Wise Owls Newsletter Nov. 29, 2016


Hi all!

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving week! Your children came back bright and cheery today. They really make my day, week, month and year!

Monday, a permission slip came home for our field trip to Newmark Theater to see Fly Guy in January. Newmark Theater needs an exact count of who is going by this Friday, Dec. 2. Please send in the permission slip and money by this Friday, Dec. 2 along with if you are going as well. I can take as many parents as sign up, I just need an exact number! It is $7.50 for both the child and adult. Thank you!

This week we are taking a closer look at what it means to be a family. As a homework assignment I am asking students to sit with you and listen to the story of how they got their name, to find out where their ancestors come from, and to select a family tradition to describe to the class. The homework copy that is in your child’s backpack is a first draft. We will doing a final draft in class.

Our goal is to be able to retell these family stories to others in the oral story telling tradition. In class, each student will create a set of Family Story Beads and they will be practicing their stories with each other as they learn them from you. I have encouraged them to use details to bring their stories to life, at the same time that I do want them to be concise. Some students may want to write more than the space I have left them which is fine.

We are continuing our work in geometry with quadrilaterals and rectangular arrays (horizontal and vertical rows), as well as dividing shapes into halves, thirds and fourths. This is IXL “t” and “u”. Your child can continue to practice place value “m” on IXL as well as this will help with adding two digit numbers, which is what we have been learning as well.

I was happy to hear all the wonderful stories of Thanksgiving celebrations and other holiday preparations! You children clearly know and understand how much they are loved by you and all the wonderful things you do for them. It is such a joy to see the stability your love and commitment provides them.

Angie Wise

Wise Owls Newsletter Nov. 14, 2016

Wise Owl

Hi parents!

This week, I need every child to bring in a picture of their family. Make sure all the family members are on the picture as we will be drawing each of you! Send this in as soon as you can!

Also, remember, this is Week 5 on spelling. The sight words are: into, first, little, many and just. We practice these daily in class as well as have them up on our class word wall. Check out the other 5 words on the Spelling City sight and do the challenge words if you so desire!

We are continuing our geometry unit focusing on quadrilaterals, polygons and dividing shapes into halves, thirds, and fourths. This is “t” and “u” on IXL. We are also describing the shapes based on their attributes. Please ask your child to describe a shape to you! Of course, you can continue to practice addition practice with one and two digit numbers too if you finish t and u.

What a great field trip on Monday to our local community! Ask your child what they saw and learned at the orthodontics, the library, market of choice and the bank. On Wednesday, we go to the old part of West Linn to visit 4 family businesses from West Linn. If you would like to go, please meet us in the classroom by 9:30 AM on Wednesday. We should be back by 12:15. Please let me know if you can come! And thank you for the parent helpers that came with us today!

Tuesday, we have the firemen and fire truck from TVFR come in to visit and talk to us about fire safety. Ask your children what they saw and learned! On Thursday, we have the police visiting from West Linn to teach us about what they do in our community. All of this makes for a great conversation at the dinner table!

Thank you and looking forward to a great week prior to Thanksgiving with a wonderful group of second graders!


Angie Wise

Wise Owls Newsletter November 7, 2016

owl on branch

Hi all!

Our community fieldtrip is next Monday, Nov. 14 and Wednesday, Nov. 16 from 9-12:30. We will be at Market of Choice on Monday, Nov. 14 at 9:30 if you want to meet us there or if you ride the bus, please be at school by 9:00! Any one can come with us! Right now, I have Travis King, Jenny Peters and Melissa Grace going with us as chaperones. Please let me know if you want to join us too! There is no limit on either fieldtrip!

I do need everyone to have a signed permission slip before we can legally take them off of school grounds. Please check your child’s backpack to see if I put new permission slips in for you to sign! Most of you are good! Thank you

I also wanted to remind everyone about homework this week. Of course, reading daily is number one! We are also on Week 4 of Spelling City. We take the test in class on Fridays (Thursday this week since there is not school on Friday) so please practice week 4 by playing games at home! If you know your child needs a challenge, please have them work on vocabulary as well as Week 4 challenge words.

(Week 3 spelling scores are in your child’s home folder)

In math this month, we are working on Geometry. Please check your child’s home folder tonight to find a Geometry Parent letter explaining this unit in more detail. In math practice on IXL, please begin to practice the Geometry section, “T” and “U”. This will enhance their learning that they are already doing in class!

The past couple of months we learned about place value and how to add based on regrouping numbers in regular addition problems as well as story problems. In your child’s homework folder today is an example, explaining how to “regroup” numbers. Regrouping is needed so that you child will understand how to add double digit numbers and why they are “carrying” the ones column over to the tens column. Your child may draw out pictures to solve a problem, draw tens and ones (place value), or borrow and carry, which is called the algorithm. The algorithm comes last after full understanding of place value. This is why I ask that your child have a note book beside them when adding on IX. They need to do the work first! Questions? Please ask me!!

Have a great week!



Wise Owls Newsletter Nov. 1, 2016

Dear Parents,

I wanted to let you know that I sent home two separate field trip forms today that support our learning around the social studies unit: Our Community. One is November 14th and the other is November 16th. We will be visiting a variety of businesses in our community that provide us with important good and services. We will have the fire and police departments doing classroom visits as well. Lane Kadel, one of our community members, is also meeting with our second graders to share Junior Achievement lessons this month. Junior Achievement helps teach students about job readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy. These lessons are a great support for this unit of study.

Homework for the children is reading daily. As you know, since day one, I’ve had the children check out a “just right” book from my personal classroom library. It is important that your child reads daily as we discussed at conferences. Also, after conferences we began our spelling program titled Spelling City. There are 10 sight words on the regular list and 10 challenge words on a separate list. If your child is one that should do both lists (as per our discussion at conferences), then please do them. This is your child’s homework! It is to be done at your discretion. We do take the spelling test in class so please do not take it at home. You may, however, take the pre-test. In math for homework, we ask the children to log in and do IXL. I can follow their growth individually and see what and how they are doing. We are working on place value (M)and adding double digit numbers vertically using double digit numbers (G). If your child finishes all of that, go to triple digit numbers. I find it best to have a math journal right beside of your child as they work on the computer because they need to “do” the work and “check” it for accuracy! If your child needs more math work, please do not hesitate to do other IXL math strands or contact me. In writing, please have your child keep a journal at home. Please help them with editing and revising and making sure the story has a beginning, middle and ending. Thank you!

We have introduced RazKids online reading program that provides students with books at their level. We will practice again this week. It is a link on the blog. I will sent home their username and password cards last Monday. Students should be able to remember the information and show you the program already. This will be a wonderful new support for our second grade readers.

I also sent home “student coupons” last Monday for “extra homework” for those that need it. It is mostly “family time”. Use as much or as little as you need!

Please let me know if you can come with us on the two different field trips, November 14th and 16th. There is no cost for these trips and there is no limit to the number of chaperones.

We had a wonderful Harvest celebration yesterday. Thanks to the room moms for all the planning and to all the volunteers who came today. Have a wonderful evening tonight. I’m off to greet all the trick-or-treaters in my neighborhood!