Wise Owls Newsletter Jan. 30, 2017


Hi parents,

The students did a great job on their MAPS testing on Math today! They are so much more confident than in the fall! Of course, there were some things on the test that we have not covered yet as we do still have 5 more months of school! But, they persevere and do not give up! Way to go kids! We will take a break tomorrow and do the Reading MAPS test on the computer on Wednesday. If for some reason your child is absent, they do make up the test, which can be a bit difficult for them so try your best to be here on Wednesday! Sending in lots of healthy snacks, resting lots the night before and drinking lots of water all help with the test. Way to go Second Graders!

Reminder to bring in your shoe box for us to decorate for Valentine’s day! Send this in this week! A lists of children’s names are attached. We will have Valentine’s come in on Monday, Feb. 13th. On the 14th, your child should have their special guest here with them to serve breakfast to and do a few fun Valentine activities.

This Friday, Feb. 3, we go to see the play Fly Guy in Portland. Remember to bring a packed lunch with snacks!

In Spelling this week, it is Week 10. The 5 main words are “does, pick, our, each and would”. Please practice writing them on paper as well as on spelling city. There are 5 more word family words that you will learn on spelling city. For those that want a challenge, do the Week 10 challenge words! Remember we will take the test at school. A copy of last week’s test was sent home today.

In math, we are continuing to work on place value (m) and adding two and three digit numbers (G and I). If kids know that there is 9 tens in 97 and 7 ones then they can easily add 97 + 85. 90 plus 80 is 170 and 7 ones + 5 ones is 12. 170 + 12=182. Get it? I broke down the tens and ones and then added those up. That is place value…understanding WHY and HOW you get those numbers before carrying and borrowing. Of course, kids will learn how to do that as well, but first, place value. Questions? Please email, call or stop by!

Have a great week!



Wise Owls Newsletter Jan. 23, 2017

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HI everyone!
We have an update on our Fieldtrip to see Fly Guy! It is next Friday, Feb. 3 leaving at 8:45. I look forward to finally getting to see this fun play! I have these 5 parents who had signed up for chaperoning, but I wanted to make sure you were still able to go…if not, please email me! (Parents going are parents of: Charlie Myers, Kieren Burt, Nolan Ellis, Ryan Yip and Rowan Rankin. Thank you chaperones!

Great People Research and Homework:
Attached is the great people research paper I sent home last week attached to an article on your child’s great person they chose to research further. Please help them read it and highlight it. We DID do this in school today so you should be quite impressed with what your child knows! Some of your children are still not sure why their person is great or why…it takes a village, so please help them! I’ve also attached (and will send home a hard copy too) of a “speech bubble” I would like your child to fill out and return. This way, they definitely know why their great person is GREAT! This is the bulk of our homework this week. In spelling, we are on Week 9 in Spelling city with our 5 main word wall words of: here, any, another, around, and away. Of course, there are 5 other words on the list for you to learn but these are the “no excuse” words. On IXL, please continue to work on “A, B, C, D, E, G, M, Q, T, U.” Again, you can tell what your child has worked on by looking at each strand and seeing if there is a medal by it. They must log in to IXL to see this! If you need your password, please email me! We will do our state wide “MAPS” testing next week and all of these strands will be on it.

Remember to send in your extra shoe boxes for us to decorate for Valentine’s day!

Thank you!

Wise Owls Newsletter January 4, 2017

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The Wise Owls Newsletter

January 4, 2017

Dear Families,

Happy New Year! I can’t believe it is 2017. I am really looking forward to a wonderful year in ’17! I hope you have enjoyed the past few weeks with your friends and families. I know I have!


I am so grateful for all of the help we have received this year. As we get back into the swing of things, please check the schedule that I will send out tomorrow. If you can come in tomorrow afternoon from 12-2 for Art literacy, I know we need help!

Great People

As many of you know we will be beginning Great People this month. The next few weeks in class I will be introducing a number of Great People, through books, video clips, and short movies. Part of the homework this week and next will be to begin talking about Great People at home with your child. Go online and look at my blog and the section under “research” and the click on the blog titled ” Biographies for Kids” and “Word book-Important People”. Feel free to research on your own too! The biggest part of this will be narrowing down who your child wants to focus on for the next few months. I am asking that each child submit their top three choices by Thursday, January 12 and then I will assign them a person accordingly (this way we learn about a variety of Great People).

Homework: Spelling City and IXL

As we begin the second part of our second grade year, I will expect second graders to be accountable for their word work in Spelling city. This week’s, Week 8, 5 main word wall words are; their, were, where, don’t and through. There are 5 word family words on the regular Week 8 list as well. Of course, if your child wishes to work on the challenge words for week 8, then please have them do that! That would mean that your child is working on 20 words for the week! Wow! Great challenge to those families and children that want to do this in the New Year! Next week will be Week 9 in Spelling city. For those families that wish to write their words on paper some ideas are: Write your words 3 times each, put your words in alphabetical order, write your words in sentences or a small paragraph, etc. We play Word wall bingo, word wall concentration, rainbow write and each child has their very own “word wall” that they write their words on each week in their desk.

For IXL the next month, please focus on areas that you notice your child has not practiced. You can tell this by looking at the “medals” beside each Common Core Goal number in IXL, AFTER your child has logged in. We are reviewing all that we have touched on since September as we will be taking our district wide MAPS test later this month. Here is a run down of the IXL and Common Core Goals we have touched on: A (Counting and number Patterns, B (Comparing and Ordering Numbers), C (Names of Numbers), D (Patterns), E (Addition, One-Digit), G (Addition, Two-Digit), M (Place Value), Q (Time), T (Two-Dimensional Shapes), U (Three-D Shapes), W (Fractions). It is up to you, your child, and your family how much extra Math IXL time you want. Also, if you and your child want extra “paper work” please let me know and I will show your child where they can get it in the classroom.

Looking forward to a great 2017!


Angie Wise2nd Grade Teacher,
Stafford Primary School