Wise Owls Newsletter Jan. 29, 2018

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Hi all!

Can you believe we have been in school 90 days? WOW! We are more than half way through (We have 172 school days total.) I want to thank all of you who have sent in who your child’s special guest will be for our Valentine’s day breakfast. This note was sent home last week. I will attach it to this newsletter for those of you that still need to return it. If you need a hard copy, please email me and let me know. Just a reminder that I will only need 4 or 5 volunteers. If you are a special guest, you are sitting with your child and NOT volunteering. I think I will have to say no to some volunteers as we do not want 26 special guests and 26 volunteers! I’m sure you understand.

In math, we are learning about adding 3 digit numbers, adding plus 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 20, 25 and 30 as well as subtracting those numbers too. We are learning in the form of games (capture 5 and make a dollar are the two games your child have learned thus far). IXL “I” is a good one to practice as well as review the money and telling time.

In spelling the word wall words are: penny, nickel, quarter, hundred and thousand. The kids are learning to spell the number words as part of our math unit. Please practice Spelling city Week 13. Please also remember to have your child write the words on paper. Some ideas would be to play hangman, write the word 3 times, in ABC order and to write a paragraph or sentences using the words.

Have a great week and I’ll be in touch soon individually with those of you donating items for our valentine breakfast.



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Wise Owls Special Valentine’s Day Invite

two owls on branch
We Have Special People in our Lives!

Dear Second Graders,
Please invite ONE special person to
Breakfast as part of our Valentine’s Day
Party on Wednesday, Feb. 14th.
It’s nice to invite a special person who does not usually come to Stafford,
but is influential in your life. Grandma’s, Grandpas, dads and moms who
normally do not volunteer would be great! The Valentine’s Day breakfast will be on Wednesday, February 14th from 8:00-9:00 am.
We hope you can come to our celebration!
Valentine’s Day Menu
Waffles with Strawberries
Your choice of Whipped Cream or Maple Syrup
Juice for the kids and Coffee for the adults

We would LOVE your help!
If you would like to help donate an item, toast waffles and/or serve waffles, pour juice and coffee, be a caller for Bingo, or read a Valentine story, please indicate your interest by signing up below. Thanks! BTW, we are asking for donations due to the very small amount that was already donated for the parties. So, if you can donate an item at all, please mark it and I will confirm in an email your donation. You can always donate money too, made out to Stafford Primary Wise Party fund! Thank you! (Turn page over and fill out.)

My special guest is: ___________________________________
Check all that apply
_____Yes, I will donate my time to volunteer (not a special guest).
____I will arrive at 7:45 to help set up food and tables. ____I will bring a toaster from home.
____I can pour juice and/or coffee.
____I will be a server and cleaner.
____I can be a Bingo Caller.
____I would like to read a story about Valentine’s day.
____I can donate waffles.
____I can donate syrup.
____I can donate strawberries cut up in a bowl with a spoon.
____I can donate a can or two of whipped cream.
____I can donate forks and knives for 60.
____I can donate plates for 60.
____I can donate cups for 60.
____I can donate a big container of Starbucks coffee for the special guests.
____I can donate a container of OJ.

Please return this slip by February 1st.

Reminder: Please send in a shoebox for your child to decorate to deliver Valentines in by Feb. 1!
Angie Wise

Wise Owls Newsletter Jan. 16, 2018

Wise Owls Newsletter
January 16, 2018

Dear Families,

I hope you had a wonderful relaxing three-day weekend! I know I did! We are talking about Martin Luther King Jr. and why we were out of school yesterday. Your child may have some questions on this subject and it makes for a wonderful discussion around the dinner table. Key words such as peacefully, nonviolent, segregation, equal rights, sit-ins, protests and Nobel Peace Prize were some that were discussed from our conversations today.

Both fieldtrip permission slips and money is due! The Rice Rock museum is Feb. 9 and the parents going are: Kyle Anderson, Jill Biallas, Karin Butler, Roger Tattersall and Laura Luccio.

The Frog and Toad play is May 11 (we have to pay the fees this week!) and the parents going are: Michael Freitas, Angela Cisneros and Ashley Sanders. I have room for two more parents. Parents who have not gone on a fieldtrip get first dibs. Please email me if you wish to go as we need to collect funds in the next couple of days! Thank you!

In reading, we are also working on looking for and finding key words when reading nonfiction books. If your child brings home a nonfiction book or Time for Kids article, look at the bold words, the glossary, index, pictures and captions. Reading nonfiction can be difficult but with some clues, it makes it easier!

Spelling City, Word Work and Writing Workshop

Knowing not only how to spell words but the meaning of words is so important when your child is writing. Knowing how to spell sight words (word wall words) are essential for getting the basics down when writing a story. If children know these main sight words, they they can focus on their story and the beginning, middle and ending. Keeping a journal at home and having your child write stories is something I strongly encourage. Let them bring their story to school to share and we will celebrate their writing!

