Wise Owls Newsletter Sept. 25, 2017

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Hi everyone!

We’ve got exciting news! Our class will be using VocabularySpellingCity for word study, and your child has access to this great tool from home! VocabularySpellingCity is an educational website and app that allows students to gain and retain word knowledge through practice with engaging vocabulary, spelling, writing and phonics activities. You can access VocabularySpellingCity online by: (and please let your child practice logging in!)

1. Going to our school website on any browser. The kids are learning to use the google browser.

2. Click on “classrooms” at the top.

3. Click on my web page at the bottom of the three teachers

4. Scroll down and find the “writing” section on the right hand side.

5. Click on “spelling city”.

6. Log in under “student”. Please log in so that I know how many minutes you were online! We are on week 1. . The words are: all, but, from, had and have. I know some of you may already know how to spell these and that is OK!There are also five “family” words to practice.

7. Work on learning to spell the word on line and also play “Hangmouse” to begin with. Feel free too explore other games too.

For those that need a challenge, you may also do Week 1 Challenge words. We will have a test on these words at the end of this week. Please do not take the test at home! You may take the practice test but do not click on the “test me”.

Questions: Please email me!

So, we have reading everyday and some kind of word work everyday from Spelling City. You choose which game you would like your child to play. Also, please remember to play some games with paper and pencil such as hangman! They will need a practice spelling test on paper from you before Thursday too as our test will be Thursday of this week. Practice spelling the words in the car while driving, eating around the table, etc. Be creative! Clap the letters, snap the letters, cheer the letters, stamp the letters…you get the idea. The goal is for your child to know these words forwards and backwards. Thank you.

Here is a conference list again. Please sign up if you haven’t already. I look forward to meeting with all of you!


Angie Wise

Ms. Wise’s Conference sign-up Fall 2017

Hello everyone!

Many of you expressed an interest in conferencing early with me due to conflicts and I wanted to give you a variety of times (early morning, mid-day, early to late afternoon and one mid to late morning day). Please take a look below and write either a 1, 2 or 3 in a slot that you would be able to attend. If you do not see a time that looks good to you, please email me and we will arrange a time that works for both of us. I want this to be easy for you and I want to be as flexible as possible as we make year-long goals together for your child!


Angie Wise

Child’s name__________________________Parent Name_______________________

Monday, Sept. 25

7:30 AM Caleb Freitas (Tasha and Michael)


4:00 PM Whitney Amos(Nicole and Rusty)

Tuesday, Sept. 26

7:30 AM Robinson Whitcomb (Laura)

11:30 AM Beau Johnson (Catherine)

Wednesday, Sept. 27

7:30 AM_________________________________

11:30 AM Graham Fuller

2:15 PM ___________________________________

2:35 PM Elliot Bresee-Hainley

Thursday, Sept. 28

7:30 AM Titan Leeser (Karl and Linda)

11:30 AM Madison Megarry (Michelle)

Monday, Oct. 2

7:30 AM Drew Butler (Jeremy and Karin)

Tuesday, Oct. 3

7:30 AM Sarah Wieland (Jenny)

Wednesday, Oct. 4

7:30 AM Mia Luccio (Laura)

Thursday, Oct. 5

7:30 AM Alexis Rowan

Tuesday, Oct. 10:

2:20 PM _______________________________________________

2:40 PM Gerald Tattersall (Roger)

3:00 PM Declan Lombardi (Jana)

3:20 PM________________________________________________

3:40 PM Michael Gong (Wen Jiang)

4:00 PM Colleen Smith (Stacy and Steve)

4:20 PM Amelia Netzel (Laura)

4:40 PM Kelsey Smith (Kelli)

Wednesday, Oct. 11:

9:00 AM Mia (Brian and Morgan Luccio)

9:20 AM Parker (Amy)

9:40 AM Caylin Cisneros (Angela)

10:00 AM Belle Anderson (Kyle and Diana)

10:20 AM Carina Biallas

10:40 AM____________________________________________

11:00 AM________________________________________________

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