Wise Owls Newsletter Oct. 3, 2017


HI everyone!

What great conferences we are having so far! We are making great goals together and you get to see what your child is working on this year in second grade.

Some of the main goals for second graders in reading are comprehension and retelling skills. Of course, all kids should be reading Just Right books by now! Please ask your child to retell their stories, to give details such as character and setting and if there is a problem and solution, do that too!

In writing the student goals for second grade are writing with a beginning, middle and ending. We began our narrative writing by using the pictures you sent in and writing a biography on ourselves. It is a work in progress this week! If you have not yet sent in pictures for your kids to get ideas about their lives, please do so. Proofreading or rereading will help with adding in punctuation and capitals in the correct places. Keeping a diary or journal at home would be ideal for practicing writing stories.

Part of reading and writing is Word Work or our Word Wall Words. This weeks 5 sight words are: how, said, they, like and what. It is Week 2 on Spelling City. Remember to actually have your child practice writing the words on paper too! Playing “Hangman” on paper is a fun game! They play HangMouse on Spelling city so they should know how! If not, please teach them.

In Math, the kids are learning strategies of simplified ways to add thier KNOWN math facts. Adding plus 1, or plus 2, doubles, and plus 10 are easy ways to learn math facts. If the kids know their doubles, they should know how to add their neighbors (3+3=6, so 3+4 is one more so 7). I sent home a letter in your child’s backpack explaining this more in depth yesterday. Quiz them their math facts when driving in the car so that they know them forwards and backwards! If they know 5 + 8 = 13, then what is 8 + 5? The same!

IXL: This is a new log in math website that I showed the children how to use today. It correlates with the Common Core math Goals. Right now, we are working on:
L.1 Add and subtract numbers up to 20

Please help your child log in to practice these math facts. IXL is enrichment and not required, but I will always let you know which IXL Common Core Goal correlates with our math for the week so that those that want the extra practice may have it!

Have a great week!


Angie Wise

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