Wise Owls newsletter Nov. 6, 2017

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Families, Traditions & Interviews

Let’s celebrate and learn about our families!

As a continuing part of our study of communities, we will start to document life stories of our families and relatives. Throughout November, we want to interview family members. After all, our families are the foundation of a strong community. Spending time with family members and listening carefully to stories they tell about their lives is an important way we learn about family values and traditions.
Assignment One
Photo of my Family
Due: Tomorrow if possible!
Second Graders will be completing an art project based on their immediate family.
Please send in a photo of your family for use throughout this project.

Assignment Two
Rough Draft of your family, culture and tradition study writing packet.
Due: Monday, Nov. 13
Second graders will be learning and writing about their own family heritage how their name was selected, the story of your ancestors and a family tradition that is practiced with your family sometime throughout the year. This rough draft is due Monday, Nov. 13. We will write our final draft in school. Our learning targets in writing are: writing with a beginning, middle and ending and using capitals and punctuation in the correct places.

Hi all!
The next couple of weeks are going to be quite busy! We are beginning a family unit that will be focusing on storytelling, listening and speaking and writing. This is our very first writing homework project. Remember, the one your child has at home and that is attached to this email is a rough draft.

Our Word wall words over the next week is Week 6. The words are: very, because, some, with, and nice. The family words are: clean, please, feast, seem and sleep-long e words. The first 5 words are our “no excuse” words! They should be memorized so please practice them in the car, at the dinner table, and on paper. Thank you!

In math, we are continuing to learn that 86 is written with 8 strips or lines of 10 and 6 ones. I sent letters home last week explaining this. When kids add 86 to 43 they would add 6 ones and 3 ones to make 9 then 8 strips and 4 strips of ten to make 12 strips which is 120. Then they would add 120 +9 to make 129. IXL Letter M really explains this well. I encourage you and your child to log on and look at it together!

In science we are continuing to learn about our earth, the inside and outside and what makes it up…Geology! Collecting rocks and trying to identify them is an easy and fun way to start at home.

In writing and social studies, we are continuing our community with the smallest part: our families. The assignments and unit of study are described below.

Volunteers: please come in if you have not been in a while or email me if you forgot when you signed up to volunteer. Thank you to those that consistently remember and come in. You are awesome!

Have a great week!

Angie Wise

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