Africa Bridge: Read to Feed!

We have made new friends with the the students at Ipyana Primary School in Tanzania thanks to Africa Bridge, an organization that helps orphaned children in rural villages there. With our Flat Stanley Project we wrote messages of love on the back of our “Flat Stafford Students” and made sure that each of the 131 students at Ipyana got one.  It is a great feeling to know we passed on a little happiness to others with our special form of “happy notes“.

In our study of great people we have learned that it is important to look beyond ourselves and our own lives to help others whenever and wherever we can. We are doing that with our Read to Feed/Read to Build Reading Challenge Project this month. We will invite sponsors to help support us in our reading. We will read with the intention of challenging ourselves, but also knowing that our help for the children in Tanzania will be changing their lives.


In the past, the Stafford community has helped get village children in school, provide desks for their classrooms, plant avocado orchards and build new classrooms and a toilet. Africa Bridge is truly doing amazing things there and Stafford has helped over the past 10 years. Through the efforts of our reading challenge project and the yearly school wide Marketplace, you are becoming world citizens and changing lives. What a feeling of achievement!

Let’s read to feed! Let’s read to build! Let’s read to change the world!

How will you challenge yourself in your reading this month?