Wise Owls Newsletter November 27, 2017

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Wise Owls’ Newsletter Nov. 27, 2017

Hello all!
I hope you had a wonderful relaxing Thanksgiving week! I was here beginning report cards which come home Dec. 8. But, I did have time to relax and enjoy the holiday with friends. I also wanted to remind you of our Winter party, Thursday, Dec. 14 from 8-9:15 (or so). Be on the lookout for an email from Diane Anderson (Belle’s mom) to coordinate! Here’s what we are up to this week:
Word Work: We are on week 8 in Spelling City. Our word wall words are: their, were, where, through and don’t. Our family words are float, toast, cold, our and thrown. There are lots of ways to practice. Be on the lookout tomorrow for Word Wall concentration to be coming home from your child. Play this “memory game” with them and help them learn our “no excuse” word wall words! You can also make this game with the word family words as well.
Social Studies: We have finally finished our Community unit with the finale being Jr. Achievement. These are lessons taught by a “community member” and is done in each grade level. If you have a 5th grader, you have heard of “Biz Town” which is part of the Jr. Achievement lessons. A HUGE thank you to Michelle Megarry (Madison’s mom) for teach 5 lessons to our class about how the government works as well as money and taxes in our community! Your child is bringing home their “community visits” paper from our community fieldtrip earlier this fall to the West Linn Community. I encourage you to have your child fill out each section in full sentences with a beginning, middle and ending. This is for practice only and may be kept at home.
Writing: We are continuing our Writing and Social Studies unit with our “Family, Culture and Tradition Study”. Your child sent in a rough draft of their name, ancestors and traditions. We are now in the process of typing those into google slides…ALL DONE BY YOUR CHILD! They are learning about the workings of a computer, a keyboard, capital letters and punctuation as well as adding pictures from online. Just go into Google and have your child show you! They each have their very own Google log in and slide show on this unit started! You may help them revise and edit and add their very own family picture.
Math: We are working on adding fluently to 20. Check out the game “close to 20” that is coming home today. Play a version with your child with real cards. Raise the number to 30 if they are fluent and so on. We are also working on knowing our coins and their values. Give your child a handful of coins and have them add it up. If they get it, they can keep it! This is something that is a very difficult concept for them. Thank you for your help. Please read the attached “math family letter” about what we are doing in math. Please know that IXL is an enrichment but useful math tool for your child to use at home. The money IXL is letter “P”. In adding two digit numbers, the IXL is “G”.
Reading: I hope everyone is reading “just right” books! We have been working hard on knowing what a just right book is…a book that they know how to read, that they understand (comprehend) and can retell fully and that they make no more than 2-4 mistakes per page. Your child should also be able to tell you the central message of the story or what the author was trying to teach them. If your child is making more than 5 mistakes per page the book is too hard. Please send it back in and ask them to check out another book.
Thank you and enjoy these next few weeks of family time!


Angie Wise

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