As we begin the second part of our second grade year, I have high expectations that second graders will be accountable for their word work in Spelling city. This week’s, Week 11, 5 main word wall words are; one, two, three, four and five. There are 5 word family words on the regular Week 11 list as well and they are number words too: six, seven, eight, nine and ten. Of course, if your child wishes to work on the challenge words for week 11, then please have them do that! That would mean that your child is working on 20 words for the week! Wow! Great challenge to those families and children that want to do this in the New Year! Next week will be Week 12 in Spelling city.
For those families that wish to write their words on paper some ideas are: Write your words 3 times each, put your words in alphabetical order, play Hangman, write your words in sentences or a small paragraph, etc. We play Word wall bingo, word wall concentration, rainbow write and each child has their very own “word wall” that they write their words on each week in their desk.

IXL and Math
For IXL the next month, please focus on areas that you notice your child has not practiced. You can tell this by looking at the “medals” beside each Common Core Goal number in IXL, AFTER your child has logged in. (If you need your child’s log in, please email me and I can help you.) We are reviewing all that we have studied since September as we will be taking our district wide MAPS test in a couple of weeks. Here is a run-down of the IXL and Common Core Goals we have touched on: A (Counting and number Patterns, B (Comparing and Ordering Numbers), C (Names of Numbers), D (Patterns), E (Addition, One-Digit), G (Addition, Two-Digit), I (Addition-Three Digits), L (Mixed Operations), M (Place Value), P (Money), Q (Time), R (Data and Graphs), T (Two-Dimensional Shapes), U (Three-D Shapes), W (Fractions). It is up to you, your child, and your family how much extra Math IXL time you want. Also, if you and your child want extra “paper work” please let me know and I will show your child where they can get it in the classroom.


Angie Wise
2nd Grade Teacher,
Stafford Primary School

Wise Owls Newsletter January 8, 2018


The Wise Owls Newsletter

January 8, 2018

Dear Families,

Happy New Year! Last week was a whirlwind with starting new units and catching up with all the kids…it was also my infusion week where I go to the infusion center for 3.5 hours a day after school, so it was really busy! I am all rested up this week and feel great! I absolutely love coming to school every day seeing this wonderful group of children learn and grow. Let’s keep our room safe and healthy for the new year!


I am so grateful for all of the help we have received this year. As we get back into the swing of things, please check the schedule on the bottom/back of this newsletter. It is a perfect time to email and let me know when you would like to volunteer in our classroom!

Fieldtrip to Rice Rock Museum

Our fieldtrip will be Feb. 9 to the Rice Rock Museum in celebration of our geology study and study of rocks in EVERY Ecosystem! We are limited to 5 chaperones per class on this fieldtrip due to the venue. I took first come, first serve on this and these are the parents who will be attending: Kyle Anderson, Jill Biallas, Roger Tattersall, Laura Luccio and Karin Butler. If you have not yet paid or sent in the permission slip for the fieldtrip pleases do so. Students are $4 and the adults listed are $5. When we go to the zoo in March, we do not limit the number of adults going! All are welcome! Thank you for understanding.

On another note, we have a fieldtrip planned for the Newmark Theater in Portland to See Frog and Toad on May 11th! We have to prepay the tickets and this is due this Friday! Please send in the money (separate from the Rice Rock Museum, made out to Stafford Primary) and SEPARATE fieldtrip permission slip by THIS FRIDAY, JANUARY 15TH. The play is $8.00. Again, if you need assistance, please email me. No matter what, please send in the signed fieldtrip permission slip. I can take 5 parents who have not gone on a fieldtrip first who would like to go. Please indicate on the permission slip if you have not attended a fieldtrip and would like to go. Thank you.


We are focusing on NONFICTION books in reading workshop and are working on looking at keywords, text features, glossary and the index to help us “think what is this book teaching me” and “what questions do I have?”

Writing and Math

In writing, we are focusing on writing lab reports by following the scientific process of:

1. Asking a question

2.Making a hypothesis

3.Writing out procedures

4.Making a conclusion.

This goes perfectly with our reading and analyzing the math unit of data, graphs and charts.

Spelling City

We are working on Week 10 in Spelling City. The word wall words are: pick, does, our, each and would.

The family words are:

night, bright, sight, try and why

Looking forward to a great 2018!

Ms. Wise

Angie Wise
2nd Grade Teacher, Stafford Primary School

Upcoming Dates:

Jan. 15: No School. MLK Day.

Jan. 17: Early Release day at 12:10

Parent Volunteers for Ms. Wise’s Wise Owls

9-10 AM: Wen Jiang (Michael) Every other Week-you decide


9-10: Nicole Robbins (Whitney) Every other week: 2nd and 4th weeks of the month

9:15-10: Laura Netzel (Amelia) Every other week: 1st and 3rd weeks of the month


8-10: Jenny Wieland (Sarah)

12-1:15: Roger Tattersell (Gerald) Every other week: 1st and 3rd weeks of the month

12-1:30: Shane Fuller 1x a month. First Wed.


10:30-11:30 Morgan Luccio (Mia) when available

12-1:20: Angela Cisneros (Caylin) Every other week?


8-10: Karin Butler (Drew) every other week 1st and 3rd weeks of the month