Wise Owl Newsletter June 6, 2017

two owls on branch

Hi all!

The school year is rapidly approaching the end! We have many wonderful things happening right now and I want you to be aware of them!

-This Friday. June 9 is Africa Bridge Market place . Please see the invite below. Third grade has made homemade items to sell and all proceeds go to Africa Bridge. If you want to send a little money with your child, that would be great!

-Wednesday, June 14th is our Portfolio share at 10:45 in the classroom, lunch with the kids at 11:25, then the end of year party on the lawn at 12:05. Please email me if you are planning on buying lunch that day at school so that I can tell the lunch ladies. You will just need to put an extra $4.00 in your child’s account to pay for your lunch…or maybe you bring lunch for both of you?!

-Monday, June 19 is Field day. If you can volunteer, please contact the office and let them know. Volunteers are needed from 8:30-11:30. Thank you!

-Tuesday, June 20 is our last day of school.

I’m looking forward to our last 11 days of school together! Happy almost summer!


Angie Wise

Africa Bridge Marketplace

Friday, June 9th

Homemade Crafts for sale

from 25 cents-$5.00

Third graders are inviting the entire school to come to their Marketplace event to see the handmade crafts they have for sale. The proceeds from the sales go to support our sister schools in Tanzania.

You can bring a few dollars from your “piggy bank”, or ask your parents if they would pay you to do extra chores to earn some money. Be creative. Offer to do something they would really appreciate!

We will be celebrating with Jamba Juice (“Jambo Juice”) during our lunch as well. It is a day to celebrate Stafford students becoming world citizens as they continue to find ways to reach to make the world a better place.

Stafford students, Oh yay!