Wise Owls Newsletter Dec. 12, 2016

two owls on branch

Hi Parents and Students!

I hope all of you are well as we go into the last week of school before December break! What a fun time of year with many celebrations and traditions! Please have conversations with your child about a tradition they will be telling us in class and help them begin to understand “story telling”.

Since we missed two days of school last week, we will continue Week 7 in spelling city. The 5 sight words or word wall words are: really, dear, who, brother and sister. The children should know how to spell these words as well as read them individually and in books that have them in it. Please help them practice these words while driving, while eating and anytime you have a minute to talk with your child!

In math, we have been reviewing telling time to the hour and half hour, geometry and shapes, adding two digit numbers using place value (tens and ones), reading and solving story problems using place value (not just counting by ones), counting by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s as far as we can (1000 is the goal for second graders) and reviewing money (adding and knowing the value of all coins). You can help your child with all of these by quizzing them at table discussions and in the car while driving! You can also do extra practice on IXL on these ” T, U” (Geometry)” M” (Adding 2 digit numbers). Please add on “A” which is counting skills and “Q” which is telling time.

We have been studying the flags of the world as we learn about our own ancestors and where they are from. On my blog, under “Geography”, there is a sight called “country flags” that the children are using to find the flags of their heritage. You may want to go onto this sight with them to explore!

Also, on my blog, on the bottom right under “World Outreach”, is a sight called “free rice”. For every answer that is correctly answered, food will be donated to the World Hunger Program. Please check it out!


Ms. Wise