Wise Owls Newsletter Oct. 23, 2017

Wise Owls Newsletter
Oct. 23, 2017

Hi everyone!
What a wonderful sunny week we are having! Enjoy the sunshine for sure! Here is what we are working on in class this week:
Spelling/Word Work/Writing
Our word wall words this week are: been, out, know, down and about. It is WEEK 4. There are also 5 family words that are part of studying too. Please go online to practice your words sometime this week. We also did “word wall concentration” in school today with the 5 sight words. Please practice this game with our children this week! We want these spelling words to transfer into your child’s writing, which is “narrative” about themselves. Please ask them what they are writing. Discuss “beginning, middle and ending” with them. Have them “retell” you their writing at school and help them to add “juicy” details.
Your kids are working on retelling their stories to you with a beginning, middle and ending so that they understand that what they are doing in reading, is what they are supposed to be doing in writing: writing a juicy story with details. Please have them retell their stories to you.
We are beginning a new unit, Unit 3, on place value or breaking down big numbers into ones, tens and hundreds. We do this with regular adding and subtracting, as well as with story problems. Some very last pages of Unit 1 went home with your child today to solve using this method. Please return when you are finished.
If you want to try IXL, the place value we are working on is the letter “M”.
Fall Party
Our first of 4 parties is next Tuesday from 8-9:30. An email was sent home from Belle’s mom via me about volunteering. Also, we are asking for donations of $10 or $15 or whatever you can donate to help pay for the 4 parties. Please make your checks out to Stafford and thank you to those that have already donated!

Thank you and have a great week!
Angie Wise

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