Wise Owls Newsletter May 17, 2016

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Ecosystem Museum

Please plan on coming to our ecosystem museum tomorrow, Wednesday May 18!  We will host an open house from: 1:00-1:30 in our classroom, immediately following our Music Informance at 12:30 in the Music room with Mr. Cunningham.  The Ecosystem museum will be in the style of the science fair.  Your child has done a ton of research and artwork that will be on display on their desks.  Please move around, talk to as many 2nd graders as you can and come prepared to ask questions about the research the children have done on their animal as well about the ecosystem they chose to study further.  We can’t wait to share with you what we have been learning these past 2 months!  Your children are incredible researchers!

Field Day

Field day is Wednesday, June 1st from 8:45-11:30.  Volunteers are ALWAYS needed!  If you can volunteer, please call the office to sign up.  Thank you.

Reading at Home

This is our very last week of taking books home from our classroom library.  Please try and read and return books daily so that the children can finish their books with you.  Of course, we will continue to read here in the classroom until the very last day!  Taking books home was the very first thing each child did in my classroom on the very first day of school.  I am currently in the process of assessing each child in their reading skills and I am so excited by how well they are reading!  They ARE great readers!  Please continue to read every day over the summer and their third grade teachers will be so impressed!

Upcoming Dates:

May 18th:  12:30-1:00:  Music Informance in the music room

May 18th: 1:00-1:30:  Ecosystem Museum in our classroom.  It is an open house! Please take everything home with you after your visit today!

May 31, June 1 (after field day) and June 2:  Parent work party to help put together art portfolios!  You do not have to be signed up to volunteer!  Just come in!

June 1:  Field day 8:45am to 11:30 pm.  Volunteers needed!  Please call the office. 

June 3:  No school for kids.  Report card prep day.

June 8:  Portfolio and memory book share (8:30-9:10) and 2nd grade end of year party 9:30-11:00.   If you can volunteer for our end of year party, please contact Jill Tsai or let me know. Thank you!

June 10:  Kids last day.  Early release 10:40 AM.

June 13:  Teacher Workday

Have a fantastic summer!  I love each and every one of you kiddos!


Ms. Wise

Ecosystem date to put on your calendar!


Hello all!

We are ready to share with you all we’ve done with our research on ecosystems and animals! Your child will “become” their animal.  Next week, Wednesday, May 18th at 1:00,  you are invited to come in and walk around our room and talk with your child and othe.  You will ask the kids great questions about their prey, predators, adaptations, survival, and how humans affect their animals’ environment. You will see all of the kids dioramas, their murals, google slide show and speech (which we are writing in  class).  The “drop in” is going to be great!  You can help your child with final editing on their slide show at home so that they will be ready to share next Wednesday, March 18th at 1:00, right after the Music Informance at 12:30!


Ms. Wise