Wise Owls Newsletter Feb. 26, 2018

Wise Owls Newsletter Feb. 26, 2018

Hello all!
I can’t believe it is near the end of February! Conferences are just around the corner the third week in March! We are doing so much in school right now and you can support your child in a variety of ways. Here’s how:
1. Math Packet: This packet has letter explaining what we are doing in class…mostly solving two to three step story problems using addition and subtraction methods. Please send this in when done.
IXL: Solving story problems. Make sure your child has blank or scrap paper to do the work on! They need to “verify” or double check their work to make sure the math is correct!
Letter E: numbers: 12, 18, 20
Letter I: number: 5
F: 10
G: 9, 14, 16
H: 9
J: 5
2. Spelling: We are on week 15 of spelling city. Two different practice papers have already come home this week. Check and make sure your child understands how to spell these words! Play hangman with your child or practice spelling in the car as you drive.
3. Writing and Science: Ecosystem Research on Animal:
We have researched our animal via the internet and books. We used sticky notes and wrote notes about the important information we gathered on our animal. We then wrote a rough draft at school from all of our research. We are now in the process of typing it into Google Docs on the computer. Once finished typing, we will edit and revise so that it makes sense.
4. Art and Volunteers: We are also doing art to go along with our animal unit. If you can help at all next week, anytime, please email me when (days and times). I would love your help with the backgrounds of murals for each ecosystem and adding 3-D plants!
Your kids have earned their 3rd class room reward this year for working as a class community! We are going to celebrate this tomorrow, March 1st in conjunction with Dr. Seuss’s “read across America” day which is celebrated both March 1 and 2 for his birthday. Your child may wear pajamas, bring extra snacks, a stuffed animal that goes along with a Dr. Seuss book, Dr. Seuss books, and Dr. Seuss movies and videos. We will choose a video or movie together.
What a fabulous group of kids! Yay!
Angie Wise

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