Wise Owls Newsletter May 2, 2017

Hi All!

Tomorrow our Africa Bridge, Feed to read to build reading challenge is our last day for reading. You can send in the brown envelopes that were sent home several weeks ago after you collect your donations. I understand that some of the donations may be just a set amount of money, which is great! Please make your checks out to AFRICA BRIDGE. There were some tax donation papers in the original packet for those that donated money as this is a tax deductible donation to a non-profit agency who is helping kids in Tanzania, Africa. If you need more tax donation papers, please email me. If you lost your envelope to send in money, just put it an any envelope or baggie with your child’s name on it and what it is for. Thank you to everyone who donated to help others in need!

Today, with Okaidja, several students volunteered to “sing” solo before the rest of the class echoed them. I wanted to say “thank you” to these student who were ok with trying their best, mistakes and all! That is how we learn! Thank you to: Parker, Ellis, Will, Jameson, Shane, Ben, Nico and Brooklyn. I hope more students will volunteer tomorrow with our artist in residence!

Your students are writing their final draft on their animal research into google slides this week. They have highlighted internet articles, read real books and used sticky notes then wrote a rough draft and are now typing their stories into Google slides Please have them go onto their slide with you so that you can be the FINAL EDITOR. Please feel free to add anything else as well as a video if you want! They have done a ton of work! Presentation sign ups will be coming home next week.

Dioramas are due May 15. If you have any questions, please email me and/or also go onto my blog., under HABITATS, on the right hand side, click on DIORAMAS. It will show you examples.

In math, your children are continuing to work on math facts to 20 at school. Please quiz them in the car and at dining times…example, do all the 8’s: 8+1,

8 + 2, 8 + 3. etc. all the way to 20, then do subtraction. Then, mix it up! This is a great way to test them on their math facts!

Our word wall words are from Week 22. They are: Earth, water, land, star and planet. Remember that Earth is capitalized! Play some games, have your kids practice spelling them to you in the car, at supper and breakfast, etc. There are also lots of spelling games on Spelling City.

I’m looking forward to seeing all of you this Friday, May 5 at our Africa Bridge assembly at 8:15 AM in the MPR!

Angie Wise