be here on Thursday so that I know who is coming. I will limit the number of volunteers at the winter party, so please email me early if you wish to volunteer!



This week’s homework is reading only.  Please spend some quality time enjoying your child and what they are reading.  Ask them questions about the book. Who are the characters?  Where does it take place?  What is the author’s message?  How does it make you feel?  Send the book back to school when your child is finished reading it.  Sign the “at home reading list” for parents on the book from my personal library only.  Please do not write down any books from any other library…unless we have talked!


Family Tradition Reports

What wonderful traditions everyone has! It has been a treat learning about all of them and a treat to see all of you at this very special time of year.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, we will visit each other’s classrooms to learn about our friend’s traditions! I will send home the poster boards after we share with our friends in other classrooms.


Report Cards

Please return the brown manila envelope signed, so that I can reuse it at the end of the year. Thank you.


Homework and the Holidays

Enjoy your holidays! Reading is the only homework coming home this week.  Enjoy your family time and your traditions!

Over the break, it would be great to read with your child every day. Encourage them to do IXL, spelling city, and any sites from our class blog.  Keeping a diary or journal at home would be a wonderful way of encouraging your child to write.  Happy holidays!


Upcoming Dates:

Dec. 17:  Polar Express Winter Party 8-11.  Only the first 3-4 parents who get back to me will volunteer as we just do not need all of you.  Thank you for understanding. 

Dec. 18:  Last day of school before winter break

Dec. 19-Jan. 3:  Winter Break

Jan. 4:  Staff Development Day

Jan. 5:  First day of school for kids in 2016