Wise Owls Newsletter Nov. 13, 2017

owl on branch

Hi all!
This is our last week of school before Thanksgiving week! Your family will get a week of family time! (I am, however, here at school next Monday and Tuesday if you feel the need to call, email or touch base with me.)

Last week, I asked for each of you to help your child find out about their name, their ancestors and at least one tradition that your family does sometime in the fiscal year. They were to write this on the rough draft that was sent home last Monday. Today, your child began TYPING their information into GOOGLE SLIDES. They are making a SLIDE PRESENTATION! Yes, your children are incredibly smart, creative and are learning a ton about their family and ancestors! If you WANT to WORK on your GOOGLE SLIDE PRESENTATION AT HOME, all you need to do is sign in under Google. Your child knows their account number. It is the P________ number. The SAME sign in for Typing Agent and Rosetta Stone. Make sure and use the COPY ONLY SLIDE…or else it goes to everyone. Maybe you can add a REAL family picture to your child’s Google slide presentation? Also, please help your child EDIT and REVISE.

Our Word wall words over the next week is Week 7. The words are: really, dear, who, brother and sister. The family words are: grandmother, grandfather, uncle, aunt and relative. The first 5 words are our “no excuse” words! They should be memorized so please practice them in the car, at the dinner table, and on paper. Thank you!

In math, we are learning that if we color 36 squares on a 100 chart, then how many squares are left? How would you write that equation? There are several ways:
36 + ? = 100
? + 36 = 100
100 – 36= ?
100 – ? = 36
These are called FACT FAMILIES. Please help your child with writing these in the pages coming home today.

IXL Letter K really goes along with fact families. They call it RELALTED FACTS. I encourage you and your child to log on and look at it together!

In science we are continuing to learn about our earth, the inside and outside and what makes it up…Geology! Collecting rocks and trying to identify them is an easy and fun way to start at home.

Have a great week and a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family!

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