Flat Stanley and/or Stella is ready for an adventure!

Our next project is based on a book we’re reading in class entitled Flat StanleyIn the beginning of the story we find the main character, Stanley Lambchop, flattened by a bulletin board in bed one night.  But instead of being a disaster, it turns out to be quite a convenient condition.  Stanley can easily be mailed anywhere in the world at practically no cost at all.  Stanley soon finds himself on many interesting adventures.  This is a story filled with imagination and laughter.

Your Twin Flat Stanley/Stella’s have different missions!

The first Flat Stanley/Stella will be sent to a relative or friend.  He/she will be helping us learn more about Great People Making a Difference throughout the world and Ecosystems. Your family will decide where to send Flat Stanley/Stella.  For the price of a postage stamp, he/she can easily travel to the location you’ve selected. Along with answering the interview questions about Great People and Ecosystems, we’d also like to request that your relatives or friends take pictures of themselves with Flat Stanley or Stella at various places and/or landmarks. It will be fun to see where Stanley/Stella has been and what adventures he/she experienced.  When Flat Stanley/Stella finishes this adventure, he/she can travel back to your home through the mail.  Send him/her back to school after his/her mission is completed.

The second Flat Stanley/Stella will stay and or travel with your family for a spring break adventure. Your second grader will either write in the provided paperto record the adventures of Flat Stanley/Stella, make a Google Slide Show or create another way to document Stanley/Stella’s Spring Break Adventures with your family.   Your Spring break stories with Flat Stanley and Flat Stella will be shared the first several weeks of April with your classmates.