Wise Owls Newsletter Oct. 30, 2017

Wise Owl
Wise Owl’s Newsletter
Oct. 30, 2017

Hi all!
We are having our Fall Festival celebration tomorrow at 8:00 AM to 9:15 AM. Feel free to come if you want! Belle’s mom, Diana, has tons planned for us. Thank you! Here is what is happening this week in our subjects at school:
Spelling: Our word wall words are: into, first, little, many and just. There are lots of ways to practice at home such as clapping the spellings, snapping, stomping, etc. You can play hangman or write them three times each or in sentences. You decide how you want to practice them. Of course, Spelling City Week 5 has several ideas for learning these words as well. The family words are: space, race, once, huge and gym.
Math: Your child is bringing home a letter describing what we are learning about in math over the next several weeks. There are examples for solving the problems on this page so that you can help your child at home if need be. The papers that are sent home with the newsletter are for your child to work on at your own pace. The IXL that goes along with this is place value: M. We have been working on this for a couple of weeks at school.
Science: We are learning about Geology! Please ask your kids what they have learned so far about our Earth! This would be a great discussion to have over the dinner table.

Ms. Wise

Wise Owls Newsletter Oct. 23, 2017

Wise Owls Newsletter
Oct. 23, 2017

Hi everyone!
What a wonderful sunny week we are having! Enjoy the sunshine for sure! Here is what we are working on in class this week:
Spelling/Word Work/Writing
Our word wall words this week are: been, out, know, down and about. It is WEEK 4. There are also 5 family words that are part of studying too. Please go online to practice your words sometime this week. We also did “word wall concentration” in school today with the 5 sight words. Please practice this game with our children this week! We want these spelling words to transfer into your child’s writing, which is “narrative” about themselves. Please ask them what they are writing. Discuss “beginning, middle and ending” with them. Have them “retell” you their writing at school and help them to add “juicy” details.
Your kids are working on retelling their stories to you with a beginning, middle and ending so that they understand that what they are doing in reading, is what they are supposed to be doing in writing: writing a juicy story with details. Please have them retell their stories to you.
We are beginning a new unit, Unit 3, on place value or breaking down big numbers into ones, tens and hundreds. We do this with regular adding and subtracting, as well as with story problems. Some very last pages of Unit 1 went home with your child today to solve using this method. Please return when you are finished.
If you want to try IXL, the place value we are working on is the letter “M”.
Fall Party
Our first of 4 parties is next Tuesday from 8-9:30. An email was sent home from Belle’s mom via me about volunteering. Also, we are asking for donations of $10 or $15 or whatever you can donate to help pay for the 4 parties. Please make your checks out to Stafford and thank you to those that have already donated!

Thank you and have a great week!
Angie Wise

Wise Owls Newsletter Oct. 16, 2017


Hi all!

What great conferences we had! I really enjoyed making goals with you about your child for the year. It is always nice to meet with you and learn more about you and your family. Thank you for taking the time to come in and talk with me. My door is always open! Here is what is happening this week academically:


It’s Week 3 on Spelling City. The five word wall words are: why, when, then, there and our. Remember to play written games such as hangman, to clap out the spelling in the car and to “quiz” your kids orally and on paper. The spelling city website is available as a bonus for those that have computers. If these words are too easy, then I strongly encourage your child to do the Week 3 Challenge Words too. You can find them on my blog under Writing on Spelling city. Your child does need to log in. If you can not find your log in, please email me and I will get that to you.


A packet is coming home with your child today from their math book. We are working on adding coins, counting by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s as high as you can go, and reading and solving story problems using place value or tens and ones. I discussed with you at conference time about how to break down a number into tens and ones. This is the next step in solving story problems. The IXL enrichment that goes along with this is “M”. Start with number 1 and work your way down as it is sequential. We will be doing this in class as well if you don’t or can’t at home. The homework math packet can be returned whenever your child finishes it! Thank you!


Reading was discussed with every single one of you at conference time. The most important thing is that your child is reading “just right” books…books that they can use their voice to sound like the characters, to make the book sound smooth, to “read” like a professional storyteller with props, gestures and sound effects. They should be stopping at punctuation and looking ahead to see if the sentence is a question, statement or exclamation. You can only do this with books that are not too hard!

Party Funds

Our fall Party is Oct. 31st from 8:00-9:30 this month. A note from Belle Anderson’s mom was sent home via email last week asking for donations of either $10 or $15 for our 4 celebrations this school year. Please make your checks out to Stafford Primary. Thank you!

Have a great week!


Angie Wise

Wise Owls Newsletter Oct. 3, 2017


HI everyone!

What great conferences we are having so far! We are making great goals together and you get to see what your child is working on this year in second grade.

Some of the main goals for second graders in reading are comprehension and retelling skills. Of course, all kids should be reading Just Right books by now! Please ask your child to retell their stories, to give details such as character and setting and if there is a problem and solution, do that too!

In writing the student goals for second grade are writing with a beginning, middle and ending. We began our narrative writing by using the pictures you sent in and writing a biography on ourselves. It is a work in progress this week! If you have not yet sent in pictures for your kids to get ideas about their lives, please do so. Proofreading or rereading will help with adding in punctuation and capitals in the correct places. Keeping a diary or journal at home would be ideal for practicing writing stories.

Part of reading and writing is Word Work or our Word Wall Words. This weeks 5 sight words are: how, said, they, like and what. It is Week 2 on Spelling City. Remember to actually have your child practice writing the words on paper too! Playing “Hangman” on paper is a fun game! They play HangMouse on Spelling city so they should know how! If not, please teach them.

In Math, the kids are learning strategies of simplified ways to add thier KNOWN math facts. Adding plus 1, or plus 2, doubles, and plus 10 are easy ways to learn math facts. If the kids know their doubles, they should know how to add their neighbors (3+3=6, so 3+4 is one more so 7). I sent home a letter in your child’s backpack explaining this more in depth yesterday. Quiz them their math facts when driving in the car so that they know them forwards and backwards! If they know 5 + 8 = 13, then what is 8 + 5? The same!

IXL: This is a new log in math website that I showed the children how to use today. It correlates with the Common Core math Goals. Right now, we are working on:
L.1 Add and subtract numbers up to 20

Please help your child log in to practice these math facts. IXL is enrichment and not required, but I will always let you know which IXL Common Core Goal correlates with our math for the week so that those that want the extra practice may have it!

Have a great week!


Angie Wise