Wise Owls Newsletter Feb. 27, 2017

Wise Owl

Hello everyone!

We are learning about so many great people! Here’s a quick breakdown of who we met last week:

George Washington: Cameron

Phil Knight: Ben

Alexander Graham Bell: Xhristo

MLK Jr.: Houston

Malala: Ellis

Sacajawea: Brooklyn

Helen Keller: Hallie

Rosa Parks: Alena

Steve Jobs: Rowan

Thomas Edison: Nico

And today:

Jane Goodall: Anika

Amelia Earhart: Charlotte L.

Ask your children about these great people, why they are great and how they helped change the world! They are the experts on these people! We are learning so much as each child presents and teaches us about their great person! Each presentation is unique and wonderful! Way to go children!

Our new words for spelling this week are Spelling City Week 14: square, circle, rectangle, triangle and angle. Remember, writing your words on paper, using them in sentences, playing old fashioned hang man with paper and pencil are all ways to learn these words…not just Spelling City! You should always have someone quiz you with paper and pencil before the final test at the end of th week!

In math, we are continuing our money unit. I have gone through and torn out all the money pages and am sending it home for “homework”. This is to be done at your child’s own pace, but will also show you what we have been doing at school. You may send the packet in when you are finished. These papers are directly from your child’s math book and they have done some of them at school too. The main direction at the top of every page says “show your work”. This means, drawing a picture, writing an equation, writing words describing how you solved the problem, etc. The answer is not enough! Your child must explain how they got their answer! In IXL, money practice is letter “P”.

Have a great week and I can’t wait to meet the rest of our classroom’s great people!


Angie Wise

Wise Owls Newsletter Feb. 21, 2017

owl on branch

Hello all!

First of all, the presentations started today and they off to a fantastic start! We’ve learned about Ben Franklin from Nolan, George Washington from Cameron, Phil Knight from Ben and Alexander Graham Bell from Xhristo. Tomorrow we learn about MLK Jr. from Houston and Malala from Ellis. Please, feel free to go on to Google slides and change anything your child has written and most definitely, have them practice their speech in front of you, looking forward, speaking clearly and slowly and loudly! I can’t wait to hear all of their wonderful speeches and see what interesting things they put in their cans!

Our word wall words this week are Week 13. They are: penny, nickel, quarter, hundred, and thousand. Please work on P9-P16 on IXL as the children are focusing on money, adding and subtracting money as well as amounts left over (change). Of course, if your child has not mastered or gotten a medal on P1-P8, please do those first as it is sequential. Having a notebook beside the computer to do the calculations in is key for solving money math story problems!

Everyday over the next two weeks we have 2-4 presentations as we celebrate our learning of Great People. It is a very fun time of year as we learn about each other’s work and study. Our Great People Hall of Fame is still Friday, March 10, but it is now at 8:45 instead of 8:15. There is a pancake breakfast hosted by the PTSA that morning in the MPR so our time had to be moved back a bit. Perhaps you can come to both?!

Have a wonderful week!

Angie Wise

Wise Owls Newsletter Feb. 8, 2017

two owls on branch

Hello everyone!

Our field trip to see a play at Newmark theater has been moved to Thursday, May 25th leaving at 10:45 and back at 1:45. The same parent who originally were going are still paid and have dibs! Please check your schedules and put the date down! Thank you!

Great People Research
All of your children have been working hard on their great people research! They’ve highlighted articles, read books and used sticky notes to take notes and then began the process of organizing their notes and writing a draft. They all have written their first draft and are now editing: capitals int he correct places, punctuation, circling words they don’t know and rereading to make sure it makes sense. Now, they are in the process of TYPING it on the computer! We have slides set up for them in Google slides and they are looking at their hard draft and copying it onto the computer. I know they would love to show you what they have done! Their log in is their email and then their password with the capital P…same as spelling city and IXL. Just get on Google on line and they can show you! Feel free to be a final editor! Also, feel free to show them how to add pictures if you wish! Or let them show you! You will be surprised at what they have learned!

Great People Can-Due Friday, Feb. 17
Your child will need to collect a can or box (oatmeal, hot cocoa, cereal box, etc) and decorate the outside with pictures of their great person. On the inside, they collect items that relate to their great person. Example: Presidents could include an American flag, a picture of the USA, capital building, white house and something significant they contributed to the world. If you are having problems coming up with items, just send me an email and I will help with ideas!

Valentine’s Day Breakfast
Tuesday, Feb. 14 your child is inviting to have one guest come in to celebrate and serve them breakfast. We only have room for ONE adult per child as seating is limited in our tiny classroom! We will have a math activity and play friendship bingo while we are serving you your breakfast! Come in, sit down, and be ready to be served by your child! We will open Valentine’s later in the day after all of the adults have left. Thank you in advance for all of the parents who are helping get this day ready!

Angie Wise