Wise Owls Special Valentine’s Day Invite

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We Have Special People in our Lives!

Dear Second Graders,
Please invite ONE special person to
Breakfast as part of our Valentine’s Day
Party on Wednesday, Feb. 14th.
It’s nice to invite a special person who does not usually come to Stafford,
but is influential in your life. Grandma’s, Grandpas, dads and moms who
normally do not volunteer would be great! The Valentine’s Day breakfast will be on Wednesday, February 14th from 8:00-9:00 am.
We hope you can come to our celebration!
Valentine’s Day Menu
Waffles with Strawberries
Your choice of Whipped Cream or Maple Syrup
Juice for the kids and Coffee for the adults

We would LOVE your help!
If you would like to help donate an item, toast waffles and/or serve waffles, pour juice and coffee, be a caller for Bingo, or read a Valentine story, please indicate your interest by signing up below. Thanks! BTW, we are asking for donations due to the very small amount that was already donated for the parties. So, if you can donate an item at all, please mark it and I will confirm in an email your donation. You can always donate money too, made out to Stafford Primary Wise Party fund! Thank you! (Turn page over and fill out.)

My special guest is: ___________________________________
Check all that apply
_____Yes, I will donate my time to volunteer (not a special guest).
____I will arrive at 7:45 to help set up food and tables. ____I will bring a toaster from home.
____I can pour juice and/or coffee.
____I will be a server and cleaner.
____I can be a Bingo Caller.
____I would like to read a story about Valentine’s day.
____I can donate waffles.
____I can donate syrup.
____I can donate strawberries cut up in a bowl with a spoon.
____I can donate a can or two of whipped cream.
____I can donate forks and knives for 60.
____I can donate plates for 60.
____I can donate cups for 60.
____I can donate a big container of Starbucks coffee for the special guests.
____I can donate a container of OJ.

Please return this slip by February 1st.

Reminder: Please send in a shoebox for your child to decorate to deliver Valentines in by Feb. 1!
Angie Wise

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