Wise Owls Newsletter April 19, 2017

HI all!

What a fun busy time of year! In Spelling City, the 5 main word wall words are contractions. We’ve practiced everyday in school, but please practice at home too. Play hangman with your child on paper, write the words out as NOT contractions, but them in ABC order, but just practice! Of course, your child may practice on Spelling City too! The words are: don’t, you’re, wasn’t, we’re and didn’t. Thank you for helping your child with this sometimes difficult process to understand!

In Math, we are continuing to work on subtraction. You will see graded papers coming home…sometimes your child changed their answers to the correct answers ( which is good!) But, if it was circled, it was wrong when they turned it in. It’s a good thing for them to correct at home if they have not done it already. :-) in IXL, subtraction is F and H if you would like to work on this more at home.

In Science, we are working on learning about our animal! Please help your child research and read books and on-line articles at home! Count this towards your Africa Bridge reading minutes so that you are “double tasking”! We want your child to “know” their animal so well that they “become” their animal! Some dates to remember for presentations will be the two weeks of May 15-25. Your child will be presenting to the class much like they did with their great person. We are making tri-folds in the classroom and will be making our slides in the classroom AFTER we do all of our research. I will let you know when your child is ready to check their slides with you. Thank you for only RESEARCHING first! I know it’s exciting! Our Ecosystem museum in the MPR will be Friday, May 26 from 8:15-9:15. More details to come later, but I thought you might want the date and time for now!

On another note, it is Earth Day this sat. As part of our Ecosystem unit, we are really focusing on REDUCING, REUSING AND RECYCLING. Please read the poem coming home with your child today as they learn what they can do to help the Earth and all of the plants and animals that live here, as well as our natural resources. Have a great rest of your week!


Angie Wise

I am the Earth

To honor Earth Day 2015 we would like to invite you all to sing along with us as we celebrate our planet and look at ways we can protect our environment. This is a great Earth Day song written by Glyn Lehmann and illustrated by the students from Marryatville School in South Australia. We like the lyrics of the song because the Earth is speaking to the children of the world and asking for their help. You can print them out here: I Am The Earth Lyrics

There are some easy ways for us all to protect our environment. Will you join us in our effort to protect the Earth?

Wise Owls’ Newsletter April 10, 2017

Africa Bridge Reading Challenge

Second graders will have the opportunity to participate in a special literacy program throughout the month of April. We call it the Read to Feed/Read to Build Reading Challenge Project. This program is designed to raise money to help support the students from our buddy schools in Tanzania. We read a great book called Beatrice’s Goat that tells the story of a little girl whose family receives the gift of a goat. The goat helps them earn enough money to feed her family and to send Beatrice to school. The non-profit organization, Africa Bridge, supplies this type of sustainable help in Tanzania to support needy and orphaned children through their cow and potato and avocado co-ops.

Cow Co-op

This reading challenge project is an extension of our Great People in History unit. We are very excited to know that we, too, can make a difference in people’s lives by making a difference in the life of just one child. We know that through our donations to Africa Bridge

$50 pays for supplies for a child to attend primary school a year
$50 pays for veterinary care to help keep livestock co-0ps healthy
$150 pays for fees and supplies to send a child to secondary school for a year
$250 pays for 500 avocado saplings to begin orchards
$500 pays for one family’s membership in a cow co-op
$10,000 builds a classroom

Old Classrooms at Pakati Primary School
New Classrooms Build Through Stafford support

Over 375 desks build through Stafford’s support

In second grade we decided we would use our reading skills to help support our friends at our sister schools, Pakati Primary, Katusyo Primary, and our newest sister school Ipyana Primary. We challenged ourselves to read more and looked for sponsors for our reading. Watch this video to see the The Flat Stanley/Flat Stella friendship letter project we did last year.

Over the past 9 years, together with the efforts of our both our 3rd and 4th graders through their school-wide fundraiser, The Market Place, Stafford students have done great things. Thanks to their efforts

More students are attending school
Families have more food as a result of the animal cooperatives
3 new classrooms have been built
Pakati Primary School built one toilet

Our Africa Bridge Kid’s Team led our opening assembly last Friday to kick off our project this year. John Worcester from Africa Bridge came to talk to us about the great things that are happening for the students in Tanzania, thanks to the continuing support of the students at Stafford School. We are excited to see what we do this year! We will be expanding our help to the Kisondela schools.

They need support sending students to school, help rebuilding classrooms and building more desks. We will be looking for sponsors for our reading challenge program starting today.

Founder Barry Childs meeting with students
Let’s use our reading skills to make a difference
in the lives of our friends
in Tanzania!
Let’s do it!
How will you challenge yourself in your reading? More minutes a day? A new series? Books about children around the world?

Wise Owls Newsletter April 5, 2017

two owls on branch

Hi all!

Yesterday, each of your children brought home a paper stating which ecosystem they want to learn more about. From that ecosystem, your child needs to do some research on my blog and choose three animals they wish to research further and send that paper back in by Monday, April 10th. If your child has the paper filled out earlier, please send it in earlier! I’ve attached this paper as well in case your child did not make it home.

Our word wall words this week are from Week 18 on Spelling city on my blog. The main 5 words we will be focusing on are: would, could, should, good, and stood. Please practice some word games before our test this Friday on line.

In IXL, children are learning subtraction strategies. Please practice “H” on IXL for more subtraction practice.

Thank you to everyone who came in to conference with your child. They really “took the lead” and showed you what they are learning, goals they have met, and goals they are still working on meeting. If you have not yet been able to have your child lead you in their conference, please schedule a time to come in and do that with your child. They really need and want to show you all they’ve been learning this year in second grade!


Angie Wise

Wise Owls Newsletter April 3, 2017

Hi Everyone!

I hope you had a fantastic spring break! I know I did…I visited three National Parks in Utah: Capital Reef, Zion and Bryce. It’s so nice to get away and see our beautiful country. I want to know what your children did for spring break! Park of their work over spring break was to take Flat Stanley and Stella with them, take pictures, and write about what they did…even if it was a “staycation” at home. The writing may be done on paper or in a slide show using Google…just like your child did with their great people. When done, please send in your adventure writing and Flat Stanley and Stella as I will be putting it up on our bulletin board! Here’s what was sent home prior to spring break about this project. Thank you!


Angie Wise

Flat Stanley or Stella’s Adventure

with _________________ (student’s name)

Take Stanley or Stella on an adventure at your house, in your neighborhood, or on a trip. Take one or more pictures of Stanley and tell of his adventures. You can use paper to write on or write a story using Google Slides and upload your pictures.

Have fun with Stanley or Stella!

This is due after Spring Break!