Wise Owls Newsletter Sept. 18, 2016

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Wise Owls Newsletter
September 19, 2017

Poetry/Song Book and Reading
Every Wednesday, instead of a book coming home, the poetry/song book will come home. The kids put the poems in the folder themselves, so you may need to take it out and show them how to correctly put it in, folding the tabs down. That would be very helpful to me. Thank you. This is a type of reading, just in poetry or song format. Treat it like a book. It is a good time to practice reading smoothly and with expression. Re-reading books leads to fluency and greater comprehension.

Some books will have words that require children to use their decoding strategies. ‘Sounding it out’ may work, but not all words are spelled phonetically! Too much sounding out can take focus away from the meaning of the selection. Here are some helpful cues that parents can give as a child is reading:

• Be sure the child is pointing at the words!
• Look at the picture.
• Look at the beginning sound.
• Say the beginning sound for the child.
• Try to sound out the word letter by letter.
• Re-read the first part of the sentence to the child or have child re-read.
• Point out the book’s pattern.
Give the word if child is stumped or looking at all frustrated.
• Take turns reading lines or pages or just read the book to the child, if it turns out to be too hard. Reading is not supposed to be painful for anyone!

We are learning about the primary colors of yellow, cyan (blue), and magenta (red). This is the terminology that artists use, so we will too! Ask your child what secondary colors they made with these primary colors. You will see their creations on the ceiling in our classroom next time you come in!

Yes! I have one! I would love to go paperless and put the newsletter on my blog only. Check it out on the school website under my name, which is under “classrooms”. Check out the websites on the right side of my blog. We have been looking at Brainpop right now (under reading and geography). You may look at it with your child too! The user name for brainpop is: STAFPS
The password is: tigers

Wow! We have been learning lots of ways to add! When asked to add 2 numbers together such as 24 and 47, how do they do this? Some kids add the ones first, then the tens and put them together. Some kids draw a picture of 24 things, then 47 and some kids know the algorithm (how we learned in school). It is important for children to add in a way that makes sense to them. Some vocabulary the children have been learning is “mathematical representation”… basically, how will you show your answer? How will you prove it? Will you draw a picture, write an equation, use tally marks, and count by tens?
The children are using their SCHEMA, their brain to struggle and persevere (gain stamina) in solving problems in math as well as reading.

Sept. 22: Curriculum night! It begins at 6 PM in the gym!

Sept. 28: Early Release day at 12:10 PM.

Oct. 10, 11, 12: Conferences

Oct. 13 and 14: No school

Wise Owls Newsletter Sept. 12, 2016

owl on branch

Sept. 12, 2016

Hi Parents!

What a great first day of school the Wise Owls had! Right now there are 27 of us in room 23 (not counting me), and we are getting to know each other and become a “community of learners” called the Wise Owls! I love learning about your children and learn something new every day!

We begin Reading Workshop the first day by checking a book out of our classroom library. Eventually the book will be “just right” but in the meantime, know that the book is a book your child chose. They wanted to bring it home! Please read with them, listen to them, or alternate pages depending upon the level. Thank you for your patience as your child learns about “just right” books!

Writing Workshop has begun as we decorated our folder and began the writing process. We will write everyday so please talk to your children in the mornings about topics they may want to write about. Some favorites are: themselves, pets, what you did over the weekend, etc.

In math, we began looking at different ways to make 10 such as 2+2+2+2+2 or 7+2+1 or even 5×2! See how many different ways you can make 10 at home tonight!
We are also learning about money. Please send in 12 pennies, 6 nickels, 11 dimes and 4 quarters. All money will be returned at the end of the year. Thank you!

And most importantly, we began learning about each other, what we did over the summer, what we look like, how we are similar and different but are all a community called the “Wise Owls”! We are going to have a great year Owls!

I will need volunteers! If you would like to help with clerical work, please come in! Other helpers will begin after curriculum night, Sept. 22nd. If you can volunteer, please just come on in! I really appreciate you!

Send in your emergency kits in case of an earthquake or other emergency!

I have been sending emails to all of you as well. If you have not received an email from me, then please email me and let me know so I can add you to our list!

What great children you have! I know we’re going to have an awesome year! Please don’t hesitate to call or contact me anytime!


Angie Wise